The Critical First Step to Being More Efficient

The Critical First Step to Being More Efficient

Today’s podcast episode will focus on the topics I’m hearing about most out in the world, like productivity, efficiency, and time management. My clients often come to me for strategy work, but the work they need to do to start being more efficient actually looks much different than they thought. 

Is Time Management Keeping You From Being More Effecient?

People often come up with a roadmap, but then time slips by, distractions happen, and the items on the roadmap do not get done. If you’ve wondered where all your time has gone, trust me, you are not alone. 

Blaming clients, family, or obligations is typically a common response when deadlines are missed, or action items cannot be completed. You don’t want to admit the embarrassment of feeling like you’re behind. Often, people then start apologizing for being bad at managing time. You listen to the voices in your head telling you that you need to do more and work harder. You’ve heard these voices for so long that they seem to be true now. 

But the truth is, the harder you work, the harder it is to work. You’ll find yourself stressed, moody, and unable to make decisions. People so often assume it’s a time management problem, but we don’t know what the issue actually is. It’s likely a combination of obstacles that need to be systemically addressed. That means it’s time to peel the onion very slowly and look at one piece at a time. That’s what I want to help you with.

A Simple and Critical First Step in Being More Effecient 

The first step is the process of elimination; it is not to do more. You’re likely stressed, not sleeping, anxious, moody, and overall unwell. The first step is to make a doctor’s appointment and get your bloodwork done. I have lived with chronic illness for almost two decades, and I don’t want you to normalize what you’re feeling as the stress of business ownership. 

I want better for my audience. You do not have to accept this way of feeling as the “grind and hustle” it requires to be successful. Look at the last time you went to the doctor and get an appointment on the books. Don’t tell yourself that you’re too busy. It’s challenging to care for yourself when you own a business, but it’s so important. 

The way you do one thing is the way you do everything. So, if you take care of your health, it will be directly tied to how you show up and take care of the health of your business. Your health and feeling your best is the very first line of defense in your business. It’s my primary concern with all of my clients. 

You have no growth, thriving, wealth, or sustainability without your mental and physical health being cared for. 

Final Thoughts

I will refer back to this episode as we continue to talk about productivity, how we work, our work habits, and efficiencies. It’s impossible to move forward without a strong foundation here. Keep tuning in and forward this to anyone in your network who might need this incredibly important reminder.