“Debriefs are a relatively inexpensive and quick intervention for enhancing performance*”


The data around debriefs and their success is varied and plentiful.

From the Olympian dreams being met by 1% changes to to conclusion that “organizations can improve individual and team performance by approximately 20% to 25% by using properly conducted debriefs”, the results speak for themselves.

My own story backs this up, of course.

As I described in the intro, the CEO Debrief I conducted back in 2014 in the ruins of a failed business started the habit for me, and it’s one I stick by each week.

But let’s hear, too, from other people who have started using the CEO Debrief.

TaraNewmanVillage debrief part 9

The CEO Debrief is a key part of the systems and tools we use inside of The Bold Profit Academy; so, rather than me tell you about the results my clients got, let’s hear directly from them:

“What really sold me on becoming a member was the CEO Debrief. Tara Newman your leadership has encouraged me to start journaling and reflecting more on my business which is helping me as I begin to plan Q2.”

Dr. Michelle Mazur – Brand Messaging Strategist

“The value from being in the room for regular CEO Debriefs and the impact that I have had in starting to put that weekly look at my own business and behaviors has been invaluable"

Stacey Harris – Digital Marketing Strategist

“The CEO Debrief is something I use in my own business and with my clients on their projects. The impact it has on our ability to refine and iterate agile processes is huge – such a win/win and so simple and easy to do!”

Jo Gifford, Content Strategist and Agile Project Lead for Content Development.

Key Takeaways:

  • CEO Debriefs have impact across projects
  • CEO Debrief get results quickly
  • The data shows a performance increase of average of 25% on average when using a debrief.