How To Make Business Decisions 

How To Make Business Decisions 

Are you struggling to make clear decisions for your business? It’s hard, especially when navigating turbulent economic times, to make business decisions confidently. 

Today, we’re talking about how you make decisions for your business during this time. We’ll also be talking about how we started the Bold Profit Academy, and how we make decisions about what goes into that program to support business owners.

I think there are a lot of business owners who will benefit from this conversation. I’m so excited to share this conversation. So, let’s get started!

How The BRAVE Society Started

We’re taking a trip back to the “before times” to start this story. In 2018, it had been three years since I left corporate, and my business had been running for almost four. I was still in the beginning stages of trying to figure out offers and figure out the target market.

I went for breakfast with my dad and got annoyed with his constant advice to save for my taxes. So, I decided to tell him about Profit First and how I knew I saved the right amount. 

I admitted to him that I had only learned that from investing over $100,000 into my own growth and development. Surprisingly, he said, “As you should.”For a second, I was so proud thinking he was on board. 

But then, he warned me about the impending economic collapse and recession and told me to get my ducks in a row. Angrily, I said that if it was true, I couldn’t think of a better person t do what I was doing for business owners. 

After all, I had weathered the Great Recession and went bankrupt. I knew what to do and what not to do. So, I huffed off, saying, “I’ll show you,” and the BRAVE Society was born because I thought that if we were heading for a recession, I would plan for it. 

Creating The Value Of The Program First

I dedicated myself to creating a program that supports women in any economy. I made plans to compile everything I know and bring it together in a community. After all, that’s the one thing you need during that time.

I would make it the opposite of all these high-ticket group programs that don’t deliver much. I was going to make it easy on people’s budgets. I’d make it profitable for them because I found that, even at that point, business owners were already overspent. 

They were overspending on advertising, website, marketing, all that stuff. These business owners came to me because of the quality delivered. Plus, they recouped their money from what they learned.

Launching Before You’re Ready

Not long after that, I went to Stacey, and we created the BRAVE Society program together. I knew sales at the time. But when it came to doing sales for myself, I felt tremendous resistance around visibility and not wanting to be on the internet. But Stacey brought her skills and pushed me to launch on Instagram. 

It happened so fast that LAne didn’t even know we were launching. It’s amazing to think about because the only way that The Bold Profit Academy exists now is because we started slightly before I was ready. And that is possibly the first factor in decision-making. 

Get started because a lot of the clarity we gained in the last four years came because we were in it. If you feel you need a perfect idea or the right answer right now, that’s not how that works. It evolves through time. 

The Bold Profit Academy 

As my business grew and I saw what was working behind the scenes from my business, I started to notice significant gaps between reality and what the online business culture was teaching. That’s really where The Bold Profit Academy came into play.

About two years in, I was not comfortable with the program as it was. I didn’t feel confident selling it. I’m very results-oriented, and I like the transformations when we facilitate women getting results they don’t even know they want or need. 

I asked myself, “How do I bulletproof people’s results?” Then how do we start to shift the target market to people who want these results in their business? That’s been the last two years, really turning this into something that brings me the most enthusiasm and joy in delivering.  

We’ve solved layers of problems for business owners, not just a specific problem set. We’re solving problems without creating new ones. 

Teaching Women To Make Business Decisions With The Academy’s Curriculum 

One of the biggest problems we were looking to solve with this program was the gap between learning about online business and implementing it, specifically around women selling and managing money. Making business decisions and financial literacy are the two largest knowledge gaps. 

So many tactics that let business owners avoid learning how to sell. But in The Bold Profit Academy, we teach processes and systems so that you can use any tactic you want. But, you also know how the process works, so if your tactic stops working, you can then slide in a new tactic. You can start to have command and control over your business.

Teaching Proactive Sakes Skills

The other thing we’re trying to do in this program is to disprove the idea that selling online is passive when it’s not. In the curriculum, we teach proactive sales skills, not passive sales skills. You need more proactive sales skills. That’s one business decision every woman should make. 

Other programs teach tactics that everybody uses and tries, which is the opposite of what you actually want. The “same old thing” will not make you stand out to your customers. We teach competitive practices that most people aren’t willing to do, so you’re definitely going to stand out. 

We’re also looking to provide a better learning experience for women than they’re getting. I know some programs teach the same things and are six times as expensive.

When everyone’s talking about revenue, just for revenue’s sake, and nobody’s teaching you about profit, keeping your money, or paying yourself, you have to ask who benefits from that. Because it certainly isn’t you. 

How can I do that? Well, I run a very profitable business. And that means that I can pass some of that profit back onto my customers by providing them with a lower investment point that’s more appropriate for where they are in their business.

The Value Of The Bold Profit Academy For Business Owners

We’re not trying to diet down our businesses. This program isn’t about restriction and cutting. This program is about abundance, so we can take that and repurpose it. It takes the pressure off and gives business owners a little room to relax. 

Then we can get to work on making business decisions. We have fun learning and growing our businesses together through the rest of the curriculum. And this stuff works in ANY type of economy, whether the economy dips or not. 

If you’re already thinking, “The economy is slowing down, business is slow,” that’s not necessarily true. I have seen proof in The Bold Profit Academy. These women raise their prices, streamline their delivery, and make money.

The women in the program are supported by each other and by me. This week we had our Math, Money, and Mindset call. I explained what’s happening in the economy, what they see in the newspaper, what they’re going to see, and what it means versus what they think it means. Then I talked about the work I’m doing with them. They walked away motivated and ready to create opportunities. 

Making Business Decisions When Things Get Complicated 

Making business decisions is much easier with a team to support you. But here’s the flip side of business decisions: when things get complicated. When things don’t work out, and people say, “I don’t feel like I’m getting the experience that I thought I was going to get,” and then you make it about them, that’s a problem. 

We have a program improvement section in Mighty Networks, where we discuss what improvements we’re working on and what we’ll be experimenting with next. It’s a live learning program built as agile and adaptable as the entrepreneurs we serve. We’re always looking to evolve and meet you where you are on your journey.

We evolve by constantly observing changes and feedback and analyzing how we can improve. Then, we ask for grace as we make those updates. 

We’re not trying to chase every bit of feedback and adapt the curriculum based on it. But, we’re considering those things when making our next-best step forward.

Also, it doesn’t mean a new step will be there forever, but it’s the next-best step forward. I don’t think that we see that a lot. We are evolvers, and I think that that’s such a huge service to the energy of the room, which is an important component of the space you’re holding as a business owner.

Join Us Inside The Bold Profit Academy!

I want to encourage everybody to come to join us in The Bold Profit Academy. If you read this and you think, “That sounds like me. I’m ready,” I want you to consider joining us. You might be a little nervous, but that’s okay. We expect that.

The best way to join is to make sure that you are on the waitlist. I reach out to everyone who signs up for the waitlist. We’ll discuss if this is the right fit and time for you. We welcome a couple of business owners a month, and we’d love for you to be one of them! Get on that waitlist today!