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A Bold Leader’s Approach to January and What to Expect in 2019

Hey, hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast, It’s the NEW YEAR and you might be new to me. So, if you are:

My name is Tara Newman and I am the host of this fine podcast and the founder and CEO of The Bold Leadership Revolution. The Bold Leadership Revolution is a global leadership development and coaching company that helps weary and worn out leaders have the endurance to make an impact.

I’m an entrepreneur, mom, wife, daughter, coffee lover, and crossfit enthusiast. I’ve spent my entire working life dedicated to helping every day people people perform in extraordinary ways all while busting most of the myths and BS fed to us by corporate america, our society as a whole, our families, and ourselves.
If you have ever had that sneaking suspicion that you are the only thing standing in the way of your success, YOU MY FRIEND are in the RIGHT place.

In case you’re wondering WHY you should listen to me as in what makes me credible, I assure you I’m a legit pro with a master’s degree in Industrial/organizational psychology, and over 20 years developing leaders to thrive in an fast paced and ever changing business landscape.
I’ve owned and operated multiple businesses in my lifetime, not all of them a success and this is where my greatest learnings have come from — not actually from grad school.
I absolutely loving sharing stories and strategies to help you become a better leader and live a high performance lifestyle.

Today I’m sharing how I view January and really most of Q1 because I like to think that I have a different approach that will likely save you time, energy and sanity. In this episode I’m also going to share what you can expect from us here in 2019 because I want you coming back week after week so you can soak in all the goodness we will be providing.

Let’s dive in with a perspective shift for January and Q1. As I record this, I’m just coming back from having over 2 weeks off. It was fantastic. It took a LONG time for my brain to decompress and settle down. It took a lot longer than I expected.

I have a long history with taking this time off around the new year. As a kid, my dad (who was featured in episode # 49) used to shut down his manufacturing facility and then I went on to work for numerous large companies who did the same.

It’s disorienting to have this time of year off. You’re not sure what day it is, there’s anxiety from the holidays and being with your family and at the same time there is something idealic for me being cocooned up with my favorite people and spending way more time with my husband than I usually get. I want to take those warm, fuzzy, cozy feelings with me well into the new year. I always have.


Think about it this way. The fall is the time of the harvest. In many businesses, you ‘re working to harvest your crops and store them for the winter months. So, it makes sense that for parts of December and into January there are quiet, fallow periods where the soil is rests and is tended to.

As we move through January and into February is my favorite time of year to plant seeds. For me, this is when I dedicate more time than usual to nurturing relationships and starting new ones. By the end of the year, I can usually trace my sales back to the seeds I planted in January and much of Q1. It’s my favorite time of year.


This happens to me sometimes during a crossfit workout. I’m excited to start and my adrenaline is going so I come out too hot and then can’t easily recover to finish the workout strong. I take too many breaks and finding my self sucking wind. If I would have started at a more moderate pace, I would have been able to sustain that consistently throughout the workout.

Whenever I have a smart start, I feel fantastic at the end of the workout. When I come out too hot and constantly strategize how I’m going to get to the finish line, I’m exhausted, mentally drained and in a terrible mindset.

Slowing down while everyone around you is speeding up requires a bolder form of leadership and while it will bring you ease, it definitely isn’t easy. So, I want to encourage you to get intentional about your vision and goals for this month. Where can you slow down. And when you think you’ve slowed down, slow down some more.


When we started this podcast in October 2017, we designed it to be in seasons with themes. For example, season 1 was all about defining bold leadership and sharing with you concepts you could take action on to increase your bold leadership. Season 2 I challenged myself to get uncomfortable and talk all about money. Talking about money for 12 episodes inspired me to run a group program last year called Amplify Your Abundance where we helped business owners leave the survival mode thinking that causes so much grief behind and step forward into a more abundant frame of mind when they lead their businesses.

Then in the middle of the year, around June we decided to take this podcast weekly and spent the remainder of 2018 creating a weekly podcast. The numbers don’t lie. You all wanted a weekly podcast. With each passing week and month we saw a steady uptick in downloads and new listeners reaching out saying  they’re listening and loving it.

One listener teaches a competitive dance group and even shared some episodes with the teens she mentors. This was one of the highlights from my 2018 because I feel really passionate about teaching tweens and teens about leadership.

In 2018, we committed to keeping this podcast a solo podcast with guest appearances from my husband, father, clients, and women in The BRAVE Society.

In 2019, we will continue to bring you a weekly podcast where we deliver high value and actionable content to help you develop yourself as a leader. It’s my greatest hope that you then take the information you learn here and develop more leaders in the world by sharing this podcast with them, having bold conversations and in general giving a shit about creating more leaders on this planet.

We will have more episodes that speak to leadership in all areas of our lives including with family, parenting, finance, etc.

As we look at 2019, economists are predicting a blip in the economy — somewhere between a market correction and a recession — nobody really seems to know for sure, I will be sharing more about my experience running a business during a recession, how to recession proof yourself as a leader, and my families very personal story of recession, resurrection and redemption.

I look forward to sharing with you all that I learn as I continue to lead the leaders into another year

Questions that are coming up are around creating culture, developing high performing teams, your role and how it evolves as you grow your business. Questions have come up around my personal practices that allow me to run a business and be a present mom.

I’m hearing from many of you that this year your family is your priority but then you’re not sure how to do that AND grow your business. I assure you it’s very possible. These things are not mutually exclusive. Others among you are suffering from decision fatigue and are looking for ways to gain some ease and peace of mind. I can’t wait to have ALL of these conversations. To continue to give members of my community access to this platform.

I commit to showing up here fully and even more real, bold, and transparent than ever before. I’m prepared to give you everything I have to help you lead at your highest level and make the most meaningful contribution to the world.

My hope is that each week you return to this very spot because you feel at home here and a little less lonely as a leader. The biggest challenges leaders face today are staying focused in an ever distracting business landscape, knowing what’s most important to moving their businesses forward and battling feelings of loneliness.

If this podcast gives you a safe place to land, a greater sense of focus, and the certainty to move forward with unrelenting forward progress than we have done our job this year. This biggest change I’m making to this podcast is a mental and energetic one. I’ve stopped seeing this podcast as my podcast and started to look at it as a platform for ALL LEADERS.

So, if you’re wanting to improve your leadership, head on over to instagram. You can find me @thetaranewman and let me know your burning leadership, business, productivity, mindset and energy questions. We want to answer them for you, here.

This podcast is your #1 access point to me AND my team.

One question came up over and over again in 2018 — Where can I find a mentor? Whenever this question came to me, I assumed they meant the old school kind where you could sit down with someone, ask them questions and get advice from someone who is farther along or in a higher position of leadership.

My answer: This podcast. This podcast is your mentor. All you have to do is have the courage to ask the question.

At the end of 2018, I spoke to bold leaders all over the globe and they have a few things in common.

The MAJOR thread is that while these leaders were in everyday businesses like Marketing, Personal Styling, and even product based, brick and mortar businesses…

They were ALLLLLL disrupting their industry by taking a stand for their clients and customers transformation. They were saying “NO” to transactional business and a big “HECK YES” for doing business in a way that leads their people on a journey.

This way of doing business leads to a HUGE impact on micro and macro levels. THIS is why I get out of bed every morning.

Here’s the downside, though…

Leaders who are here to serve are pulled in so many different directions. The three things I heard that are standing in every leaders way:




This is why February 8th I’ll be bringing leaders together for the first Bold Leadership Mastermind Day of 2019.

Join us for mentoring in a group setting, generous feedback from peers as well as myself. You will leave having already checked a bunch of tasks off your to-do list. Once you master the mindset shifts and strategies I’ll be teaching, you’ll be able to apply them again and again.

This event is not about me getting 100 people in a room so I can upsell them into something else, this is about getting a curated group of leaders together for in person experience. If this resonates with you, grab your seat today because we have a limited number of spots remaining.

If you have found this podcast valuable, help us develop more bold leaders in the world by sharing this episode with your friends, colleagues and other bold leaders.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, please leave a review. I consider reviews podcast currency and it’s the ONE thing you can do to help us out here at The Bold Leadership Revolution HQ.  We would be so grateful for it.

Special thanks go to Stacey Harris of Uncommonly More, she and her team are the producer and editor of this podcast. Go check them out for all your digital marketing and content creation needs.

Be sure to tune into our next episode to help you embrace your ambition and leave the grind behind.

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