“The key of course is when we’re on top of our game, to change our game; to exit relationships, recruit new talent, alter tactics, re-assess strategy. Your businesses growth requires continuous and timely responses — no reviewing, reviewing annually, reviewing quarterly and even monthly is TOO passive”


The process of growth for business – and yes, that’s any business – is actually so predictable that there is a name for it: the “S Curve”.

The “S Curve” –  also known as “sigmoid curve” or “sigmoid function” is also a model used in physics, mathematics and other fields, but understanding how it works for performance growth as a CEO will reinforce the importance of our CEO Debrief.

The S Curve, when used in business and high performance and organizational learning environment, signals the different stages of development — learning, growth and decline.

The “S” in the curve maps out visually where the learning, growth and decline happens over time.

CEO+Debrief_Power+Post_revision_CEO+Debrief_S+Curve+IG (1)

By applying insights and actions based on experience and data-led knowledge, the rapid growth can be seen more quickly.

“The most challenging points in the curve are the so-called inflection points, where your growth stagnates. In the moment, you might feel like your competitors are overtaking you and everything might look hopeless. You might want to make some appealing but bad decisions that would potentially take your company under.

With a good understanding of the S-curve and of the general process of growth, however, you will be able to navigate such times and you will push your business toward new heights and better times”

Small Business Chronicle

Key Takeaways: