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EPISODE 03: If I Had To Do It All Over Again

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Successful Strategies:

Be Prepared to Operate at a Loss at First: Small business owners sometimes have a bad habit of treating their business like a personal piggy bank. From the very beginning, I was very clear my business would not bring in income right away.

Build Upon Your Authority: I already had a platform. I had a blog. I had blog readers. I had people on an email list. I had social media following. I was doing exactly what I’d done my entire life in my career. I worked as an executive coach in performance management within an organization. I wasn’t doing a full pivot.  The other thing that I had was my network. I had a network of people who already trusted me, who already had seen the results that I could deliver in a corporate setting and trusted me to deliver those results for them.

Use a Coach: I had skillsets that I needed to take on and that I needed to bridge a gap and the fastest way to get there was hiring a coach. This is where I put most of my own personal development money every year.

Use Strategic Planning Sessions for Long-Term Revenue Growth: Using the time to self reflect, to look at things strategically and to plan is a critical part in generating revenue. A lot of entrepreneurs are really stuck in generating quick cash and not planning for long term revenue.

Mindset Mistakes:

Seeking Feedback from the Wrong People: Getting the feedback from the wrong people and not being discerning has a massive effect. You can soak it up bad advice like a sponge, and it is very destructive.

Resistance:  At one point I was resisting making money. I was making it really hard on myself because it felt too easy.

Lack of Confidence: Results are simply feedback for the action you took. They are not good nor bad. They are just feedback for you. Review your mindset when you took this action, what was the action, what was the outcome. Don’t get emotional about it, but let’s very logically look at the feedback here.


“So many times we get stuck trying to think ourselves into clarity or plan, plan, plan, plan, but never take any action, and heck, I’m all for planning, but then you have to get into execution mode, and you need to actually take action on it.”

“To be successful you need strategy, and you need to be able to manage your energy, and you need to be able to build mental toughness, resiliency through ongoing mindset work. I watch people sit in their mind and do mindset work, but not take action.”

“I want to give everybody permission and tell them that you absolutely can build a thriving, abundant business doing what you love on your terms.”

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