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EPISODE 08: How to create know, like and trust like a Bold Leader

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What is “know, like and trust”?

The point of establishing know, like and trust is we want potential clients to be able to connect with us so they trust us enough to, and like us enough, and know us well enough to purchase our products and services. Because people buy from people.

How do you build know, like and trust as a bold leader? You have to know, like and trust yourself first.


Are you in congruence? You have to know yourself. This is the time to really connect to your why. When you are in integrity with who you are, you attract the right people to work with you who are completely aligned with what you do and how you work.

When you are sharing your business values, they actually have to be your values. They can’t be the values that somebody else is talking about because you think they’re better than you. This isn’t something that can be copied. This has to be something that is deep from within inside you.


Do you like yourself? Are you mindful of how you speak to yourself. Are you speaking to yourself how you would speak to others? How much of your time is spent on negative self talk?

“Like” is all about building relationships and what it takes to be generous in building relationships with other people. What is the intention behind the relationships that you’re building. You want to go into building a relationship thinking “how can I serve this person.” “How can I make a difference in this person’s life?”


Are you a distrustful person? It’s really hard to build trust with other people when you are a distrusting person. Are you honoring your commitments. Respecting your own boundaries.

If you trust yourself and your knowledge and where you’re at and your expertise, and your personality and you know that what you contribute to a conversation or a role or a business has value. Then you will be trusted for that.


“If you don’t know, like and trust yourself, how can you expect others to know, like and trust you?  The only way you can build a relationship with somebody else is to be in a relationship with yourself.”

“Everyone has a unique blend of your experience, approach, expertise and personality. No one else has the exact set of training, of job experience, of life experience.”

“You feel a bit crappy. You can’t work out why. Just take a second and notice if you’ve been giving yourself all the shoulds. All the comparison-itis in your head.”

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“You Can Heal Your Life” by Louise Hay

“What to Say When You Talk to Yourself” by Shad Helmstetter

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