Bold Leadership Mastermind

A high-touch group experience for women entrepreneurs who want to smash through business roadblocks and perform at their peak level.

Masterminds are designed for community -- because entrepreneurship can be a lonely road

But too many masterminds don’t actually move you forward or leave you feeling connected. Ever left a mastermind session more mentally drained than motivated? Did the messages feel more meh than meaningful?

There are far too many masterminds that are shallow and slow-paced, making you feel like the smartest person in the room. You can get tempted to coach the other participants, yourself!… You’re sick of overstuffed and impersonal lessons, and you know one-size-fits-no-one templates are a waste of time.

Here’s what’s most damaging about these types of masterminds. 

It’s not just the slightly obscene amount of money they cost. Money can be made back.

The biggest issue with misaligned masterminds is they leave you thrown into self-doubt, alone, and spinning your wheels. This approach is NOT high performance, it won’t get you results, and it sure as hell isn’t leadership.

You feel held back from the growth you’re seeking, and you crave the company of ambitious businesswomen who will push you through the fear. But you worry you’re not ready to join a powerhouse community like that yet.

The truth is, women business owners are at a massive risk for burning out emotionally, mentally and physically.

Perhaps the biggest reason for this burnout, is the loneliness so many women business owners experience. It can be such a struggle to find other women who understand what it feels like to be:

  • A high-caliber, intellectual, entrepreneur with a REAL business — who often doesn’t actually feel like a real business person or leader. 
  • Resistant to the things you know you need to do in order to truly succeed in your business. (You might not even be clear on what they are)
  • Done with templated, anemic, large-group programs that don’t work.
  • Lonely, because business ownership has forced you to face internal stuff, like bad habits and emotional triggers… alone.
  • Driven to earn life-sustaining revenue, and to value your time, energy, and inner-peace.
  • Successful — but feeling stagnant around growth. You need a strategy to elevate yourself, and the confidence to do things differently.

As unique as you are, your people are out there: The women who can empathize, encourage, and hold the emotional and strategic space it takes for you to navigate your business and leadership journey.

The truth is a potent elixir for high-performing businesswomen.

You’ve been making decisions that feel safe — but they’ve been holding you back, financially or emotionally, 

Hiding in big group programs, or working with a coach who doesn’t challenge you boldly, allows you to avoid doing that which you’re unwilling to do that will actually create change.  

You can stay in isolation… but why? The fact that you’re exploring a mastermind means you know you need strategic partners who understand the unique challenges female leaders make. Think of how you can be served by stepping out of your comfort zone and claiming your highest level of leadership.

You need a safe and supportive community to be honest about how your habits and fears impact your leadership and business growth. You need powerful, shared experiences that cultivate connection and the opportunity for massive, positive changes.

There will be days when you need a kick in the assk, and there will be days when you need a hug. You need people around you who know how to do both, and when’s the right time for each.

You need the kind of women who will:

  • Call you up when you’re deep in resistance.
  • Share their expertise to support your growth
  • Sit and listen when you need a soft space to land after a hard day (or week)
  • Recognize when you’re deep in isolation
  • Have the guts to tell your blindspots
  • Know you well enough to spot signs of derailment
  • Know and understand your business — and you
  • Show up for you in the most meaningful way

Imagine, having a women-only space where you can talk candidly about the unique challenges you face when you show up for your most important work. Your wolfpack. Your team. Your people.  

No judgement. No one-upping. No BS.  

You can have a community of powerful partners who truly care about you, have business acumen, and actually relate to what you’re going through.

Your people are waiting. This is your Bold Leadership Mastermind.

The Bold Leadership Mastermind is about radical honesty, overflowing empathy, and strategic progress that creates unrelenting upward momentum. 

It is about stepping into a community full of women who understand your occasional desire to burn it all down, your well-worn path of resistance, and yes, even the tangled knot that is your life and business. 

Stop trying to do this alone, Being a part of  #TeamBoldLeadershipis means being supported as you run your business, create life-sustaining revenue, and endeavor through the essential challenges (and rewards) of entrepreneurship. 

#TeamBoldLeadership Mastermind gives you access to a group of dynamic, successful women business owners who disrupt the status quo, and help you seek solutions from within. In this space, you’ll cultivate your courage and radically change the way you show up in the world.

As unique as you are, your people are out there: The women who can empathize, encourage, and hold the emotional and strategic space it takes for you to navigate your business and leadership journey.

stephanie keller headshot

“I’d spent 10 years as a CEO, and there were a lot of times that I felt like a failure, I felt small. This mastermind has really changed my perspective. Here, I’m supported 100% of the time, and I can be yourself and talk to peers about your fears. I can’t even tell you how much I’ve grown.”

Stephanie Keller

Leaders don’t have to lead alone.

The Bold Leadership Mastermind helps you to never feel alone in the day-to-day of entrepreneurship by empowering you to:

  • Improve both your business efficiency and personal performance  — because when you don’t perform, your business doesn’t perform.
  • Lead your business from a place of consciousness and strategy — mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • Be held to a bigger vision of your work, your values, and yourself, 
  • Show up  boldly and without apology.
  • Be comfortable in a state of vulnerability and to ask for the support you actually need.
  • Perform like a multiple seven-figure CEO, running a sustainable business you believe in and love. 
  • Identify how and where to focus your time, attention, and energy for maximum results.  
  • Get high-impact results without having a worked-to-the-bone mentality.
  • Grow in your own way — no blueprint or formula……instead strategies developed out of your integrity and intuition. 
  • Ask (and answer) tough questions, call roadblocks out, be challenged, and take personal responsibility to accept the truth.Cultivate courage, find focus, and execute consistently — fully supported,

Within The Bold Leadership Mastermind, you’ll be surrounded by subject matter experts who are strategic brainstorming partners with a wealth of experience. You’ll have a group to check in on you and notice when you isolate or fall into resistance. You’ll step into an empathetic container with a culture grounded in the values of excellence and realness. You’ll have an opportunity to be seen, heard, and supported… possibly more than you ever have in your life.

Meet Tara Newman, The Bold Leadership Mastermind’s creator and lead facilitator

If you’re looking for a business and leadership coach who will let you stay in your comfort zone — you won’t find it in Tara. You’re done with fluff and bullshit. Tara challenges women to think differently when it comes to being business owners and leaders. She helps them make the changes in their being that will lead to changes in their business. 

Her courage, confidence, and candor comes from over 20 years of expertise as a business strategist and leadership coach, with a graduate degree in industrial and organizational psychology to boot. 

Combining her experience in research, learning and development, entrepreneurship, and coaching with her life experiences and stories, Tara delivers truths — and empowers you to find yours. She’s as empathetic as she is honest, and her radical transparency allows you to feel supported, accountable, and empowered to look deep and get real. 

Tara shows women leaders how to succeed consistently and sustainably, without sacrificing their health, relationships, or integrity in the process. Through personal and professional mastery, Tara and The Bold Leadership Team help women make meaningful impact, create wealth, and build legacies.

Here’s exactly what you get when you join The Bold Leadership Mastermind.

The intention of the 12-month The Bold Leadership Mastermind is to fully support women through the following:

  • Monthly 3 Hour Implementation Calls: Each month Tara will guide the group through skill-building exercises. These exercises will help improve sales, profitability, and systems and processes so that you can scale to your next revenue goal.
  • One Monthly Small Group Hot Seat Call: Peer advisory style meetings, facilitated by Tara. We discuss struggles, pain points, strategies, and solutions. This is the time each month, where you or your peers have the opportunity to deep dive with the group into current business challenges and needs. And when it’s not your turn, you’ll learn just as much; after all, you don’t always know what questions you have until someone else asks them.
  • 6 1:1 calls with Tara: Your first call will be a 90-min Smart Start session, where you’ll understand how the program works and the expectations. All other sessions are 45 minutes long and provide you with individualized support to identify your blind spots, hold you accountable to your goals, and navigate your mindset challenges. In addition to these calls, you will receive 2 30 minute “back pocket calls” so that you can co-work with Tara on any significant issues that may come up.
  • Digital access to The Bold Leadership Group: Between calls, you can access our private group to share ideas and ah-ha moments, celebrate successes, ask questions, and support one another.

Ready to join this community?

There are way too many women spending way too much on branding, marketing, and mastermind programs that completely forsake their bold leadership or their role as a CEO. 

Instead, The Bold Leadership Mastermind investment of $27,000 offers a full twelve months of total, transparent support to expert, savvy women. Plus the high-quality relationships you form with your mentor and peers will last for years. 

nicole otchy headshot

“After this experience, I feel a deeper connection and purpose now with my business. Before, I wasn’t plugged into a community at all. I was isolated and didn’t realize it. I didn’t realize how much I needed other incredible entrepreneurs in my corner. I just didn’t realize what was missing until I had it, and that’s been one of the greatest changes for me.”

Nicole Otchy

Still not sure if The Bold Leadership Mastermind is for you?

The experience is not for you if…

  • You only want strategies and tactics. We DO have these conversations, but you can’t discount your emotions and mindset in the process.
  • You’re unwilling to be present — physically, emotionally, and mentally. Calls are twice a month. We ask that you miss no more than 3 calls per year.
  • You can’t leave your ego at the door. All the women in this program are badasses, you included, so we are all on even footing. In this room, we all rise. Together.

The Bold Leadership Mastermind is for leaders who are ready to step into high performance. Leaders who know that another formula, blueprint, or quick fix isn’t the answer. Leaders who understand that they, themselves, are the strategy.

The women who step boldly into this mastermind:

  • Like to move fast — they want unrelenting forward momentum and personal growth

  • Embrace all aspects of high performance, in business and life, even when it’s scary

  • Are ready to step into a refreshing version of leadership (one that requires integrity, courage, and compassion)

  • Are credible experts in their industry and craft

  • Seek an intensely real and productive mastermind experience

  • Believe intimacy requires going deep — not wide

  • Give themselves permission to break all the rules that they’ve been told work, and to experiment

  • Aren’t looking for the quick fix or the sexy strategy, but a sustainable solution aligned with their values and goals

  • Want to strengthen their leadership skills, and set up their business for recurring growth

  • Bring forth new, bold ideas, and aren’t afraid to fail — because they know failing is a learning opportunity

Women are creators — let’s get back to creating impact, together.

In a world that swings wildly between cutthroat corporate and woo woo BS, we’re firmly planted in the real. 

We will give you the practical side of business strategy, the skills to build your mental and intuitive strength, and the tools to effectively manage your most precious resource — your energy.

The women in this community women approach business ownership with empathy, compassion, humanity, and just enough badassery. 

We invite you to join us.

Application for The Bold Leadership Mastermind