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How to Overcome YOUR Money Objections When Making Investments with Laura Wright

Hey, hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast.

I’m your host Tara Newman and I have a passion for helping everyday humans perform in extraordinary ways. This is the place where we dish on everything from mental toughness to emotional wellbeing and what it takes to really perform your best at a high level. We are here to help you embrace your ambition and leave that grind behind.

Today I’m so excited to bring to you, Laura Wright. She’s a mentor of mine that I’ve worked with on and off over the last three years. She’s also a founding member of The BRAVE Society

We’re sharing from our over 40 years of combined experience to talk about how we overcome our own objections to make empowered choices around our investments.

This is your inside look at the feisty conversations that Laura and I have. I’m also sharing the powerful results of doing exactly this work, not just for business but with my new furniture.


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