How Bold Leaders Build Masterminds

Inside CEO Debriefs from Q1

Hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast where we train leaders to have the endurance to make an impact.

CEO Debriefs are critical part of the radical self reflection that is required of leaders. During this bonus episode of the podcast I’m sharing some highlights from Q1 inside The BRAVE Society.

During these clips you’ll hear how I have changed my phone habits, my schedule, the importance of financial literacy, and even a misstep I made in setting my 2018 revenue goals and what I’m doing differently this year.

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The BRAVE Society was designed for female small business owners who want to be discerning with their dollars or are feeling like their investments have them spread thin. Too often I see women investing in #allthethings to grow their businesses but completely short change their leadership.

The Brave Society is community AND the right leadership development to help you run your business and thrive as an owner, CEO, or founder (whatever you call yourself).

We will keep you focused, help you stay accountable and ask you the challenging questions to help you move through your all the ways you’re blocking your own success.

If you want to join us for our bi weekly CEO Debriefs, monthly panel discussions and quarterly laser coaching sessions, apply today or find me on Instagram @thetaranewman.

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