3 Way to Make Things Happen, Now!

3 Way to Make Things Happen, Now!

Hey, hey, bold leaders. Welcome to this episode of the Bold Leadership Revolution podcast, and today we have what I’m going to call a fun episode for you. We’re going to talk about ways that you can be attracting what you want now, because if you’re anything like my clients, you want what you want and you want it now. Patience is not your virtue.

The second someone tells me they want it and they want it now, little alarm bells go off in my brain because these are my people and I know I can help them get to where they want to go more quickly and with greater patience. You see, there’s a dichotomy here. We can 100% accelerate results. We can get you winning every single day, and patience is required to win consistently over long periods of time. But today is about attracting what you want and doing it quickly, wanting it now or at least more expeditiously than your current situation.


It was the summer of 2018 and I was in a predicament. My cashflow was terrible, like all bank accounts were almost zero. I had money coming in but I felt broke. My biggest fear at this time was that my vision was too big and it was beyond my grasp. It was a moment of deep pause and I looked, it happened to be coinciding with the time that I was with my Mastermind, getting supported.

As I looked at the women in my Mastermind and admitted my shit boldly, I knew in that moment everything had to change. And while yes, I needed more cash in the door, this was a strategic problem. This was also a belief crisis. Why was I tolerating poor cashflow? How did I get here? Why, after two years of releasing the belief that it’s only possible for everyone else, but it’s not possible for me, is this still remaining just underneath the surface?

It’s still leering its ugly head, but in a slightly different way. It happens quickly for everyone else, but not for me. It’s slower for me, which technically isn’t even true. What about my vision that is feeling too big? Is it actually too big? Is it energetically too big?

I was left with this crisis of belief in this moment and I committed to the women in the room that I was going to move through this and I was going to change it. And so I wanted to share with you three things that I did that helped me attract things more quickly because within 30 days of this moment, I attracted the team of my dreams, hired three new people onto my team, had the money show up.

Signed a really big contract and had the money show up to support my vision and my team, and within 90 days of this, I launched The BRAVE Society, which is becoming my signature program. It’s my impact program. It’s the program that I am the most… and my Mastermind are the most exciting ways that I work with people right now.

When I launched The BRAVE Society last August, I launched it to success beyond my wildest belief. How did I make this happen so quickly? The first thing, I had to get specific. For all the advice out there and all the personal development stuff and they talk about specificity. Specificity, there’s truth there.

Unfortunately, for all of us who feel uncomfortable, uneasy, or downright afraid to voice what we want with some level of specificity, it’s important. If you’re not specific, you really don’t know what you’re aiming for and therefore can’t fault anyone when you fall short of the target. In every interaction, request or self dialogue around your goals, how can you be more specific? More specific around how you want to feel. More specific in the action you’ll take. More specific in how you will measure success. Oftentimes we don’t need to work any harder, we need to work more precisely.


I had to get really specific around what I wanted and some of that, some of the ways I worked through this is on a practical level where I wrote the job descriptions for the people who I wanted to hire onto my team.

I created the vision for what it looked like for us all to work together. I created the vision of what I wanted The BRAVE Society to be and I started very specifically mapping out who this program was for, what it was going to look like. So I got granular on what I was creating and I took it out of this kind of like airy-fairy nebulous space and put it into specifics that I could very clearly see coming to reality.


When I was early in my career, I was so excited to be doing what I do. I loved organizational psychology and leadership development from the very beginning. I was excited, enthusiastic, and young, and I didn’t understand why my older coworkers were so offended by me all the time.

I mean, gosh, I must’ve been so annoying to them and it wasn’t long before I figured out that they were triggered by my excitement and as a matter of fact, I started to believe that my excitement and enthusiasm made me seem immature and highly annoying. So, I put that shit on lockdown for a really long time. For those of us who don’t feel safe being excited or our vulnerability won’t allow it because of fear of disappointment, we miss out on an important ingredient to moving things along from someday to now.

When I’m excited and enthusiastic about my goals, they happen lightning fast. When I do things from the energy of should, or because everyone else says so, it feels like being stuck in quicksand. So, enthusiasm and excitement for your goals and what your offers are is super, super important. I’m so excited about my business. I’m so excited about what I’m offering.

They are 100% the right offers for me, for my expertise, for my strengths, for my team to be implementing and executing on. I can’t wait to talk about them and I can’t wait to share them with people and I can’t wait to invite people to work with us in this capacity and that has changed everything for me over the course of the last few years.

When I create a program from a place of like, this sounds good, I should, it makes sense. It doesn’t work. Or like there is a formula for this or… it just does not work for me and it never ever sells. Yes, I sell things that don’t sell and usually if I have to go back and debrief it, it’s because there wasn’t any enthusiasm or excitement about that.


This is where so much of my work went in to about a year ago when I completely changed my direction in my business in a matter of 90 days, I had to believe that things could happen quickly. What you believe matters.

I encourage everybody to look around for evidence of fast change, whether it’s happened for you or for someone else, and don’t look for the big things. Don’t look for big change. Look for those tiny movements that are so incremental you discredit and discount them, because guess what? One tiny shift a day leads up to seven shifts a week, which leads up to 30 shifts in a month, and that’s monumental.

This is about tweaking our perception and altering what you think is fast or quick, right? Not necessarily, I think we’re all looking too big. We’re all looking too far out. We all have expectations around things happening quickly that may or may not be factual. So I really want people to check in and really find that evidence and make it small evidence and just create that evidence bank of how things happen quickly for you and those people around you.


Let me give you a bonus, and we’re going through this episode quickly on purpose, right? This is the energy of excitement. This is the energy of making things happen quickly and this is the the energy of acceleration.

So, the bonus here, when was the last time you asked for what you want? This is your action from this episode. When was the last time you asked for what you want? The quickest way to attract or manifest what you want is to ask for it and this got sealed for me, it was probably around the same time last year. It’s probably a year ago.

I was working out at the gym and there’s a Starbucks across the street, but I was doing my workout and it was summertime. It was hot, it was humid in the gym, I was sweaty and I really just wanted that taste. My favorite summer drink is a grande or even a venti iced green tea lemonade, unsweetened from Starbucks. That is like such a refreshing drink. I don’t know if anybody’s had it. If you love that drink, find me on Instagram and let me know if that’s your favorite drink too.

But I wanted this. I could taste it in my mouth. I wanted it so bad and I looked at the clock and it was nearly 4:45 and I thought, oh my goodness, my husband’s almost here. He left work, he’s on his way to the gym. Let me call him and ask him to stop quickly and grab me this drink. And so I called him and he said, “Sure.”

15 minutes later, he walks in the door with my grande iced green tea lemonade, unsweetened. How fast was I able to manifest that, right? Because I asked for it. So that is your bonus/action from this episode. Go ask for what you want. It doesn’t have to be big, you just have to make the ask.


Now, if this conversation was interesting to you and felt unique and a little different, I want you to do me a favor. I want you to take me up on my invitation to join The BRAVE Society. So, if you’re a female small business owner, this is likely your community. If you’re resonating with this podcast and the things we’re talking about over here, because they are very much the essence of how we talk about things in The BRAVE Society.

The BRAVE Society was founded on three basic principles. One, community. How can we come together and become a marketplace of business owners where we can do business together, where we can open doors for each other, where we can collaborate with like-minded, credible business owners.

Two, nobody should ever shortchange their leadership development. I see too many times women spread thin making investments in their businesses as they grow and shortchanging their leadership development. I’m here to solve that problem. You can make the investments that you need to make and say your marketing or your branding or your website and develop yourself as a leader.

The third thing that we come together for is to really stand at the pinnacle of our leadership, which John Maxwell talks a lot about in his work. He says that we’re the pinnacle of our leadership when we are a leader who develops leaders who develops leaders.

What I asked the women of The BRAVE Society to do is to take what they learn in this brave society and bring it into the world, into their communities, into their families, into their clients and their customers, and to really continue to develop more leaders on this planet.

If this sounds interesting to you, I want you to go over to the show notes and click on the link or you can come find me on Instagram. I’m @thetaranewman, and ask me any questions you need to about joining The BRAVE Society.

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