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4 Ways to shift your energy around money


In this episode I speak with Jo Gifford and we discuss how you can shift your energy around money in multiple ways. I know that this topic isn’t for everyone, but just by listening you will be absorbing and hearing what you need to hear right now. So make sure to tune in.


  • Tara shares her first reiki experience, how doubtful she was in the beginning, why she sought it out, and how it ultimately won her over
  • Season 2 of the BLR podcast has been about money from a practical sense. Here are some links to our previous episodes that might interest you: Episode 3: Leadership Activities to Grow your Business and Episode 5: How to know if you are undercharging, but today we’re coming at it from a more woo sense. Money is energy.
  • Learn how to recognize the signs about when it’s time to shift your energy (around money). You might be feeling scarcity around time, money or something else. Scarcity is scarcity and you need to tune into it.
  • Learn how to recognize and acknowledge the abundance in your life. And it’s not just the money in your bank account.
  • Figure how what you need to thrive  in your life right now. Exercise on how to do this here.
  • Practice stepping away from your business or job in order to recharge your batteries and yes have fun.


Create awareness around what you’re feeling at any given moment, and allow yourself to feel that feeling no matter what it is. The next thing is to accept where you currently are. This can happen in different ways. It might be through journaling, meditating, or it can happen through limiting what you expose yourself to whether it be social media or emails. Finally we talked about the fact that we are all energetic beings and it’s important to realize that. Acknowledge the good things that are happening in your life on a daily basis and you will shift your energy around money by doing this.


Episode from Season 1 Episode 6: How to feel abundant even when you are freaking out about money 

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