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From High Ticket Container Trauma to a Calm Nervous System and Big Results with Janet Sawatsky

I’m chatting with Janet Sawatsky, a Bold Profit Academy member, on today’s podcast. She will share some of her thoughts on the Bold Profit Academy and the changes she’s been able to make to her business. Plus, we chatted about programs she tried that didn’t help her. 

Janet’s business helps female entrepreneurs with just a few employees create a company strategy and organization charts. Most people she works with hope to build better balance, delegate, and hire a team. She was missing pieces of her own business and needed help growing and making revenue goals, and that’s how she found us. So let’s dive in and chat more about the experience with Bold Profit Academy.

Finding the Path from an Overpriced Program to the Bold Profit Academy

Janet worked hard to invest in herself and learn as much as possible to grow her business. By the time she jumped on an introduction call with me, she was feeling stressed, frustrated, under pressure, and depleted. She couldn’t find a way to connect the person she knew she was with the results she saw in her business.

I remember our initial conversation being one of the most powerful of the year for me. It was clear that she had been mismatched with a program. There was a high-ticket program that Janet was enrolled in. It cost $33,000 a year, and her participation was high, but she struggled to apply the learnings to her business. She showed up, but the program was filled with fluff and a language she did not understand. It was a cookie-cutter approach that didn’t apply to her business. 

Whenever Janet brought up her issues and concerns with the program leaders, they pointed out the contract and didn’t seem concerned that she wasn’t a happy customer. We connected and had a great intro call. The Bold Profit Academy is priced at $750 per month (once the 15% price increase goes into place), so it’s a much more palatable price, and she has had a much better experience. 

The Main Differences Between the Bold Profit Academy and Others

Janet has experience trying multiple programs, so we talked about the differences she noticed between the Bold Profit Academy and the other education programs she had participated in. Let’s review a few of the major ones. 

The EMS Framework

Janet loves the EMS framework. The Bold Profit Academy puts a lot of focus on energy, mindset, and then strategy. It’s important to take care of your energy and nurture your energy first and foremost. Then, look at your mindset. Understand your beliefs and how you think and feel. Once you’ve done that, you can take action and do the strategic pieces. 

This real strategy framework allows participants to fit themselves where they can. Understand what different tasks accomplish and help business owners devise alternate methods if they don’t want to complete those tasks in their business. Since Janet switched to this framework, she has felt a sense of calm and sees tangible results. She sleeps better, finds herself in a better mood, and has a calmer nervous system. 

Validation and Sharing

Another important piece of the Bold Profit Academy that Janet pointed out was the validation. Connecting with other female business owners and entrepreneurs makes you realize that you aren’t alone in your struggles and challenges. Everyone shares mistakes and helps others talk through their challenges and learn from them.

Janet is amazing because she participates. She shows up for calls and shares her wins. The group helps each other see things from a new perspective. The example Janet shared was the day that she brought up all the nos she was receiving on sales calls. We were able to help her view each one as important because it will help her improve her overall sales process, plus, a few weren’t nos, they just weren’t ready yet to purchase.

Profit First Mindset

Revenues are critical for businesses. Janet had never really understood Profit First, but the Bold Profit Academy resources laid it out clearly. She was able to change the way she thought about her revenues and paying herself, so she felt more confident. Instead of thinking, “I’m not making any money,” she learned that she needs to utilize her money better.

The Structure of the Program

As a mom of a young child, Janet is balancing her business and family life. When she signed up for the program, she read that there’s no falling behind in learning. That flexibility allowed her to take in the information at a palatable pace. Light bulbs were going off every day, and she was picking up new information. Everything can happen at your own pace. There was an instant improvement by beginning the daily sales activities and tracking her time. She even made a big sale within the first 30 days. 

Practical Application of Theory

The final thing Janet and I chatted about was applying business theory to real-life situations. The theory is taught in schools, but it’s hard to understand how to use it in everyday business situations. The Bold Profit Academy offered resources that helped Janet understand the theory by giving real examples and case studies where it was applied. It cuts through the fluff and helps explain the why behind doing certain tasks. This knowledge gap is common with business owners, and we work hard to provide helpful information.

Final Thoughts and Parting Advice

I’m so happy Janet could sit down and talk about her experience with the Bold Profit Academy. Her experience in the corporate world and with other education programs gives her a unique perspective. Her advice to readers and listeners is to follow your gut and trust your instincts. If this sounds like something that would benefit you, get on the Bold Profit Academy waitlist today!