Dealing with Uncertainty in Business: How to Focus on What is Certain

Dealing with Uncertainty in Business: How to Focus on What is Certain

Dealing with uncertainty in business is something we are all dealing with right now.

In an uncertain world, how do we move through?

When we focus on what is certain, we can set a firm foundation for action.

Over the last 12 weeks, I have been getting weekly messages from clients who have a moment of panic about how much uncertainty there is in the world right now.

In some cases, we have way more questions than we have answers to.

I, myself, find the words “I don’t know” coming out of my mouth quite regularly over the last 12 weeks.

Will we be able to have our retreat in Mexico — that was an “I don’t know” until it became a no.

Will my kids be going back to school this year –“I don’t know”  before it became a no.

Will our March launch for the BRAVE Society do well given it was right at the start of COVID 19 — “I don’t know” and then we hit 60% of our goal.

There is so much going on in the world with politics and a global civil rights movement.

Things feel particularly volatile and unstable.

But this hasn’t changed much — most of business is completely uncertain.

I never quite know how a launch will play out.

Last year I wondered if I would fill our annual mastermind with 7 women, and instead we filled it with 12.

As I sent my kids off to sleep away camp for the first time last June, I had no idea how we would all adjust to that experience.

Uncertainty always exists.

As a matter of fact, the only thing that is certain is uncertainty.

What’s different about right now is we have a collective narrative around uncertainty and it’s fueled by fear of the unknown and scarcity.

But what are all the positives that come with navigating uncertainty?

Dealing with uncertainty in business brings us:

  • New ideas and opportunities.
  • A fresh perspective.
  • The challenge of doing something differently.
  • Rethinking what you thought was possible.

Let’s move through some of this uncertainty, and find out we can focus on that is certain.

Step 1:
Jot down some times where you have experienced uncertainty in your life:

Starting your business.
Changing jobs.
The birth of a child.
Starting school.
Moving houses.
Renovating a house.
Heck, putting a bold color on the wall is incredibly uncertain.

Step 2:
What were the lessons you learned from these experiences? 

How did they turn out? 

How did they play out down the line? 

You started a new venture, – how did that turn out? 

But more importantly, how has that experience set you up for future opportunities, the lessons learned, the skills gained?

For me, one of the most profound opportunities in my life has been failing at our first business, losing almost everything we had, and going bankrupt.

Step 3:
From your entire lifetime of lessons, navigating all the uncertainties, what do you know to be true and certain?

For example, I always figure things out. I always land on my feet. 

I have proven to myself over and over again that I can do hard things. 

I’m fantastic at turning lemons into lemonade, finding the lessons and having them propel me forward — not in a bypassing the hard stuff kind of way but in the “self reflect and integrate” kind of way.

It might not feel good, I might cry and tantrum as a matter of fact those things are also certain.

I always make more money.

I always find opportunities to grow and evolve and thrive.

I will always make sure I’m supported.

I will fall down and get back up again.
Because I have.

That doesn’t mean I don’t spin out, I do.
That doesn’t mean I’m not scared, I am.

That doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings of scarcity, I do.

This is a part of living both/and.

Next time you feel yourself falling down the uncertainty spiral, step back and reflect on what you know to be true and certain in your life.

Take stock of your strengths.

Your personal stories of resilience.

The mountains of evidence you have that you can thrive through uncertainty and be better for it.

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