Building Efficiency through Workflows and Automation to Free Up Time and Capacity

Let’s connect over something I’ve been hearing a lot lately. Picture this: small business owners like you and me, bustling through their days, juggling tasks, and feeling like they’re stuck in the trenches. Sound familiar? Trust me, you’re not alone.

I’ve been chatting with owners of businesses bringing in over a million dollars annually, with teams of ten or more. Whether they’re in trades like contractors, HVAC, electricians, plumbers, service repair companies, or professional services like accountants, attorneys, and financial planners, their struggles are remarkably similar. From constant interruptions to the nagging feeling that their business relies too heavily on them, the frustrations are real.

They also have the same challenges around managing employees, measuring work, their time, and how they allot their time. It’s all really similar frustrations around the fact that they are always in the trenches, doing work that they have paid someone else to do, frazzled by the constant interruptions from employees and clients.

But here’s the good news: it doesn’t have to be this way. Last time, we talked about systems and processes. Today, it’s all about workflows and automation—the keys to unlocking your time and reclaiming your sanity.

Defining Workflows in Your Business, which I talk about quite a bit, is a tool that allows businesses to build out unique workflows and automations that fit their business, and they define a workflow as a standardized series of tasks you complete to achieve a specific goal. You should be able to document the workflow once in a flowchart and only have to make minor changes over time. This flowchart becomes a single source of truth for how your company accomplishes a specific process that leads to a defined outcome.

Examples of workflows are things like client onboarding, service support tickets, or internal requests, such as requests to purchase office supplies or even technology. We have a workflow that we build out for our clients that helps them manage their tech stack because what we started to find was that their tech stacks were bleeding them dry.

We created a requisition form for technology that populates a tech stack workflow that then has a series of automations on it to help the team communicate and manage their technology budget way better. No more surprise charges. They can cancel in enough time so that they don’t get hit with a bill for something they’re not using. It’s a really, really strong process workflow to have in a business. 

When you build these workflows, it helps you to communicate and train your team. It goes a long way to reducing human error, decreasing interruptions from people not knowing what to do next, getting questions about exemptions or one-off situations, and streamlining your client delivery.

Not having a process that translates into a workflow is tedious, labor intensive, and makes a poor impression on clients, reducing the likelihood that they will buy from you again, and guess what? Repeat business is the most profitable business you can get. You’ve already acquired them as a client. The cost of acquisition has already been made. Then, when you keep them, and they continue to purchase from you, you actually get the profitability from that client. That’s what a workflow is.

Defining Automation in Your Business

And then there’s automation—the icing on the cake. With the right tools, you can put repetitive tasks on autopilot, freeing up your time and reducing costly errors. Think templated email responses, automated client communications, and even birthday reminders. It’s like having a personal assistant without the overhead.

But automation isn’t just limited to communication. Think about your calendar management. Instead of manually scheduling appointments and reminders, automation tools can handle it all for you. From sending appointment confirmations to setting up reminders, you’ll never miss a beat.

And let’s not forget about client management. With the right automation tools, you can streamline everything from invoicing to project management. Imagine having a system in place that automatically generates invoices, tracks payments, and updates project statuses. It’s like having an assistant working tirelessly behind the scenes, leaving you free to focus on what you do best—growing your business.

However, the most powerful aspect of automation is its ability to create consistency and reliability in your business operations. Remember when I shared examples of automations I use in my own business, like weekly check-ins with my team to ensure timely payments? These are just small glimpses into the transformative power of automation.

By implementing workflows and automation in your business, you’ll not only save time and reduce errors, but you’ll also create a more efficient and scalable operation. Whether you’re a solopreneur or have a team of ten, the benefits are undeniable.

How to Get Started with Workflows and Automation

Now, I know what you’re thinking: “But Tara, where do I start?” Well, I’ve got you covered. Introducing my new six-week intensive program, designed to help you revolutionize your business operations and reclaim your time. From identifying inefficiencies to implementing game-changing solutions, we’ll tackle it all together.

Over the six weeks, we’ll dive deep into your business’s unique challenges and opportunities. We’ll start by conducting a comprehensive assessment of your current processes, pinpointing areas for improvement and untapped potential.

From there, we’ll develop customized workflows tailored to your specific needs and goals. Whether you’re struggling with client management or internal communications, we’ll create a roadmap to streamline your operations and boost efficiency.

But we won’t stop there. With automation as our secret weapon, we’ll supercharge your workflows, automating repetitive tasks and reducing manual errors. From email marketing to payment reminders, we’ll harness the power of technology to free up your time and maximize productivity.

Throughout the program, you’ll access personalized support and guidance from me and my team of experts. Whether you’re grappling with implementation challenges or need advice on selecting the right tools, we’ll be there every step of the way to ensure your success.

By the end of the six weeks, you’ll emerge with a transformed business—leaner, more efficient, and poised for growth. No more late nights or endless to-do lists. With our proven strategies and support, you’ll reclaim your time and take your business to new heights.

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