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Journaling for Vision, Clarity, and Abundance

A step-by-step process to help you decide who you really want to become. Create some space, and join me each day this week.

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Journaling is an activity we do in our mastermind days. It's also something I do with my clients when they need to get laser-focused on what they're creating.

It's powerful.

Here at the Bold Leadership Revolution, we believe in truly actionable, game-changing content.

Harvard Business School, research shows a 25% increase in performance for a group of journalers –  the kind of stats that make a real impact for high-performance leaders like you and me.

The leaders who have gone through this training have received amazing results that they would have paid good money for – but we’re giving away for free.

For example, Katie said,

“A huge thank you to Tara. This is the first five-day challenge I ever completed, and you’ve changed my mindset on journaling. It’s been invaluable to kickstart me back into connecting with the next chapter of my life. I’m loving how I’ll be showing up in the world.”

Maybe you’re feeling like Patrick was, faced with what feels like a million different decisions, choices, and possibilities. The decision, fatigue and second-guessing yourself can really keep you frozen.

Maybe you feel like you have so many goals with so little time to focus because this is how Patrick felt when he did our five-day training. Patrick says, 

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Patrick says,

“I can’t thank Tara enough for setting me straight on what I should be focused on, and more importantly why I should be focused on it. Do yourself a solid, and get over to her training and learn how to get focused. Gain perspective on what it is you really want for your personal and business blueprint. I’ve already moved forward more than I have in a really long time.”

I am not here for the blueprints that everybody else is handing out and having you follow. 

But this is really a way for you to create your own, personal, blueprint for where you need to be moving next.

And as so many reluctant journalers have let me know, this has really helped them get the habit started. 

So grab a cup of coffee, create some space, and join me each day this week for “Journaling for Clarity, Vision, and Abundance.”

Hi, I'm Tara Newman, instigator of the Bold Leadership Revolution

For the last 20 years I’ve been developing high performing leaders in corporate, athletic and entrepreneurial environments, giving them the skills they need to live, thrive, and lead the smart way — not the hard way.

Put simply, I’ll show you how to take bold actions that will systematically help you achieve more, while simultaneously doing far less.

The net result? Unrelenting forward momentum. This is what The Bold Leader Revolution is all about.

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