How to Have Massive Business Growth at a Moderate Pace

5 Things I Do Every Day to Get Massive Results

Hey, hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast.

I’m your host Tara Newman and I have a passion for helping everyday humans perform in extraordinary ways. This is the place where we dish on everything from mental toughness to emotional wellbeing and what it takes to really perform your best at a high level. We are here to help you embrace your ambition and leave that grind behind.

Today I want to share the 5 activities I do every day that I believe help me get massive results.

If you have ever thought “wow, they’re a powerhouse.” or “How do they do it all” This podcast is for you.

Business owners everywhere are faced with tremendous demand on their time, attention, and energy. Which makes them feel worried, not good enough and spread way too thin.

So often I hear from business owners who feel like they’re just not moving forward at the pace they desire. So, today is all about results and what it really takes to make unrelenting forward progress.

But first….let’s all get on the same page.


The way I look at results is a little different than the way other people look at them. As a matter of fact, on a recent CEO Debrief inside The BRAVE Society, this was a major aha moment for one of the women.

She had crammed herself into the results box where the only results she acknowledged were the tangible ones –the ones where you have a number attached to it. Mainly a dollar sign.


Often times I hear from hard charging leaders that “nothing is working” or “they aren’t getting results” or “the money isn’t what they want it to be.” The reality is none of these things are the actual problem. The problem you think you have is never the problem you actually have. I learned this at 17 while sitting on my therapist’s couch. It has proven true time after time. As employees would walk into my office with the problem the think they had, during team meetings, or when the CEO would go on a bender about the big problem.

The real problem in the case above is that we are taking a way to narrow scope on a result. What if EVERYTHING was a result?

Think about it…if you gain weight, that is a result. It might not be the result you want but nonetheless it is the result of your thinking and your thinking drives your actions.

For the purpose of today, let’s go with massive results equal a positive outcome. Massive results equate to positive growth.


Because here’s the next place high achievers get turned around. Massive to most people means big. Massive means numerically measurable. Massive means a lot of doing.

Here’s some key problems with that line of thinking:

  1. Growth that is tangible and numbers driven, like sales, is often a lagging indicator of success. Often times, if we’re only looking at tangible results, we wonder if we’re making any progress at all.
  2. Only gunning for the big wins (x in revenue, lose 20 lbs, run every day of the week), leads to an all or nothing mentality. If you aren’t running any days a week now, running one day a week consistently for four weeks would be a massive result.
  3. Taking massive action will get you massive results often translates to do all the things. All massive action means is focus the majority of your energy on one action.


  1. Align with Thriving: On a daily basis, I’m crystal clear on what i need to thrive. Knowing and aligning with what you need to thrive has so many benefits from keeping your energy up, feeling fulfilled as a human being, and keeping your mindset from dipping into lack or scarcity. What you need to thrive is unique to you. It’s your own individual blueprint for success. The more you understand how you operate in the world, the better results you will receive.
  2. Check my bank accounts. Every day, I do a quick check in on my bank accounts. No, I don’t expect much to change from day to day. However, I do two things. By checking in on my bank accounts daily, I’m placing intentional focus there. I get present to how I want to feel when I look at my bank accounts and use it as a time to express joy and gratitude for the financial abundance in my life. The other thing it does is desensitize me to any negative feelings or anxious thoughts I may have around looking at my money. Over time, I’ve been able to free myself from this and solely focus on Love when I enter that space.
  3. Press pause: We did an entire episode on hitting the pause button. However, there is always more to say on this topic. On a daily basis, I allow there to be space between stimulus and response which is essentially a pause. This means I don’t make hasty decisions, I’m not reactive, and I made every move from a place of deep intention. Here’s the kicker: I’m actually a Kolbe Quick Start 8 which means my nature is to take action, quickly. And I still self-manage in a way that allows for me to take a beat. Daily.
  4. Write out my goals. Every day. Yes, everyday. When I do this it’s like I become the goal. I embody it and the person I need to become to achieve it. In my busy world of running a business, being the most present i can be with my kids and being the best wife I can be…writing my goals out everyday reminds me of what I”m here on this planet to do. This puts me into action. Every single day. I’m taking at least ONE action that moves a big rock. When I move BIG ROCKS, I get bigger results.
  5. Take care of my ENERGY. Every day, I’m 100% present to my energy. This means closing up any energy leaks. Eating well to maintain consistent energy. Moving my body. Breathing deeply. Drinking water. Using essential oils. You will notice, these are things that evoke all senses. These are many of my cornerstone habits.

I realize that as I reflect back on this list, this is a recipe for being in a peak state. That’s my goal every single day. How can I move into a peak state of performance? What puts me in a peak state and how can I be mindful to bring that into my every day.

My performance and how I feel are some of the very few things within my control. Taking 100% responsibility for what’s in my control allows me to let go of the things that are not within my control.


You will most likely fail. Not because you’re a failure but for two reasons:

  1. Starting 5 new habits at one time is overwhelming and you will bite off way more than you can chew.
  2. These are practices that I have developed over the last decade. They have not come easy. I consider these my daily assignments. Some days I nail all 5 and some days I hit 2 or 3. Nobody is perfect.

What I’m asking you to do is find what works for you. To use these 5 things as inspiration to find your own recipe that works for you. What energizes me and grounds my energy won’t be the same for you because we have different energetic blueprints. We have had different conditioning. We have different likes and dislikes.

And the other piece of this is boring. You have to be able to execute on this stuff consistently over very long periods of time to build the endurance you need to make an impact.

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