A Breakdown of Exactly What I’m Spending Time on to Increase My Revenue

Where we spend our time directly impacts our revenue. 

This is a lesson we all learn again and again. It’s one I want to help you focus on so you can both run a business and have a life. 

So I thought I’d give you an inside look at what I spend my time on in a day. This is how I spend my time so I can run my business and have a life. 

Now, I get asked all the time about what I focus on each day, where I spend my time. This is actually the perfect follow up to a show I did recently about how I spend my time so I can have a life. 

So here’s a quick breakdown of what my day looks like.

The first thing I do every single day is work my EMS framework. 

Energy, mindset, and strategy. 

These are the things that I coach around, that I teach. They are prevalent in The Bold Profit Academy lessons, as well as any kind of individual client work that I do. 

The first thing I do is focus on my energy. I ask myself things like, “What do I need to do today for my energy?” and what that meant today for me is that I spent 15 minutes with my kids before they started school, because they were remote today, I made my bed, I diffused essential oil, then I got on the Peloton. 

Riding the Peloton is one major way that I reset my energy, that I fill my tank. It really fuels me up and it helps me move my emotions, which is really the whole point of your energy practice- is to create space, move your emotions and help you start to process things in your body. That’s why it comes first. 

Energy is first before I process anything in my mind. 

And as a matter of fact, by caring for my energy first, it usually makes it easier for me to process things that are going on for me in my mind, in my thoughts. In fact, this podcast episode was conceived on the Peloton and outlined while I was on the bike. That is where I do my best work. 

So I structure my workouts in a way that allow me to get my workout in and then to do some work from the bike. So I’ll do some sort of HIIT or climb or whatever the workout of the day is and I’ll spend some period of time on the bike. This is where I’m able to listen to some tunes, pedal my legs and type ideas to my phone, which is basically what I do in this case. 

After the bike, I journaled on my vision. Asking questions like, “What do I want for myself this year? For my impact?”

I wanted to do a check-in, we are almost halfway through the year and it was really time for me just to focus on what’s possible for me and really to get into a place of creativity and imagination.

After the journaling, I took space. I had a lot of space on my calendar. I enjoyed being away from my desk and allowing my subconscious thoughts to rise to the surface. Ideas came up and I documented them, so I can evaluate them in relationship to my energy, mindset, and strategy. 

I do this by asking if this is something I want to execute on now? Is this something I want to put on my goals list for the future? 

Today my first call wasn’t until 11 a.m., which is the case on most days because that is how we have created the boundaries in my business. 

I’m a morning person and I want to save that time for me, my family and working on my business before I even get into client work or anything like that. That’s my way of paying myself first.

After allowing space for myself, the next thing I did was sales call prep. I had a sales call and I wanted to prep my energy and mindset. 

As an aside, I don’t know if anybody else does this, but I’m just going to share that before I get on a sales call, I want to make sure that I’m slowing myself down. A lot of people come to work with me and they’re exhausted, they’re so tired that they’re wired, they’re overdoing, they’re overworking, they’re overthinking, they’re adrenalized. So, I just want to make sure that my energy is coming from a clean place and that I don’t feel any kind of energetic attachments, and that I’m showing up as the solution to their problem. So, if I were to show up as energized and as keyed up as they were, I’d be showing up as part of the problem, in my opinion. And so, I want to make sure that they feel that we are slowing the conversation down and slowing them down. I also want to come at this from a place of neutrality. 

Now, what does prepping for a sales call look like besides slowing down? I have a sales call prep form. We are actually going to be reviewing those and doing more sales training, including having sales calls, in Q3 in The Bold Profit Academy. So, if you want to learn more about prepping for sales calls, whether it be energetically or mentally or strategically, you are going to want to join us for that live curriculum. 

But, I complete a sales call prep form and that helps me really identify what I want from the sales call. This starts with thinking about our relationship from an outcome perspective,  reviewing their intake form questions, and doing whatever research that I need to do on them. This really always sets my sales calls up for the greatest success. I feel like I’m showing up in my highest and best for that person who’s getting on the call with me, whether it turns into a sell or not.

My next priority was sales activity, part of the “S”, strategy, piece. 

The way I think about sales activity is that it is starting conversations and adding value to the people in my network, including this podcast episode where I documented my day and I’m sharing it here with you to add value. 

When I’m fueled up and take exquisite care of myself, I build my energetic capacity, which allows me to give freely and generously without feeling resentful or feeling any kind of heaviness. It’s a lot of generosity and love and empathy that I’m able to show up for and with, when I take good care of myself and when I put my energy and my mindset first, right? 

So that’s how I care for my energy and mindset and strategy (sales activity and sales call prep today).  

Next come 90 minutes to focus on my most critical tasks.

I already know what these are because I’ve spent time planning my quarterly goals and broke them down into monthly and weekly actions. I’ve delegated anything outside my strengths to my team or I’ve deleted it and we’re just not doing it. 

So at this point, we’re into early afternoon or so, I’m going to take lunch. I always take lunch as a midday energy reset. And then, the afternoon is my choice. I can rest or I can work on something that will energize me. 

And, that’s really what I want to share: the hours that I put into my work are not hours that I have to put into my work. They’re hours that I get to put into my work. 

Because I love my work and I’ve created it to be energizing and fulfilling and meaningful to me, so that I don’t really feel like I need to escape from it or run away from it or any of those things. 

After my early afternoon of rest or work, I turn into an Uber driver for my kids. 

I’ll spend my time driving my kids to sports and tutoring and all that kids’ stuff.  And that is really when I’m ending my day today. 

So I got to my desk at eleven, I took lunch, and I will be shutting things down at 2:45. 

Now, the activities that I did focus on were all revenue generating growth activities. There was no fluff in there. 

Everything was high value, everything was high priority, everything was executed on from a place of generosity and love and empathy and that is really what gets me the very best results.

The same can be true for you, try starting tomorrow with the EMS framework and see how it works for you.