How to Measure Your Business Success and Avoid the "Hot Mess Express"

How to Measure Your Business Success and Avoid the “Hot Mess Express”

How do you know if you’re successful? How do you know if your business is successful? I had this funny moment the other week when I told my local business community to stop sending me referrals of businesses that are riding the Hot Mess Express.

There were about 30 of us there, and we had a really good chuckle, but since then, I’ve had people coming up to me saying that they think they’re a hot mess when they actually aren’t who I was referring to. I had this moment where I was like, “Wow, people’s perception of themselves is really off.”

It was interesting because there were a number of seasoned business owners who I see as a benchmark of success, who came up to me after that hot mess express comment, and said that they felt like they were a hot mess. It seems like small business owners have no idea how to gauge whether or not they’re doing a good job, which makes so much sense

Keeping a small business afloat is no easy feat. It’s a rollercoaster ride filled with uncertainty, discomfort, and the constant need to embrace the unknown. As small business owners, we often find ourselves craving timelines and deadlines, desperate for a roadmap to guide us through the tumultuous seas of entrepreneurship.

In the last six months, my own business has witnessed significant changes. I made the tough decision to close a group program that had been a cornerstone of my business’s success over the past five years. This episode will provide insight into the timeline of these changes and how they reflect a real-life pivot in a small business.

My Personal Timeline for Pivoting and Growth

Let’s rewind the clock a bit. Two years ago, I consciously adopted into my business operations. At first, navigating this project management tool was a challenge, but I soon realized its potential as the central hub of my business. Its workflow and automation capabilities allowed me to streamline various aspects of my business, replacing a multitude of individual tools with a singular, efficient solution.

I began exploring the value of leveraging this technology to simplify and enhance my business processes a year ago. This exploration led me to pursue certification in products and ultimately become a part of their partner program. My consistent efforts in this area have revolutionized my business operations and provided me with valuable insights into market gaps and opportunities.

Innovation and Adaptation as Business Imperatives

Sharing this journey on the podcast is essential to illustrate the various paths I’ve taken and the delightful intricacies of experimentation and curiosity as cornerstones of entrepreneurship. Innovation doesn’t need to be grand; it is the gradual evolution and constant experimentation that drive business success.

On a practical front, my venture into automation has significantly reduced operating costs and streamlined workflows. Working with small business owners, I’ve observed two recurring areas of struggle: disorganized processes and unnecessary team bloat. Addressing these pain points through automation and efficient workflows has resulted in tangible savings and enhanced business efficacy.

The Crucial Role of Implementation

One key learning from my journey has been the critical need for implementation support in the small business ecosystem. While many consultants offer strategies and advice, there’s a scarcity of hands-on implementation support. Thus, I’ve ventured into providing implementation services, acting as a fractional COO, and assisting businesses in executing pivotal changes to enhance efficiency and profitability.

The year 2023 marked a significant shift in my business model, paving the way for a future dedicated to nurturing profitable businesses and supporting business owners in reclaiming ownership of their time and resources. As part of this new endeavor, I aim to aid businesses in evaluating the efficacy of and offer personalized project-based implementation support tailored to their unique needs.

Moving forward, I invite businesses to explore the possibilities offers and opt for a 14-day trial session to experience its potential. Additionally, those seeking to enhance profitability and operational efficiency can engage in an hour-long Instant Profit Assessment to identify bottleneck areas and outline clear, actionable plans for progress.

I look forward to engaging with the community through insightful group workshops and continued podcast episodes. Embrace the chaos, ride the hot mess express, and embark on this extraordinary path of small business ownership alongside me.