Bold Leadership Intensive

A transformative 1:1 leadership coaching experience for leaders who are ready to develop their own strategy for success.

Business ownership isn’t supposed to be easy.

As a business owner, you know the fulfillment that comes from doing your most important work. Work you believe in. Work you can feel proud of. Work that matters.  

You also know what it’s like to be successful making money doing what you love — and you want some more of that (and you deserve it, by the way).

So, you’ve tried the masterminds. Attended the workshops, bought the online courses, tuned into the podcasts, and scrolled the Instagram feeds. 

You’re pushing forward. You’re trying harder, working longer hours, hustling more, and yo-yoing between surrender and control.

But after trying all the tips and tricks, the strategies and the hacks…

  • You still don’t feel good enough.
  • You’ve snowballed into dissatisfaction with your business.
  • You sometimes feel resentful and desperate.
  • You adopted a competitive, lack mentality. 
  • You’re white-knuckling your ride to success and your goals.
  • You feel like everyone’s ahead and you’re going to get left behind. 

But if all these other entrepreneurs seem to get it so right, where exactly did you go wrong? The path forward simply isn’t clear.

The truth is, the other business owners you’re looking at are also working their asses off. And most of them aren’t spending any less time than you are pushing, struggling, or questioning themselves. 

The online space is not depicting the truth about the demands of business ownership on all parts of your life, and it’s dangerous..

Business ownership isn’t easy. It does require you to work hard, make tough decisions, and get comfortable with discomfort. But it doesn’t have to be a pressure cooker, either. 

The answer isn’t another strategy or tactic. It’s you stepping forward as a true leader in a bold way. 

Bold is good for business.

You’ve tried enough tactics to realize that what you really need is someone to hold you accountable to your mindset, your beliefs, your habits, and your goals. When you acknowledge the strategy isn’t outside of you, but inside you, you can be more bold, more aligned, and more successful. 

Bold doesn’t mean loud or big. Bold is doing the one thing you’re unwilling to do.

That is what will grow your business.

You can run a powerful businesses, build a fulfilling lifestyle, and create revenue that sustains all of you. But first, you have to face the truth. (About your strategies, emotions, and values.)

Sound scary? You don’t have to face it alone.

You need someone who can walk side-by-side with you, with a level of compassion, empathy, and radical transparency.

  • You can have a partner with business acumen. Work with someone who actually cares about you — and who knows what it’s like to have multiple priorities and build a successful, sustainable business.

  • You can step into becoming a real leader. Learn what it looks like to confidently and boldly lead sales, tough conversations, your team, your family, your business, and your own growth.

  • You can stop working so damn hard. Harness the power of SLOW (Step back and reflect, Lower expectations and pressure, Own the now, What’s next?) to accomplish more while doing less. Yes, really

  • You can be a high-performer without going insane. Identify the small, daily tweaks that will add up to a giant leap over time — your consistency, your screen time, your sleep. Because when you don’t perform, your business doesn’t perform.

  • You can have a strategy, because the strategy is YOU. To truly succeed in business, you must learn how to put your intuition at the forefront of your strategy. Discover what it means to be a strategic thinker and to have a strategy. Not tactics, tips, tricks, or hacks, but evidence-based business strategies that will carry you forward.

  • You can make your most important work a priority. Through focus, habits, personal responsibility, and productivity, you can spend more energy on the people and activities you love.

The Bold Leadership Intensive — strategy that will bring you sanity.

The Bold Leadership Intensive is transformative 1:1 coaching session that gives business owners like you a partner to help them navigate the true ups and downs of business ownership through their own values-based strategy.  

sara intonato headshot

“It used to be easy for me to get lost in the details, asking what went wrong, why, and how could I prevent it from happening it again. I came to Tara knowing that this has to change for me, or I couldn’t keep doing this anymore. She gave me a huge permission slip to do things differently. And then, she told me, ‘I’m on the board with you.’ It relieved a lot of my fears to know I wasn’t alone anymore, that I had a true partner.”

Sara Intonato

I’m Tara Newman, and I will be your guide through this process.

As a lifelong entrepreneur, I know the path to success involves a lot of ups and downs, a lot of hard work, and a LOT of strategy.

I will challenge you to think differently when it comes to being a business owner. I will support you in stepping out of your comfort zone and into bold leadership. And you will make the changes in your being that will lead to changes in your business and life.

My confidence in your outcomes comes from over 20 years of expertise as a business strategist and leadership coach. My Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology brings a unique perspective to your coaching experience, and it supports you in stepping into your true potential.

My mission is to help you prosper from doing their most important work in the world. So I will show you how to succeed consistently and sustainably — without sacrificing your health, relationships, or integrity in the process. Through personal and professional mastery, I will support you, hold you accountable, and empower you to look deep and get real.

The Bold Leadership Intensive: 1:1 leadership coaching to cultivate courage.

Having an excellent coach is not just about the lessons you learn during the process —  it’s what continues to serve you years and decades later.

Here’s what you’ll gain from The Bold Leadership Intensive:

  • A system for your strategic planning. We’ll dive into your mission, vision, business operations, and goals. 
  • A high-level plan for moving your business forward, including solutions and an implementation plan for specific challenges that need to be resolved.
  • A values-based strategy that helps you cultivate your courage, find your focus, execute consistently, and take personal responsibility. 
  • A deeper understanding of your how your daily habits contribute to (or inhibit) your success. You’ll be amazed at the impact of factors like how much water you’re drinking, your screen time, or whether you dive into regular, strategic reflection. 

Your Bold Leadership Coaching Intensive includes…

Bold Leadership Intensive

This half-day transformational coaching session is spent aligning values, vision, and goals in the key focus areas of your business and life. You’ll walk away with a clear path for implementation and taking bold action.

30 days of access to Tara

The support doesn’t stop after your Intensive session. Radical changes take time. That’s why you’ll have a direct line to ask Tara questions via email, phone, and/or text for support in between sessions.

Follow-Up Session

During this 30-minute call one month later, you’ll receive feedback around your implementation and create a plan for your next steps, so you can keep the momentum going.

Invest in your most important work. Invest in you.

When you stop looking for the quick fix or the sexy tactic, and instead focus on strengthening your leadership, you set your business up for recurring growth and sustainability year after year. 

Stop giving your power away to situations, circumstances, and the next guru. You already have everything you need within you. Let me help you awaken, focus, and unleash it.

Investment starts at $6,000

What’s holding you back from being bold?

The 1:1 Bold Leadership Intensive is only for you if:

  • You’re an ambitious go-getter with grit.
  • You’re committed to claiming sustainable growth in your business.
  • You’re driven to succeed in all areas of your life.
  • You’re willing to be open to surrender, emotions, and vulnerability.

Through patience, consistency, and radical self reflection you will:

  • Continue to grow in a way that supports a fulfilling life.
  • Draw from the evidence-based strategies Tara has employed, tested, and refined for over 20 years.
  • Monetize, stabilize, and sustain real profitability, so you can experience the satisfaction that comes with earnest achievement.

Tap into the insights you’ve had all along.

Bold leaders are so much more than a title or a pipe dream. They…

  • Navigate their business by taking into account mental, emotional, spiritual, and strategic perspectives. 
  • Disrupt generational and societal narratives. 
  • Widen the circle and develop more bold leaders. 
  • Create new frontiers and alternate realities. 
  • Bring forth more new ideas.
  • Think differently when it comes to being business owners, propelling them to unprecedented levels of support and success. 

Are you ready to claim your bold leadership? Because The Bold Leadership Revolution is ready for you to say yes.