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Behind The Scenes of The Bold Leaders Revolution Podcast

Hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast where we train leaders to have the endurance to make an impact.

On this episode of the podcast, I wanted to share with you some of the behind the scenes of the podcast. You can hashtag this meta.

I haven’t done a podcast like this since we launched The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast in October 2017. We are now 60+ episodes in, have learned a lot, and switched things up since our initial launch.

Maybe you’re interested in starting your own podcast or creating more intentional content. Or maybe you’re a long time follower of the podcast and want to hear more about what goes into bringing you these episodes and my creative process. I love bringing you behind the scenes because I believe in being transparent with how I operate my business and I love connecting the dots for my listeners.

Let’s start by running you through the 3P’s of this podcast. The 3P’s stand for Purpose, Process, and Payoff.

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Deliver high quality, free content to help leaders have the endurance to make an impact. We’re here to help you achieve more while doing radically less than ever before. We believe when you do less, you actually have more, including the ability to create more wealth for yourself and others.

The Bold Leadership Revolution, is not your typical leadership and development company.

We show you how to optimize your performance as a leader without all the buttoned up stuffy-ness of corporate leadership and drivel of the personal development industry. We promise in a world that swings wildly between serious business and woo woo bullshit, we will be firmly planted in the middle.

We give you the practical side of business strategy, the necessary skills to build your mental strength, and the woo-ish principals to effectively manage your most precious resource — your energy.

We truly believe that if you took ONE action from each episode you and your business will see greater focus, accountability and performance. You might even step off that high achiever hamster wheel you’re likely running on. Let’s talk process. This is really what I had in mind when I wanted to share the behind the scenes of this podcast.

When we first started out the idea was that we would have a seasonal podcast that was grouped by themes. This worked but when we looked at a number of different data points we decided to go ALL IN on the podcast and deeply commit to delivering my very best content. This meant I needed to stop doing things I didn’t love as much such as Facebook Lives so I could focus all my energy and intention on the podcast.

This meant turning this podcast into a weekly podcast which I was scared to do. I had a ton of self doubt around my ability to show up for this this week after week after week. What if life got complicated with mom stuff and wife stuff and daughter stuff? What if I felt like I was burning out? Would it even make a difference? Was I going to put in the effort of a weekly podcast and then hear crickets?

I could honestly think of excuse after excuse to soothe my doubts. But I learned a long time ago to doubt my doubts. So, I made the big commitment to go weekly with the podcast and it was a little bumpy at first. It required me to fundamentally change the way I worked but really what it did was force me to work in a way that was easy and innate to me but that I’d been resisting.

I needed to come face to face with the internal pressure I feel to create, document and share. It wasn’t until I started studying human design that I understood this about myself. With this understanding came allowing. With allowing came flow.


Through careful analysis of how I worked best, I discovered that working in sprints, working early in the morning, working outside my house, working with time blocks all allowed me to batch my content so I have a month or more ready to go.

When we took this podcast weekly, I went PRO. 30 minutes of writing time is on my calendar daily. Whether I want to or not. Sometimes I think I have nothing to say and I’m convinced my 30 minutes of writing will be me writing that I have nothing to say. Except that never happens.

My mind requires me to write to process my thoughts, ideas, and concepts. As I write, I write my podcasts. This surprises people. I know lots of people who flip open their recording app of choice and record their podcast. That’s why they podcast, they are verbal processors.

Not me, I love to write. I have since I was a kid when I kept a journal in a marble notebook. A habit I started after being OBSESSED with the book Harriet the Spy.

SO, I write my podcast episodes. The podcast topics come from conversations I have with clients, questions people ask me, and random things I’m thinking about. My favorite thing to do is share my lessons learned, client stories, and take you behind the scenes. My goal is to provide context and clarity through telling stories and sharing what works and doesn’t work for my clients and myself.

I’ve been creating content in the online space since 2013 and a lot has changed since them. The world has become exponentially more noisy and it’s monumentally harder to capture the attention of those you want to serve with your messaging.

Hundreds of thousands, heck maybe even millions of people flock to the internet every year looking to earn money from their words. They crank out content after content because that’s what they think the experts are telling them to do. However, content for content sake is just noise. It’s doing for doing sake.

What you don’t and can’t see when you listen to this podcast is the extraordinary level of intentionality that goes into creating this podcast.

When I do my daily mindset work and journaling where I write my goals, I write my purpose and goals for this podcast. I write about the kind of person, that’s YOU, I want to serve. I have a separate vision for this podcast. I understand exactly how it fits into my strategy and WHY it’ fits in.

This helps me when I sit down to create episodes. I’m in the right frame of mind to connect deeply with my audience and serve them powerfully. Beyond that, I have a personal energetic practice that I’ve established as an advanced reiki practitioner. This practice is a ritual I do before I create any content.

I often write these episodes at the same time of day, in the same place while listening to binaural beats on my noise canceling headphones while sipping a cup of coffee. I write with a timer set to a pomodoro to alternate between writing and a short break. As I write, I keep Gary V’s sage advice in my head…document don’t create. This has served me well and has helped me create unique content.

Creating a podcast because it’s what other people are doing or because your coach told you to doesn’t work. PS. If you’re working with a coach, they should very rarely if ever tell you what to do. That’s not coaching. That’s consulting. But I hear this all the time so I want to clarify it here.

Your content should match your target market. It should be in the form they like to consume information.

And above all else, your content should offer your unique perspective. It should offer something different. This is one reason this podcast isn’t an interview podcast. I wanted my podcast to be solo which stretched me way outside my comfort zone. We do have guests from time to time. They are my clients and members of the brave society.  I’ve been cultivating and nurturing this platform since 2013. Im highly protective of it and at the same time I want to generously give to my clients and community by allowing them to leverage what I’ve created.


What’s in it for you is free, actionable, leadership and business development from a credible expert you can trust. This is your full access pass to me. I highly encourage all listeners to reach out, introduce themselves and ask me questions that I’m happy to answer right here.

Now, let me say something about this being free to you. This means I am incurring the cost of this podcast so you can have a well produced, enjoyable, audio experience while you get the information you need the most — information that if actioned on creates great transformation and momentum in your life and business.

And if you’re thinking to yourself…how much can it be to produce this podcast? It’s 4 figures when you factor in the editing, show notes, and marketing which makes sure this podcast is growing so you can continue to enjoy the content.

Because that’s what’s in it for me…

Growth. I’m on a mission to get my message out in the world because leaders everywhere need a different perspective on what leadership is.

Especially women. More women need to see themselves as leaders and be supported in their leadership. Women need to know they don’t have to work like men to be a leader. And men need to know that their leadership requires them to embrace competencies that may not be taught in traditional leadership like empathy, compassion, and emotional literacy.

This is why at the end of every episode, I ask you to give something to me as I give to you every week. It’s called a fair energetic exchange.

My ask every week is to take 3 minutes and review this podcast because reviews are podcast currency. Reviewing the podcast helps get it in the hands of more women and men who need to have the courage to lead differently than ever before.

I also ask you to share this podcast with a friend or colleague because again…we are looking to create an army of BOLD leaders who take a stand for their vision and values. Bold leaders who are willing to show up human, helpful and humble.

Thanks for listening this episode. I truly enjoyed bringing you behind the scenes and sharing my creative process with you. Thank you for allowing me in your ears week after week. I don’t take that lightly. I appreciate you dear listener.

I often share lessons learned on this podcast, it’s one of my favorite things to be able to share.  I’m able to do that because of a commitment to radical self-reflection I have with myself.

This commitment means that every week I am looking at what is happening my business and in my life, the good, the bad, and the occasionally ugly. Doing that work allows me to look at my months, and even my years with real data, even for the less tangible parts of my life.

I call these weekly meetings CEO Debriefs, and twice per month inside The BRAVE Society we do them together. I pulled together some of the highlights from CEO Debriefs I’ve done inside BRAVE and I’m sharing the best of the best with you. You might have heard a couple on this podcast, but I want you to take it a step further and feel what doing this with us in BRAVE feels like.

So head to the show notes and sign up now to receive 10 CEO Debrief questions I want you to ask yourself, plus listen in on some of the most popular shares I’ve made. Listening to someone else debrief is a great way to bring up things you didn’t realize were there or ask questions you don’t always think to ask yourself.

If you have found this podcast valuable, help us develop more bold leaders in the world by sharing this episode with your friends, colleagues and other bold leaders.

Also, if you haven’t done so already, please leave a review. I consider reviews podcast currency and it’s the ONE thing you can do to help us out here at The Bold Leadership Revolution HQ.  We would be so grateful for it.

Special thanks go to Stacey Harris of Uncommonly More, she and her team are the producer and editor of this podcast. Go check them out for all your digital marketing and content creation needs.

Be sure to tune into our next episode to help you embrace your ambition and leave the grind behind.

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