Are You Tired of Focusing on Your Money Mindset?

How to Amplify Your Abundance

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In this episode, I talk to Susan Eckstein and we discuss the hot topic of abundance and manifestation. In our lives, we all have abundance and the ability to manifest it. It’s all about shifting our mindset, setting goals and believing in ourselves. Today, Susan shares her story and how she overcame bone crushing anxiety in regards to her career and debt and how she is now thriving both financially and professionally. Be sure to tune in! 


  • Often times, people get stuck in survival mode. We don’t have enough time, energy, money or opportunities to truly succeed in our lives. We simply go through the motions, spinning our wheels. Learn how Susan stopped spinning and took control of her life.  
  • Frequently, we put limits upon ourselves; we cap ourselves off. Our self-talk tells us how much we are worth or what we are capable of achieving. Learn how to “pop the top” off and soar in every aspect of your life.
  • With a detailed plan, hard work and dedication, learn how Susan grew her new business, earned more money and worked less.
  • Sometimes it takes getting out of our comfort zone to see what we are capable of achieving. Once we truly decide what we want, energetic shifts begin to occur and changes start to happen. Pay attention!
  • When we are at our highest vibrational level and we trust in the universe, it will show up.  
  • Susan attributes 80% of her success to the change in her mindset. 


Susan Eckstein lived her life like most people – over worked and underpaid. She didn’t have enough time, money or energy and was overcome by debt and anxiety, With hard work, self care and a total change in her mindset, Susan is now an empowerment coach for women. She is abundant professionally, personally and financially.

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