“It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data.”


CEO Debriefs are incredibly powerful data points for your personal and business performance.

For example, in August 2019, I took a month long sabbatical.

How did I know when to take it?

How did I know what processes I would need to delegate?

How did I know the best fits for my team?

All this information came from my CEO Debrief.

Did I get it perfect? Nope. But I debriefed again and will update our current sabbatical procedure moving forward.

The data gathered, discussed and assembles in a CEO Debrief highlights areas of improvement.

In the Bold Leadership Revolution, every so often I debrief and we find a place that needs improvement or more clear communication.

Right after the debrief, we open a new SOP template and create the solution.

tara+newman+ceo+debrief part 8

A debrief means the data can be used for more effective sales cycles.

When we debrief, we look at what worked and what didn’t work and consider changes to our sales calendar for the next year.

For example, we had an encouragement period (our term for a program “launch”) in June 2019 and personally, it was hard.

It was hard for me to dedicate the focus to it as I was wrapping up the school year and getting my kids ready for camp.

Does that mean we never launch anything in June ever again?

No, but it does highlight things for us to consider and places I need more support in if we do.

The more I debrief, the more data I have, the smarter my business decisions become.
The more accelerated my performance becomes.

Let me frame this another way; if you aren’t doing these debriefs weekly, it’s unlikely that you’re advancing your position on the field.

Key Takeaways: