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10 Ways to Protect Your Energy During Periods of Rapid Change

Hey, hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast,

I’m your host Tara Newman and I have a passion for helping everyday humans perform in extraordinary ways. This is the place where we dish on everything from mental toughness to emotional wellbeing and what it takes to really perform your best at a high level. We are here to help you embrace your ambition and leave that grind behind.

As someone who has done post graduate work in the field of psychology, I’ve studied change pretty extensively — in mice, in families with domestic violence and in organizations. That’s a pretty broad spectrum.

Here’s something super embarrassing. It doesn’t matter how many behavior change frameworks and models I studied. You truly don’t get it until you live it.

Not only that, I don’t think you truly understand rapid change until you’re an entrepreneur when EVERYTHING can change is an INSTANT.

I mean, they don’t call it a roller coaster for nothing. A few episodes ago, I shared my wish for bold leaders everywhere:

My wish is that when the roller coaster ride called life and entrepreneurship starts up, they raise their hands and opt off the ride. That they have the confidence, mental strength and emotional fortitude to stand on the platform and wave to all the nice folks taking the ride. Thanks but no thanks say the bold leaders.


The best way to not get on the roller coaster ride is to protect your energy so let’s nail down so practical strategies to…

  1. Get enough sleep
  2. Take care of your nervous system
  3. Eat nourishing foods and hydrate
  4. Scan for open energy loops: this usually looks like decisions you haven’t made, conversations you’re avoiding and declaring what you are available and unavailable for
  5. Block out more space than you think you need. Now is the time for more quiet, more sleep, more rest, more time prepping nourishing foods, more time with friends, more space to go at a slower pace. This is where you slow down, conserve, recover, so you can speed up.
  6. Increase communication. When we increase communication, we decrease stress.
  7. Say NO for requests of your time. A client asked how to say now to a connection call request, and I shared this mini script:  Hi so and so. I appreciate you wanting to connect with me. I have a number of projects that I’m focused on right now and have closed my schedule to allow me to finish them. Would you mind circling back in x time for us to connect? Thanks. Or something to that nature. i do it all the time. AND, I’ve had someone say similar to me.
  8. Consume less. Read less books, listen to less podcasts, scroll less social media, stop giving a fuck what the person next to you is doing. How someone else wrote something or what someone else is creating. If it’s not coming from you and your energy, it’s not going to serve you anyway.
  9. Get CERTAIN. When you are CERTAIN is when you are untouchable
  10. Let go. Release old ways of doing things, close some doors, clean up messes –literal and figurative, Close open energy loops — where are you circulating energy around making decisions or tough calls.

Change is both glorious and terrifying. It brings up all the feelings and old patterns can resurface. This is a time to gravitate to what grounds you. It’s also a time to bolster your boundaries.

Often times the struggle with boundaries doesn’t come from knowing what they are but from enforcing the boundaries we have. A great trick for maintaining stronger boundaries is to ask a partner or team member to hold you accountable. The people I have working for me now what my boundaries are and are empowered to call me in when i’m in violation of my own boundaries.

One of the best things you can do during times of rapid change is to understand what kind of support and resources you need. SO often because change is uncomfortable, leaders tend to isolate when the exact opposite needs to happen.

We have many women enter The BRAVE Society during times of massive growth, rapid change or upleveling because they need a safe space to land so they can work on the things listed above.

The BRAVE Society is a virtual society for business owners like you who want to connect with bold, resilient, abundant, value-driven and endurable leaders.

It’s filled with business owners across a variety of industries who knows that the person who helps the most people wins.

We are here for three reasons:

  • To build meaningful relationships with an army of people who have real, credible, and valuable business acumen. This isn’t tit for tat networking where it’s a referral pitch fest.
  • To help you continually develop yourself  as a leaders through high quality educational resources to help us become better CEO’s
  • To become leaders who develop more leaders in the world — your family, friends, community, team.

The BRAVE Society is a place where you can plug into the relationships you need to hire the most qualified people, find meaningful collaborations, and offer your services to those who would benefit the most.

The BRAVE Society hosts

  • Quarterly Book Clubs
  • Robust Panel Discussions on relevant topics to help you grow yourself and your business.
  • Bi Weekly CEO Debriefs where I take you behind the scenes in my life +  business where you can see what’s working, what’s not working, key decisions I’m making.

If you’re curious to know if you’re a fit for this community, head here to learn more.

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