Are you ready to get paid like the expert you are?

The toughest part about collecting a paycheck as a business owner is knowing how much revenue you need to keep the business going and to keep you going.

When you worked for someone else, things were easy — you met job requirements each week and money appeared in your bank account like clockwork. 

Now, it’s a little more complicated than that so it’s normal to be confusedAfter all, how many of us got a finance degree at the same time as starting a business?!

From my experience working with micro business owners like you, setting a revenue goal is so difficult most avoid it completely and just hope they bring in “enough”.

It’s also why you might feel like you’re working way too hard for what you actually take home.

If this sounds like you, then…

Grab your revenue calculator now and start paying yourself for your expertise.

Hi, I'm Tara Newman.

As a Profit First Certified Consultant and Sales Coach, I teach business owners like you how to set reliable revenue goals so you know exactly how much cash you need to provide for your family and have the freedom you desire rather than getting to the end of the month with nothing to show for your hard work.

This is the EXACT Revenue Goal Calculator that we use in my program, The Bold Profit Academy. It will show you precisely how much revenue you need to:

make wise money decisions so you can begin trusting yourself to make the right investments.. 

pay yourself so you can live the lifestyle you want and build wealth.

work fewer hours with a clear revenue plan that supports your work and flexibility.

cover your taxes so you don’t lay awake at night worrying about surprise tax bills.

tara newman headshot against a red wall

It’s time to increase your money knowledge so you can feel confident taking money out of the business to pay yourself. 

Alexis Ornellas

“Thank you for creating this resource. It was helpful to compare my current reality and needs with my dream needs and to see the concrete numbers laid out in front of me. Seeing the numbers in front of me made my goal seem more attainable and was not overwhelming. I think reaching my dream goal in 18 months to 2 years is realistic. I was happy to see that my current needs and Profit First breakdown weren’t far off. The worksheet was very easy to use and intuitive and the training helpful.

Alexis Ornellas

Mana Counseling Services LLC

Get my proven revenue goal calculator so you can get paid and have plenty of money in the bank.

When you download the calculator, you will receive a free, mini training on how to use it so you can get started right away.

The revenue goal calculator only takes a few minutes to master and then you can use it over and over again to reliably set business goals that have meaning and purpose.

BLR_graphics_Testimonial_Jessica Lorimer

“What Tara has created with The Bold Profit Academy Revenue Calculator is revolutionary for new and existing business owners. To have a tool that allows them to immediately understand ‘leaky gaps’ in their expenses and to be able to forward plan their own pay in seconds, is a phenomenal tool and gives all business owners the ability to understand exactly how they need to be portioning their profit in the way that gives them the lifestyle they want. It’s a ‘no guess’ system – and will give anyone who’s struggled previously with their pricing, a quick boost to set clear revenue targets and achieve them.”

Jessica Lorimer

Selling To Corporate

Jaquette M Timmons

“I did this using my “as is” expenses for 2020 and was blown away by the accuracy; the total revenue it calculated was within a few hundred dollars of my actual total 2020 revenue. I LOVE this tool! Excellent job, Tara Newman + team.”

Jacquette M Timmons

Sterling Investment Management, Inc.

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