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How Doing Less Can Help You Achieve Your Most Audacious Business Goals


In today’s episode I speak with Jo Gifford and we’re talking about how doing less in our lives and in our businesses can help us achieve our most audacious goals. Too often entrepreneurs try to say yes to all the things, but in saying yes to everything, we’re actually limiting our results.  


  • How does Tara get so much done and yet still remain calm? It all comes down to doing less. It’s about having a minimalist approach. It starts with asking better questions. What are the results you are trying to achieve? And what are the fewest steps you need to take to achieve those results?
  • Tara and Jo discuss the struggle of maintaining boundaries as a business owner and entrepreneur. Too often we feel pressured to say yes to all the things and that’s a bad habit.
  • Over-delivering is actually doing our clients and customers a disservice. Take the time to show your tribe that reflection and taking action from that place is more valuable than giving them more content.
  • Tara and Jo chat about the importance of focusing in and picking the one or two ways that you can make money in your business right now. Give these different ways all of your attention. Master them and understand how to leverage them, before you try and do more.
  • It’s not beneficial to you or your business to keep pushing if you’ve hit a brick wall on a project or feel stuck on something. It’s more advantageous to take a break, go for a walk and then come back to the project at hand. You’ll be way more efficient.
  • Stop using “busy” as a badge of honor and let’s look at our lives and businesses and see where we can enjoy things more without the external and internal pressures of trying to do more, be more and achieve more every day.
  • Tara shared a practice that she goes through when she wants to hit a BIG goal.
  • Want to shift your energy around? Start to declutter your space.
  • Jo and Tara discussed how important it is to let our teams, or our partner do what they do best and to let go of doing it all ourselves. As women, and CEO’s we think we know best, but the reality is, we can’t and shouldn’t do it all. This is part of being a CEO in our businesses and in our homes…delegate.

The key to today’s episode is all around doing less in order to achieve more. As the CEO of your business and your life you do not need to do everything. This can be challenging for most of us, but it’s absolutely imperative to learn.

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