Investing in Leadership with Nicole Otchy

Investing in Leadership with Nicole Otchy

Hey, hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast.

Today I want you to meet Nicole Otchy. She is a personal stylist, a native Bostonian, my client, and a proud member of The BRAVE Society.

Nicole is revolutionizing how women show up in their lives and businesses. The reason I say she’s revolutionizing her industry is because she’s disrupting how personal styling is being done. She’s turned a transactional industry into a transformational experience for women.

Today we’re going to talk about how investing in her own transformation allowed her to switch gears in her business so she can work less, be of greater service, and have a clear path to the success she desires. Nicole and I talk about how she showed up on our very first call. It was actually our sales call where she was inquiring about working with me and what kind of investment that meant for her.

This is a sales call I will never forget because Nicole showed up for herself so powerfully, and we dig into that during the interview.

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We are at that time of year where you might be looking at what investments you want to make in 2019, or what you need to step into the person you want to become. This is a conversation I feel so passionate about, and Nicole and I have a powerful conversation so I hope you enjoy it because we’re not simply talking about her investments but also my own.

I share a story of why I deserve to be dry, and the shift that happened when I invested in keeping myself that way.

Let’s talk The Bold Leadership Mastermind for a second.

The number one core value of The Bold Leadership Revolution is that people are important. Their experiences, how they’re treated, the service they receive matters. We want our clients to believe that joining one of our programs is their greatest act of self love.

Our mission is to be incredibly intentional about designing and delivering custom experiences and world class results to leaders who want to perform their best everyday. Our brand promise is to help leaders achieve more while doing radically less than every before. We are here to stop the doing for doing sake and to be our most essential selves.

With the Bold Leadership Mastermind we are laser focused on what each member needs and aim to cut through the noise and fluff to support that need. Not only that but I cap this mastermind so this isn’t going to go on for hours and hours, we don’t have people coming and going and disrupting the call, this is a core intimate group of people for the year.

We focus on what it truly takes to lead a fulfilling life. We focus on strategy and mindset, and we focus on energy and energy management. This is the critical missing piece for leaders everywhere. Yes strategy is important, but we will find your strategy and get out of the weeds of all the possibilities.

We hold you accountable while teaching you to hold yourself, and your team, accountable. Not just to what you’re doing, but accountable to who you’re becoming. We are holding you accountable to making your boldest decisions and step into your biggest and highest level of choice.

We are talking all things leadership and how to do the common things uncommonly well.

If you’re interested in learning more about my 2019 Mastermind, complete the application here and we can talk more about if it’s a fit.

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