Bold Leadership Essentials with Shari Teigman

Bold Leadership Essentials with Shari Teigman

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In today’s episode I speak with Shari D. Teigman and we cover a plethora of topics.

We take a deeper look at my background and how my experiences and overall evolution has impacted my business.

We talk about what TV character I get compared to on a regular basis, and why I coach and don’t offer courses.

We also review a simple framework for behavior or organizational change that anyone can use and finally discuss what the Bold Leaderships Mastermind Day is, how it works and the amazing results people are getting when they attend.


>>Leadership is not a logical experience, which can be challenging for some executives and entrepreneurs to digest. Leadership is emotional and spiritual and consists of whole lot of intuition

>>We are more alike than we are different. Executives, entrepreneurs, doctors, business owners. We all struggle with the same things. Performance is performance.

>>How business owners, entrepreneurs and and executives alike need to let go in order to do more. It’s important to reflect and take themselves out of the game for a break to get a better perspective.

>>The four A’s: Awareness, Acceptance, Action and Again

>>Humans want to be bold but they don’t like being uncomfortable. However, it’s imperative to be uncomfortable. Tara suggests incorporating a strategy for her clients to consistently allow themselves to feel discomfort. You have to be willing to do what you are unwilling to do.

>>Leaders need to learn how to overcome the habit of isolation. “Empathy is jumping into the hole and grabbing a shovel and not flicking more dirt on top of you. “ Brene Brown

>>The idea of Active Surrender. Going with the flow of what’s happening right now. Figure out what you need and do more of that.


  • A Coach is not there to provide you all the answers or bark orders at you.
  • A coach is there to ask you questions and help you uncover for yourself what is going on.
  • A coach is about sure their clients are doing what is true for them.

The conference and event model overall is broken. There isn’t enough time for connection. Leaders are craving conversations and intimacy and feedback. They aren’t getting feedback from their employees. With Tara’s retreats she makes sure this is a key component.

On April 20, 2018 Tara is hosting her The Bold Leadership Mastermind Day Mastermind in NYC. It’s a mastermind of people from different backgrounds coming together to play with ideas, source things for each other, and collaborate together. Her events are not about more content. They are about more clarity and context and yes connection. They are radical in their own way for each specific person who attends.

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