FACT: Most business owners prioritize all their cash to their expenses and pay themselves last.

In the online business space, I watch women prioritize systems, coaching, courses, and team instead of paying themselves leaving them with a realllll expensive hobby.

This gets shrugged off with a “well, it takes money to make money” mantra without questioning if this is really true.

And the reality is, you weren’t handed an honorary finance degree when you started your business so how the heck are you supposed to know.

The Bold Profit Academy Revenue Goal Calculator

If you’re struggling to get an accurate understanding of how much it should cost you to run your business AND how much you can actually pay yourself so you feel valued for the contribution you make to your own business, then download my FREE Revenue Goal Calculator.

Grab your revenue goal calculator now and start paying yourself more.

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Hey, I'm Tara Newman

I’m an expert in business strategy and industrial organizational psychology. I’m also a Profit First Certified Consultant. It’s my goal to help you create significant income and leverage your business to generate real, tangible wealth for yourself and others.

When I talk about wealth, I mean paying yourself well, profiting wisely, and investing in your net worth all without losing sight of your mental, emotional and energetic wealth.

I do this by teaching, mentoring, and coaching small business owners around sales, revenue generation, profitability and operational efficiency.

If you’re seeking a coaching partner with the business acumen, empathy, and integrity to guide you to unprecedented success — and help you raise the bar — you’re in the right place.

Take action now.

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The Bold Profit Academy

Virtual Community, Peer Learning and Network Intelligence

In The Bold Profit Academy, we use proven strategies to support you in managing your cash flow. That means you’re able to strategically plan for investments and maximize them, rather than always feeling on the razor’s edge of ‘having to make more money’ for that ‘quick win/fix’ course or program.

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Team Bold Leadership Mastermind

Mastermind Support

The #TeamBoldLeadership Mastermind is about radical honesty, overflowing empathy, and strategic progress that creates unrelenting upward momentum. The year-long experience is an incredible place to develop your best work with the support of Tara, your Mastermind cohort, and the Bold Leadership Revolution team.

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The Bold Leadership Intensive

One on One Support

The Bold Leadership Intensive is a  transformative 1:1 coaching session that gives business owners a partner to help them navigate the true ups and downs of business ownership through their own values-based strategy.