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3 Ways Online Business Culture is Stopping You From Getting Paid Like an Expert

Join us to learn how to convert more leads without jumping through a gazillion algorithmic hoops. Because cramming yourself into a tiny box to make money is a recipe for misery.


This webinar is best for women small business owners who:

  • Are SO expert that their credentials have credentials yet they feel like they’re stuck “paying their dues”…again.

  • Want to get paid, in actual dollars (not likes, followers, or the promise of “exposure”).

  • Need to see that it’s actually attainable to run a profitable business that’s easy on your energy.

  • Value candor, radical honesty, and fierce truth telling.


Things you’ll learn:

  • The 3 biggest lies in the online space and how they’re draining your bank account.

  • One reason your social media isn’t leading to more sales and what you can do about it.

  • Exactly what to focus on to create a highly profitable business that’s easy on your energy.




AUGUST 23, 2022



After this webinar, you will have a clear roadmap to follow so you can start:

  • Focusing on the tasks that actually convert leads instead of all that faux work on social media.

  • Making decisions about your business direction without second guessing yourself.

  • Taking the consistent action that actually gets you paid like the expert you are.

This is the exact same roadmap my clients use to:

  • Raise their prices 30% so they can free up their time to live their life and work on those next level growth projects.

  • Step away from social media, launching, and other exhausting tactics so they can build relationships with people who will actually pay them top dollar for their services.

  • Increase their conversion rates quickly even after years of growing their businesses with the typical online business strategies that have become less and less effective over the years.

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3 Ways Online Business Culture is Keeping You From Getting Paid Like an Expert