A Transparent Look at the Learning Agreements at the Bold Profit Academy

A Transparent Look at the Learning Agreements at the Bold Profit Academy

This podcast episode gives you some behind the scenes into how I operate the Bold Profit Academy. We strive to be clear and direct about what we offer. I hope this information helps anyone running group education programs or one-on-one coaching. I’m sharing what good looks like in adult learning theory and instructional design. 

If you’re new here, you might not know that my background is in industrial and organizational psychology, and I’m an expert in the training and development space. My goal with the Bold Profit Academy is to give you the skills to be your best business coach. When you enter any new relationships with another coach or strategist, you can do so with autonomy and agency.

Let’s look at why I take this so seriously and then dive into the four main learning agreements to break them down.

Busting Up Toxic Teaching Habits

One of the reasons we have the learning agreements set up for the Bold Profit Academy is to help address educational trauma that comes into play whenever we sign up for programs. Most of us don’t realize this, but we have been introduced to many toxic teaching habits throughout our lifetime.

There are school practices done by the administration and the teachers that cause emotional pain and follow us into adulthood. These impact everyone, especially those who are neurodiverse, has a disability, or are part of a group that is othered. Examples include standardized testing, teachers who are overworked and underpaid, using public embarrassment to teach accountability, and more. These things are still happening in classrooms today, so they will continue to be an issue. 

As an educator and adult learning facilitator, it’s my job to be aware of the educational trauma from childhood. Many women don’t feel safe or comfortable sharing in groups and asking for help. These experiences can greatly impact how we show up for ourselves and our businesses, so we want to continue to make shifts. 

Four Main Learning Agreements with the Bold Profit Academy

The learning agreements for the Bold Profit Academy are part of a living, breathing document. I update and change things as my team and I learn from our experiences. These agreements are important so anyone signing up will know what to expect.

1. There is no behind.

In the Bold Profit Academy, you cannot fall behind. There is no set pace. Each participant manages a business and life, so no specific timeline or graduation period exists. We support you in learning at your own pace during the program.

2. Learning happens step-by-step.

There is always something new to gain or learn. You’ll get small incremental gains in the program. Other programs claim that you’ll master something in just a few weeks or months, which is impossible. It’s a sham. We want you to learn information slowly and implement new information and maintain the changes over time. 

3. It’s OK to be a beginner.

I always say that you’re an expert in your work, but you probably aren’t likely to be an expert in cash flow management, lead generation, strategic planning, selling, personal finance, etc. That’s where this program comes in. It’s OK to be a beginner. There are no bad questions, we encourage all questions. When you hide your learning or try to blend in, you’ll learn much less than when you actively participate. 

4. No one should feel invalidated.

Everyone running a business will experience a lot of intersections, including race, gender, class, education, and many others. If at any time in the program, you feel like anyone invalidates your experience, especially regarding money and finances, we want you to contact us immediately. My team and I constantly learn from students, we want to understand your experience.

Get Signed Up Today for The Bold Profit Academy

Now that we’ve reviewed the learning agreements, I have something to ask you. Let me know if this information feels insightful or has shifted your thoughts. Reach out via Instagram or email.  If you’re at the point where you want to join us in the Bold Profit Academy, get on the waitlist immediately. I’ll contact you right away to discuss your goals and current position so we can get on the same page. I’d also love it if you’d share this with your friends and others in your network and help us develop bold leaders in business.