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Listen In: Highlights from CEO Debriefs Inside The BRAVE Society

Hey, hey Bold Leaders. Welcome to The Bold Leadership Revolution Podcast.

I’m your host Tara Newman and I have a passion for helping everyday humans perform in extraordinary ways. This is the place where we dish on everything from mental toughness to emotional wellbeing and what it takes to really perform your best at a high level. We are here to help you embrace your ambition and leave that grind behind.

By popular demand, today I want to take you behind the scenes of the bi-weekly CEO Debrief inside The BRAVE Society. I believe in the power of radical self reflection, and I believe your journal is a powerful tool to do exactly that.

That’s why each week I do self-reflection through my weekly CEO Debrief. This also allowed my clients and I to grow more quickly, have tough conversations with greater confidence, make big and scary decisions with greater clarity and certainty, shift mindsets that have held us back, celebrate our wins because the more you acknowledge your wins, the more you win, and it’s provided a record of our best lessons so we can review them over and over again.

But sitting down to do this each week isn’t always as easy it sounds, so our bi-weekly debrief time in The BRAVE Society is designed to do three things.

  1. Hold you accountable to sitting down and giving this the necessary time
  2. It’s an opportunity to do it with me
  3. It’s like training, sometimes we struggle to come up with the language or fail to see opportunities right in front of our face. Hearing someone else’s thoughts and perspective can help you see your own.

Plus you’re able to get connection and support in the chat box as everyone is coming as they are to do this work together. I encourage you to listen in and then do your own debrief this week.

ListenIn HighlightsfromCEODebriefsInsideTheBRAVESociety

Want to take this a step further?

I’m sharing more moments from CEO Debriefs including wins, fear pockets, and rants. PLUS I’m sharing 10 BOLD questions for your own CEO Debrief. Grab yours here.

The BRAVE Society is a place for leaders to invest in THEMSELVES and still have money left to invest in whatever else they think will be their best strategy for growth.

The BRAVE Society is A virtual society for business owners like you who want to connect with bold, resilient, abundant, value-driven and endurable leaders.

It’s filled with business owners across a variety of industries who knows that the person who helps the most people wins.

We are here for three reasons:

  • To build meaningful relationships with an army of people who have real, credible, and valuable business acumen. This isn’t tit for tat networking where it’s a referral pitch fest.
  • To help you continually develop yourself  as a leaders through high quality educational resources to help us become better CEO’s
  • To become leaders who develop more leaders in the world — your family, friends, community, team.

The BRAVE Society is a place where you can plug into the relationships you need to hire the most qualified people, find meaningful collaborations, and offer your services to those who would benefit the most.

The BRAVE Society hosts

Quarterly Book Clubs

Robust Panel Discussions on relevant topics to help you grow yourself and your business.

Bi Weekly CEO Debriefs where I take you behind the scenes in my life +  business where you can see what’s working, what’s not working, key decisions I’m making.

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Be sure to tune into our next episode to help you embrace your ambition and leave the grind behind.

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