How to Focus on What’s Important in Your Business

How to Focus on What’s Important in Your Business


In this episode I talk with Jason Van Orden about how to focus on what’s most important especially when you have multiple roles. Whether you’re a parent home with a sick kid, or a business owner running your business, or both a parent and a business owner or maybe you play a leading role in someone else’s business. No matter what role, we all have different relationships that we’re trying to juggle at any given time. And in this episode we dive into how we juggle and determine what gets our attention.

Jason shares a framework that he feels really passionate about and that works for him and his clients. And I have some filters for how I identify what’s important in my life. Let’s dive into Episode 8.


  • The importance of having self-awareness
  • How our needs affect our strategic decisions. The more you know about what your needs are, the more you will be able to say with authority yes or no to specific projects.
  • As a business owner it is your job to generate revenue or else you don’t have a business. And when you align that with what’s your priority it’s even more powerful.
  • Learn how to identify what weighs you down versus what fuels you and lights you up.
  • How bullet journaling daily in the mornings help both Jason and Tara to be more deliberate about what is important and urgent that day, while also figuring out who’s priority it is.
  • The difference between important and urgent and why it’s key to focus on the important vs. the urgent.
  • A fascinating discussion on how it can be ok to delete things from your list, that you might have thought was urgent, but maybe it was just urgent for someone else. This process can be very powerful and freeing.
  • Jason shares his framework that he uses with clients, business owners, even executives for how to focus on what is important in their business and what generates the revenue in their business, which is imperative.
  • There are only three categories that any executive or entrepreneur should be spending time on and everything else absolutely needs to be delegated, deleted, systematized, or automated. And those three categories are “Create, relate, ideate”


In my conversation with Jason Van Orden we dive into how to determine what you, CEO of your business, work on and what you don’t work on. Whether you are a product based business, manufacturing type business, it doesn’t really matter. If you are the leader of your business you need to come up with the critical few items that you focus on. These are the key things that you will spend your time and energy on.These are the things that are important to the success of your business, that drive revenue, and that strengthen you. And the framework, create, relate, ideate is how it all comes together.


Jason Van Orden’s website:


Getting Things Done by David Allen

The War of Art Steven Pressfield

Essentialism by Greg McKeown

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