How to Move Through Fear So You Can Make More Sales

Hey Hey bold leaders.

Welcome to another episode of the Bold Money Revolution. I’m your host Tara Newman. 

Today I’m wildly excited to share this episode with you today because we’re going to get into some sales psychology.

I want to make a distinction.

We’re not talking about the psychology of the buyer. We are talking about YOUR psychology as the person doing the selling!

Specifically, your fears, stories, and beliefs that hold you back every single day from making more sales.

First, if gaining actual sales skills is something you’re interested in and this conversation grabs your interest, I want you to join us in The Bold Profit Academy.

The Bold Profit Academy is where you develop the skills and are given tangible resources so you can increase your revenue, pay yourself more, keep more profit, and truly grow a sustainable business.

If you’re someone who wants to make more income and are wondering exactly how to do that, the answer is quite simple.

You need to make more sales.

Raise your hand if you just cringed a bit. Go ahead, raise your hand. Nobody can see you.

I know you have a bunch of mental hang-ups around sales. 

Selling is sleazy and smarmy.

I don’t want to be like one of those salespeople.

I don’t have enough leads.

I want to sell my program but where will the people come from.

Is this the right offer? Will this offer sell?

Ugh, I really stink at selling.

I don’t want to bother anyone.

Will they really pay this amount of money for my service?

What if I make the sale and then people don’t get results.

On and on and on….


That’s why we are talking about your psychology and how you can overcome these little seeds of doubt and fear so you can go out and make more offers.

When we teach the participants in The Bold Profit Academy how to sell, we use our EMS Framework. Which stands for Energy, Mindset and Strategy. In that order.

On an earlier podcast episode, we talked about the importance of your energy in the episode ‘“Will you make this commitment to me”.

The simple premise around energy is when you feel good about yourself, your confidence increases, and when you are more confident you will make more sales.

Mindset: is all about your inner psychology and what you think and believe. Which is what we are talking about today.

Strategy refers to the strategic actions or sales activities you take to make sales. If your energy and mindset aren’t in a positive frame of reference, the strategy won’t work.

So, today I’m giving you a bunch of affirmations to help you anchor into positive thoughts and beliefs before you do your sales activity.

The goal is to increase your self-esteem, feel positive about sales, and excited to make some offers. That will prepare you energetically and mentally.

First, I want to start by giving you permission to be a beginner.

Most small businesses owners and entrepreneurs were NOT taught how to sell, and many don’t always understand the critical importance of building sales skills until they are fed up and frustrated with their lack of income and are unwilling to tolerate working way too hard for too little money any longer.

And let me tell you, humans have a very high threshold for pain, so the suffering around lack of sales can often last quite a long time.

Plus, learning how to sell can be intimidating.

So before we even start, put your hand over your heart and take a few breaths.

If you are just beginning your sales journey, here are some affirmations to start with:

It’s ok for me to be a beginner.

It’s safe for me not to have all the answers.

Learning how to sell is fun and enjoyable.

Listening is the most critical sales skill and I’m a great listener.

My coaching skills will help me make sales.

I’m great at what I do.

I like myself.

Yes, I said an affirmation is “I like myself”.

I stole that one from Brian Tracy who often talks about the link between self-esteem and sales.

Liking yourself is half the battle.

Now for some more advanced affirmations that anyone can use.

I love selling.

I love supporting people.

I know I will make all the sales I need.

Selling is fun and enjoyable.

Selling is my greatest act of service.

I love money.

My sales calls always convert.

I have a clear sales process I love.

When I increase my conversations, I increase my conversions.

I love selling because I meet new and interesting people.

Everything always works out in my favor.

I always get what I need when I need it.

I’m an expert at what I do.

I know my work gets results.

Everyone gets results when they work with me.

My program is a joy to deliver.

I can’t wait to welcome my new clients, customers, and students.

My offer is full of value and is priced perfectly.

I am confident at selling my services.

When I show up and serve, I will always make money.

My business always provides for my family.

Money always shows up.

I will always make more money.

My needs and desires will always be provided for.

My best-fit clients always see my value and can’t wait to pay me.

My best-fit clients can’t wait to work with me.

I am worthy of making all the money I want to make.

I am enough now.

I don’t need to be anyone else or do anything else to make sales and achieve my financial goals.

These affirmations will help you regulate your nervous system when expanding and stepping into new levels of success.

Remember, it’s safe to succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

It is safe, it is safe, it is safe.

It’s been a privilege to share this episode with you. Please I know I believe in you and the power of small business ownership.

Take good care.

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