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How to Identify if Something is a Distraction?

The more successful you become, the more opportunities pop up.

And with more opportunity comes more responsibility, and:

More decisions

More choices

More people and projects buying for your attention.

Which if not managed well, leads to a lot of distraction.

That’s normal and it’s the same problem leaders have faced for eternity.

Another incredibly normal distraction happens when you’re avoiding your revenue-generating tasks and opting for tasks that add little to no value or are sexy, shiny objects that you put in your way to block your next level of growth.

That’s also nothing new. Business owners do that ALL the time.

The CEO I worked with decades ago with strategic tasks a mile long would hide from me in the shipping department and pack boxes.

Digital entrepreneurs perseverate on copy, graphics, the right time to post on social media.

Or here’s another incredibly NORMAL example…

Your time is at a premium. We get clear on your sales plan and the steps you need to take to get to your sales number.

And then you message me wanting to know if you should sign up for the Tedx talk where you will need to apply, send in a video of yourself speaking, craft a talk, memorize a talk, shop for something to wear, get your hair and makeup done and deliver the talk.

Tedx Talks are great for specific people with specific goals. But in terms of executing on the sales plan we just mapped out… It’s probably going to draw precious attention and energy away from that initiative. 

SO, you need to make a decision.

And I’m going to show you how to do that in just a few minutes.

However, what’s new and what I don’t want to normalize are other distractions like:

Feeling you need to be on social media all the time.

Losing hours a day to scrolling because you became sucked in.

Internalizing marketing messages in a way that erodes your confidence and has you reaching for your credit card in moments of confusion.

And while I’m a big proponent of normalizing the fear and frustration that comes with entrepreneurship, I don’t want to normalize the role social media, toxic marketing messages, and the noise play because that’s not NORMAL. That’s a grand fabrication and a lie.

When I was watching The Social Dilemma on Netflix the other week, what really hit me was when the person said: “How do you know you’re in the matrix when you don’t realize you’re in the matrix?”

So, this is me shouting at all you business owners who spend all your time on social media to get clients and being sucked into spending money on one size fits all tactics or products that look like they will work but are really out of integrity with who you are…


Today I’m going to give you 3 simple steps to assess if something is a distraction or worth putting on your goal sheet or project list.

I’m sure you may have heard me talk about this before, but it’s my 3 P Process.

Purpose. Process. Payoff.

I first started using the 3 Ps over 20 years ago when creating learning content for leadership development. Every training program we created had to have a clear purpose, process, and payoff.

And the 3 P’s work remarkably well for almost anything. 

We utilize that quick framework in a myriad of ways with our clients and inside our tools.

When you’re faced with a choice, ask yourself the following questions:

What’s the purpose?

Why do you want to take this on? What’s important to note here is your energy. How do you feel about your reasons?:





Put upon



What’s the process?

List all of the steps you would need to take to achieve this purpose?

Is it simple or is it involved and time-consuming?

What’s the payoff?

What’s the result you hope to achieve? Be realistic.

Is the result achievable in the timeframe you’re looking at or is there a quicker path to that goal?

What’s all of this going to cost you?

Is the payoff enough of an ROI?

How much energy will this consume and is there a good return on your energy?

If you revise the process, does it enhance the payoff?

Now that you ‘ve answered these questions, is it worth the time, energy, and effort to take you away from your original plan, goal, and actions?

If not, it’s most likely a distraction from you getting the actual results you want.

I truly hope this helped you identify if something is a distraction.

Come find me on Instagram @thetaranewman and let me know how the 3 Ps have helped you make more intentional and informed decisions.

It’s been a privilege to share this episode with you.

Please know I believe in you and the power of small business ownership.

Take good care.

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