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Why Your Best Clients Don’t Want Your Low Priced Offer

So, you want to know how to get clients.

You’re a passionate business owner who is eager to make sales. 

You are probably already making sales and you want to make even more sales.

You might even joke with your biz besties about world domination, but what you really want is to have an impact that gets people moving in the direction of change, the life of their dreams, the relationships they crave, the business they dare to imagine possible, a life made easier.

You want to teach, facilitate, coach, influence, and offer products.

You look around you and see all these people who aren’t buying your offer.

They are most likely very prevalent in your landscape.

These are people who love everything you do, message you, engage with you on social media, maybe they have taken you up on a free thing, or a beta offer of some sort that was at a Groupon price because you were just starting out, trialing an offer, etc.

Cool. I love the people like this in my world, because they are such huge and vocal supporters of you, you think about them a lot.
These are people you truly want to help.

Maybe you make some offers, launch something but they don’t buy.

You’re flummoxed, bewildered, perplexed. 

They love you and you can help them.

So, you start to weave a web of lies full of assumptions about what they can afford or not afford.

They must not have bought it because the offer was too expensive.

Or maybe they have even told you the offer is too expensive.

Because they are so in your periphery engaging, commenting, sharing you continue to think about them.

Because the brain likes a good challenge and because the brain is proficient in scarcity thinking and distractions, you start to obsess on the perfect offer you can make for these folks.

Ever had thoughts like this?

“If I package up my IP — the IP it has taken me years to gain, pay for, hone, etc, and sell it for $37, $47, $97… then they will buy it.

Everyone will just snap this up 1,2,3 because it’s exactly what they want — all my IP for a cheap price.”

And this is where I get the question: “ Tara, should I create a low ticket offer to sell to people who can’t afford to work with me?”.

And as a recent person who had a call with me said:

“I can still see the visual of you shaking your head no to me when I mentioned the low priced product idea that never felt right enough for me to jump to creating it. 

Perhaps you could make a GIF of you just shaking your head no? It’s a truly powerful image. ;)”

When I shared this idea of a GIF with my husband, he agreed. He said he would play it allll day long.

Here is the problem with lower ticket offers.

Now, I know lots of people who make good money with membership sites so I don’t want you to hear what I’m saying and think I’m saying low priced offers don’t work — they do work for some people.

For people who are building out a membership site as a side hustle, it works for people who have the time to grow these types of offers, who will use paid traffic to reach a super niche audience, who already have the numbers in their audience who would buy.

Totally could and does work.

But most of the people I work with aren’t in those positions.

And even my clients with membership type offers, when we look to increase revenue, we do it with higher priced offers.

Now, I want to speak more to the situation I mentioned above to where you’re distracted by the non buyers and looking to create an offer for them.

So here are a few reasons why you don’t want to do this:

  1. First, if you’re someone who is high touch, caring, and you believe in world class customer service — this is a recipe for disaster. You will over deliver and under price. Over delivering and under pricing is just a more insidious form of scarcity mindset.
  2. Profitability will be tricky because you have priced the offer so low that you will need to sell waaaaay more. In order to generate those leads, you will need to spend on ads so you have a smaller margin to work within and more upfront investment. And nobody tells you about the length of time it could take to get your ads dialed in –  (There is a lot of trial and error or in the manufacturing world. It’s called R&D) – opposed to needing far fewer people and less cost into acquiring them.
  3. It takes more effort to sell a low dollar product than a high dollar product. This has been true for me personally that my hardest sales have always been the lower priced programs.
  4. Not evvvveryone needs to buy from you. I know this isn’t what’s portrayed in the online space, where people regularly show their inboxes flooded with sales but not everyone needs to buy from you. So maybe the people who love your free stuff just aren’t your buyers.
  5. From my experience, the people who aren’t buying will most likely not buy your lowest priced offer and that has NOTHING to do with you.
  6. Which leads me to — you’re taking their lack of buying personally and you’re taking it as you’re not good enough, and now need to prove yourself by dropping an offer so low priced that they will buy and your ego will feel better. DO NOT DO THIS. This is not of service to anyone.
  7. The energy that is causing you to think about this is scarcity energy and not profit energy. I just made up “profit energy” but it’s totally a thing.
  8. You really need to do the math. If you have a revenue goal, how does this offer help you get to that revenue goal? Or what purpose does it serve in your business? And to give the people who don’t buy from you something to buy doesn’t really work. Wanting something affordable and not wanting to exclude people isn’t going to work either. Also, I have tried this. It’s exhausting and unfair to the people you are trying to serve. Not wanting to exclude people keeps both you and that person stuck. I would rather be clear, exclude people so they can go find the absolute best person to serve them.

We are so quick to want to make things a win for others but have you given thought about what is a win for you?

We are so concerned about what would make our offer a heck yes for someone else and rarely think about what would make it a heck yes for us.

Now, there is nothing wrong with lower priced offers. There may be a place for them in your sales ecosystem, but they have to be structured properly, strategic, and you might not want the intended positioning to be your signature service or main profit generator.

Before you go running with an idea that won’t generate profit, or will be so time intensive it distracts you from selling what WILL deliver healthy profit, think about WHY you’re putting your focus in this place

Instead, look at how you can create a bold and powerful offer that helps you stand out in the marketplace.

We are going to cover how to do that in the live masterclass  How to Create Your BOLDEST Offer So That You Can Stand Out in the Marketplace.

This class is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Know they have valuable skills and want to create BOLD services that get BOLD results.
  • Already have sales coming in. This isn’t a “how to get clients’” masterclass.
  • Have done some research and know their ideal client well.
  • Want a repeatable process for creating offers and services.
  • Are missing out on potential business by not having a full system that allows you to repeat and refine offers.
  • Want to grow their business in a way that’s efficient and by doing less not more.
  • Desire concrete business principles without the fluff or shenanigans you see in the online business space.

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