I’m Tara Newman, founder and CEO of The Bold Leadership Revolution.

There are two types of people in this world:

  1. Those who seek solutions outside themselves.
  2. Those who know the strategy IS themselves.

The first will bankrupt themselves. I know because I did.

When my husband and I started our first business in 2005, we did everything by the book. We wanted to get it right. After all, I’d been working in businesses since I was 16. We downloaded a business plan to make millions, took out loans, put our heads down, and got to work. 

Five years later, post-recession, we were at rock bottom, literally bankrupt, behind on the mortgage, and $100,000 in debt. We got our asses handed to us, and it nearly took us out.

It was the most isolating, shameful experience of my life.

I’m that person who is always prepared, results-oriented, and ambitious. This was devastating — both personally and professionally.

But I refused to stay down. I learned to navigate the mental, emotional, spiritual, and strategic hurdles involved in standing back up.

The missing strategy wasn’t my million-dollar business plan. The missing strategy was me.

When I put my intuition at the forefront, I was able to make hard, bold, decisions — like recouping losses via lawsuits, selling the business, and looking long and hard at my beliefs around money. Scarcity and insecurity wasn’t going to cut it anymore, so I chose to focus on gratitude. I reassessed my life, what mattered, who my friends were, and what my purpose was.

With my next business — this business — I created my own economy. Between my master’s degree in industrial organizational psychology, my knowledge of how to create effective learning environments for leaders, and decades of experience with small businesses and corporations, I’ve made sure no recession would ever knock me down again. I’m unapologetic about remaining true to my values, and everything else has gone by the wayside. 

When I started this business, I was working a full-time corporate job while raising two little ones and going through a health crisis.

No matter what my credibility markers say, I’m most proud of driving for results while honoring myself as a human being. By doing that, I was able to:

  • Say goodbye to an almost 20-year corporate career
  • More than 10x’ed the business in less than 5 years, completely self-funded
  • Started a highly-rated podcast
  • Supported 100s of women becoming financial powerhouses
  • Created dynamic client relationships across the globe, representing a wide range of industries that have revenue ranges that span as high as $60 million

Just as importantly as becoming a platform to guide entrepreneurs how to lead, work, and perform at their highest levels — I’ve ensured The Bold Leadership Revolution is committed to giving back, sending 14 young women in Mozambique to school. All of that without funding, loans, or independent wealth. That is the power of true business strategy and bold leadership.

My renewed focus taught me valuable lessons in leadership.

Business owners — especially women — don’t receive the same leadership development support as those in corporate environments. They don’t have trainings or built-in mentors who help them identify what’s next, in terms of their personal and professional growth. 

As a result, even whip-smart leaders are frustrated and overwhelmed every single day. For every guru who sells a “sure-fire solution,” there’s an earnest, hard-working, talented business owner who is spinning their wheels. The business coaching space is littered with low-touch, high-ticket investments.

Instead, business owners need intimate, results-driven experiences that elevate their leadership skills. They need business strategies designed to honor the humans who run the business. That’s where we come in.

It’s our mission to show other leaders that:

Success requires strategic thinking, evidence-based solutions, and curiosity.

Effective work comes from focus, clarity, positive habits, and efficiency.

Peak performance comes from small, incremental changes made over time.

Without integrity and service, we fall. But with bold leadership, we rise.

Our experiences have shown us that our most important work is to support other leaders as they build resilience, drive through uncertainty, and prosper.

This is how The Bold Leadership Revolution was born.

gerdi headshot

“Tara is an incredible listener, great at reflecting back, and never judgmental. She holds you accountable without expressly holding you accountable. I have found her to be absolutely trustworthy. The safe and warm space she creates in her coaching sessions does the rest. Without all this there wouldn’t be a connection and she wouldn’t be the great coach she is. For me as a coach myself, Tara is an inspiration to me. She is someone I strive to emulate.”

Gerdi Dutchie Verwoert

Bold leadership means doing the one thing you’re scared to do.

That “one thing” depends on you, but we have to face our personal fears to move forward. We have to do the things we’ve been unwilling to do.

When you’re bold, your very existence disrupts the status quo, societal norms, and generational narratives. Your leadership widens the circle for more humans to succeed.

The Bold Leadership Revolution is a space for navigating and normalizing the true ups and downs of business ownership. We will help you achieve a thriving business that allows you to live a life you enjoy. Together, we navigate your personal obstacles and your business challenges as you transform your mindset and results. We’ll help you create life-sustaining revenue.

Our coaching is no-fluff, gritty, and intensely on your side. Even when it gets ugly. Even in times of economic uncertainty. It takes a deep empathy to support human beings as they work through all of their shit and learn to optimize themselves.

Within The Bold Leadership Revolution, you’ll find partners through the resistance and the not-so-Instagrammable moments. Entrepreneurship is a rough ride. It requires endurance and community to make it through. We’ll still be there, DAMN proud when you come out the other side.

I am your never-give-up-on-you, tough-love, honest-truth coach. I will not let you eff this up. And you will radically change the way you show up in the world as a result.

The Bold Leadership Revolution clients

Do less and create more • Get out of their own way • Speak out and galvanize their communities • Create consistent revenue that supports their life • Lead meaningful movements • Implement strategic changes that increase efficiency and productivity

Stop clinging to one-size-fits-all formulas and advice meant for the masses. You’ll never truly lead by following.

You have all the answers. You know what comes next. Trust yourself.

When you cultivate your courage and find your focus, nothing can knock you down. Nothing

I’m here to remind you of that fact, and I’ll help keep your momentum strong.

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“I’ve been doing my work for 24 years, and 10 as a CEO, but there’s a lot of times I’ve felt like a failure. Tara has really changed the way that I look at things in my business and my personal life. Curated communities within The Bold Leadership Revolution are places where you can be yourself, talk about your fears, receive honest feedback, and grow.”

Stephanie Keller


Bold Leadership Revolution Team


CEO & Founder
I’m a high-performance sales coach on a mission to help you achieve more while radically doing less. No client will burn out on my watch. I’ve coached high-achieving women and men for 20 years, from New York Times bestsellers and TEDx speakers to tech executives and multi-millionaire CEOs. As the creator of the science-driven CEO Debrief and The BRAVE Society for women entrepreneurs, I infuse everything I do with the systems of success and the science of human performance. I earned my Master’s in Organizational Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook, hold a certification in Profit First, and I live in Long Island with my family, where I’m a CrossFit fanatic and coffee fiend.

Lane Clark

As an executive advisor and project manager with six years of experience, Lane loves bossing people around (in the best possible way). With a bachelor’s degree from the University of Michigan and a Master’s in Social Work from Michigan State University, she loves both people and boundaries. Lane keeps the team flowing energetically and logistically. Lane hails from the rural north coast of Michigan by Lake Superior, and has traveled the whole wide world. She loves peanut butter and dressing in layers, and her motto is Earl Grey All Day.

Stacey Harris

Stacey’s work is essential to growing The Bold Leadership Revolution’s platform and spreading its important message to the world — and she mentors our clients in how to do the same. Fun fact: She went to school to be an audio engineer. Right after she graduated, she started booking bands for a record label through MySpace (her first foray into social media strategy). In addition to having nearly a decade of experience with social media and marketing strategy, she is the CEO of Uncommonly More, and a Southern Californian in love with Disneyland and the beach.

Joshua Kreitzman

Joshua supports The Bold Leadership Revolution clients in gaining financial empowerment. Joshua’s path to accounting was anything but traditional. He earned his Bachelor’s in Musical Theatre from SUNY New Paltz, performed in New York City, toured the nation, and wrote scripts performed by artists like Kevin James. In 2009, he applied his theatre skills, communication, timing, and ingenuity to the accounting profession. He’s never met a problem he believes is unsolvable, and he feels we’re all exactly where we’re supposed to be at any given moment.

Jo Gifford

Fueled by creativity, coffee, and kettlebells, Jo is the content creator and strategist for The Bold Leadership Revolution. Jo’s background as a seasoned blogger, copywriter, podcaster, and graphic designer makes her the perfect fit to share our important message of bold leadership. She earned her Master’s in Design Management from the London College of Communication, and she mentors entrepreneurs in creating content that shares their brilliance. She’s fascinated by how creative thinking makes for an eclectic and colorful content approach in small businesses.

If you’re seeking a coaching partner with the business acumen, empathy, and integrity to guide you to unprecedented success — and help you raise the bar — you’re in the right place.

Take action now.

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The Bold Profit Academy

Virtual Community, Peer Learning and Network Intelligence

In The Bold Profit Academy, we use proven strategies to support you in managing your cash flow. That means you’re able to strategically plan for investments and maximize them, rather than always feeling on the razor’s edge of ‘having to make more money’ for that ‘quick win/fix’ course or program.

spacious modern interior with a chair and shelf on the wall

The Bold Leadership Mastermind

Mastermind Support

The Bold Leadership Mastermind is about radical honesty, overflowing empathy, and strategic progress that creates unrelenting upward momentum. The year-long experience is an incredible place to develop your best work with the support of Tara, your Mastermind cohort, and the Bold Leadership Revolution team.

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The Bold Leadership Intensive

One on One Support

The Bold Leadership Intensive is a  transformative 1:1 coaching session that gives business owners a partner to help them navigate the true ups and downs of business ownership through their own values-based strategy.