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My Bold Leadership Rebellion

Hey, hey, bold leaders. I wanted to jump in here this morning and share with you how I spent my 90 minutes of productivity this morning because what I did was I took action on somebody’s podcast, and that’s so important to do. I took action on Dr. Michelle Mazur’s podcast episode, she’s the Rebel Rising Podcast. I went in her way back machine to where she first planted the seed, the origin for her Three Word Rebellion. I decided that I was going to work on my three word rebellion for The Bold Leadership Mastermind Day.

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She asks a really great question. She asks, what are you rebelling against? As the leader of a revolution, and a bold one at that, I realized that my Mastermind Day that I hold a number of times a year was directly born out of a rebellion.

Some of the things that I was rebelling against at the time, and still am, are events that you go to where they cram so much content down your throat that you leave feeling overwhelmed and too full and now you don’t know what to do. Events where you leave and you have no more clarity than you had when you walked into the room to begin with.

I’m rebelling against these events where they are so carefully curated for the pitch or the hard sell that people can’t even absorb the information being given at the event because they can’t relax. They’re so in their heads about, “Oh my gosh, the pitch is coming and this is so awkward and uncomfortable,” or they’re being manipulated by swinging temperatures in the room or uncomfortable seats or delaying lunch or running over and running late to ensure that they get a very desperate yes when they do pitch.

The other thing that I was in rebellion against is that all of the sameness where everybody’s got a speaker circuit and it’s the same speakers every time, and the speakers are all the same and they lack diversity and inclusion.

The Bold Leadership Mastermind Day was created to be a stand alone event where you can come to this event and get the leadership development you need in this moment, where you walk away with one shift and having taken one bold action. Most likely, before you even leave the room you’ll have taken this bold action that will set you up for ripple effects for the rest of the year.

Now some people who have come to this event have taken one bold action from the event and it completely changed their entire year and they never really needed to even come back into the room. I think that’s amazing because the other thing that they take away when they leave here is connection because when I surveyed leaders to see how they would like to see events being done differently they all said what would make an event incredibly are two things, connection and conversation.

Not just any conversation, not the conversation that you have at events where you’re shuffling between sessions or you’re in the elevator or maybe you’re grabbing a quick lunch together before you have to go back into the windowless room. These are deep conversations that people are wanting and it’s really no surprise because there is this disease that is happening among leaders that I call leadership loneliness. Leaders today, despite our accessibility to each other through social media, are feeling disengaged and disconnected from one another and lonely and are really looking to get into the room with real people.

That’s the other thing people walk away with when they come to the Bold Leadership Mastermind Day, is the support of real bold and brave leaders. Now you may be wondering what exactly happens when we are in this Mastermind Day or what is a Mastermind? What we do or what I do is I’m a facilitator, that is my training. That is how I have spent my career is facilitating these types of interactions among leaders so that they can come together and connect and to have these shifts.

Sometimes I call it an intervention but I’m not of you all will show up for an intervention so I call it a Mastermind Day. I’ll be facilitating some exercises and activities where you will partner up, you will get together in groups, you will ask each other some really challenging questions. We will really utilize and leverage the collective knowledge that’s in the room to help you build your courage muscle so you can leave with that one bold action nailed.

Now the other thing that was really interesting when I surveyed leaders around what they would want at these events, they actually said no more strategy, no more content because a lot of these leaders are seasoned professionals. They’re seasoned business owners, they’re seasoned professionals, they’ve got decades worth of experience under their belt. Strategy, we can talk about it, it’s important. You have to have a great strategy but it’s not really what’s getting in their way, they are getting in their way.

They actually know that when they start to focus on strategy and planning, that is when they earn resistance to doing the work that matters most which is working on their inner game, their inner psychology, that mental game. That is what we are going to come together and do in this room. I’m not going to lie, in order to step into this room you have to have some level of courage or some burning desire to change one small thing in your life or in your business. You can’t be in fear or in too much resistance to stepping into this room, otherwise we’re just not going to have that much fun together.

That’s really what I want to do is I want to show you how you can improve your leadership, how you can learn to lead better, how you can grow as a leader and have it be fun when you are surrounded by a cohort of really bold human beings.

Join our next Bold Leadership Mastermind Day on February 8th in NYC.

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