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How to Know and EMBODY Your Value

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Hey There,this is Tara Newman and welcome to another episode of the Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast.

I’m coming at you today with one of my favorite topics — value!

We are going to cover what your value is and how to embody it.

If you’re someone who is looking to:

  • raise prices on your services
  • have better selling conversations
  • or get a raise from your employer…

You best understand your value,  how your value improves the lives of others around you, and how you make your greatest contribution to the world.

Over the years, I’ve watched people…

…struggle to make sales

…struggle to increase their prices

…struggle to set clear boundaries with everyone from their kids to their clients (and even themselves)

…struggle to get the promotion, the pay,

Which has left them feeling underappreciated, undercompensated, underutilized and mostly undervalued.

As a matter of fact, I have felt all these things up until relatively recently.

One of the main reasons I left my corporate job and felt so damn burned out was because I felt under appreciated, underutilized and undervalued.

For a long, long time, I blamed my employer, corporate politics, my boss, etc.

However, what I came to learn was that I needed to take responsibility for these feelings and look at how I undervalued myself which led to underutilization and under appreciation.

Here’s what I’ve noticed around the value conversations:

  1. We all know we have something of value to add.
  2. What we think our value is, isn’t always our true value.
  3. We often overlook our value because it comes easily to us and ambitious humans like when things are hard.
  4. We think the more we give, the more valuable we are but I often find giving more actually diminishes our value.

Danielle Laporte on Wake Up Project with Jono Fisher…

At one point she’s telling a story about being at Guru Sing’s house and being in the presence of an awakened being. She really respects this person and she is very away in how she shows up and what she has to offer — her value.

She goes on to talk about how…

She’s here to make you laugh, she can tell you a few things about how to build an online following and I’m going to ask you some really great questions based on her learnings and her opinions.

And I thought to myself “it’s that simple.”

My friend Reina Pomeroy from Reina and Co. and The Creative Empire Podcast states is quite simply as well “what’s duh for you in mindblowing to others.”

This hit me the other day. I recommended a book to a client.

I’ve been developing leaders long enough to know when and what they need to stretch their minds and shift their perspective. I don’t think twice about doing this. I don’t even pay much attention to how I intuitively I anticipate my clients needs.

When she sent me an email saying how this book and our work together has changed her life, I was FLOORED.

I quickly wanted to shrug my shoulders and say “it was just a book.” However, I allowed that to sink in and really looked at my value from a different perspective.

When we move from knowing our value to EMBODYING our value is when we make a full body connection to our value.

We no longer have to tell people what our value is or defend our value to others. We are simply our value. It’s a way of being. Everything you touch will translate your value. The need to prove yourself to others disappears because you will KNOW you are of value.

One of my favorite ways to help my clients know and embody their value is by using Sally Hogshead’s How to Fascinate Assessment. This assessment helps you see how the world sees you at your highest contribution.

The purpose of this podcast was to create awareness for you around how you might be overcomplicating your packages, services, product offerings because you are not’ 100% clear on what your value is.

If you’re feeling insecure in this area, you are most likely throwing everything and the kitchen sink at your clients or customers which actually DEVALUES you.

It’s also one of the main reasons people work too hard for their money.

I’m going to leave you with a question…

How are you overcomplicating what your value is?

Head on over to instagram or facebook and let me know. I always love hearing insights and a-ha’s from my listeners.

As always, don’t forget to head on over to itunes and leave me a review. They are really important to me and I appreciate the time it takes for you to do that.

Catch you next week for Episode 05 where we’re talking about how to know if you’re undercharging.


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