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How I Can Support You Now

Over the last few podcast episodes, I’ve been filling you in on the big changes that have been made over the last few months. Today, I want to tell you what you can expect going forward and how I can support you. 

A Shift in Business and Energy

I’m going back to private practice and one-on-one consulting practice. We’ve all heard that a one-on-one business model creates burnout, but I’ve found the opposite in my own experience. It’s easier on my energy and more controllable and manageable. Fewer clients help me thrive. Money is a sensitive topic. By having a smaller roster, I’m able to do deeper coaching with each person.

Groups are scalable, but many seasoned business owners don’t have the time to navigate groups. I will focus on that one-on-one attention and remove the extra noise for them. This will save the time of navigating the curriculum, attending group calls, and searching to find exactly what they are looking for. 

I’ve heard feedback over the past year that people showed up on calls but did not want a group program. They’d much rather be working one-on-one, which was the nudge I needed from the universe. I understand that fewer people will be able to work with me in this way because I’ll have limited space, and I’m looking for a specific match in the clients I work with.

I’m keeping the email list and podcast free. In 2024, we have plans to add more free resources or lower price point offerings. By changing my business model to a private one-on-one consulting practice, I’ll have more generous profit margins and naturally feel more generous with my offerings. We will all benefit from this.

The Clients I’ll Be Working With

The topics I’ll be working with will not change. It’s still profit, sales, operational efficiency, systems, and leadership. In refining my profit and sales coaching program, we’ve also refined the target market. We are looking for traditional service-based businesses, professional services, consulting businesses, and similar groups. We are not looking to work with business owners running educational businesses with courses and membership-type programs. 

Going forward, I’ll establish a baseline revenue and a minimum number of years in business. No startups or businesses without revenue coming in yet. Once you have a minimum of $200,000-$250,000 in revenue and at least three years in business, you’ll have already made some mistakes and have a sense of what has worked and what hasn’t. 

The other thing that my one-on-one clients have or want is a clear exit strategy that allows them to thrive as they age without relying solely on being able to sell the business. Business owners should have other life goals they are focusing on alongside their business, like family, travel, or building generational wealth. 

My clients are willing to prioritize principles and fundamentals over tactics. Many online courses and guidebooks focus on tactics, and everyone is trying to throw spaghetti at the wall to see what sticks. I want to dive into what’s happening behind the scenes and learn the “why” to whether or not something works. It shouldn’t be about the fads on social media, it needs to be about the principles and eliminating the noise and distraction.

Businesses with a death grip on their money will be extremely hard to change. It becomes a resistance struggle, and that’s not a good space for me to spend my energy. You have to have some courage and ability to take risks. Clients should be looking for mentorship around business and growth decisions. They want to understand the actual return on investments and grow long-term financial security. 

If you are tired of revenue for revenue’s sake and tired of ego-driven income marketing, you’re a great client for me. I’m looking for businesses that want to accomplish their end result by moving away from complex systems and inefficient processes. Many of these habits are on autopilot and need to be unwired. 

Three Big Problems We’ll Help With

The first problem is to answer the question, “Where’s my money going?” It’s a lack of clarity on financial goals. Most businesses fail because of poor cash flow. Business owners typically have enough cash but don’t know where it’s going and how to redirect it. We complete a detailed profit assessment of your business finances so you know where you stand. 

I’m a Profit First certified consultant, so we will also use proprietary tools from Profit First. Next, we will implement a simple cash flow system that gives you more control over your cash. We will plug your money leaks. If you put in sales energy, you want to ensure the money drains out on the back end. 

The second problem we will tackle is being spread way too thin, with both your money and your time. Clients feel like they are running around with their hair on fire, but you don’t have to do that. You’re depleting your resources, money, time, and energy. My area of expertise is helping you take what you are an expert in and ensure your expertise pays off. 

I’ll help you reverse engineer your business for efficiency and your personal financial goals. This will be specifically tailored to you. We will also work on your pricing for your services and how they are delivered. It’s important that you feel rewarded and energized by your business instead of drained. 

The third problem we will tackle is inconsistent sales. Now that we’ve plugged money leaks, you can focus on increasing your sales. We’ll find your invisible leads and maximize the effort you’ve already put in. Then, we will build habits and create a sales system rooted in empathy. Finally, I’ll give you objective feedback on your skills and blind spots so you can continue to tweak your habits. 

How Do I Sign Up?

The first step is the Instant Profit Assessment Call, and it’s free. We’ll talk about high-level numbers so you can assess the health of your business and start formulating a plan. It’s a 45-minute call, and we will try to identify your biggest bottleneck. 

Once you’ve decided to work with me, you make a payment and submit your intake form. Monthly payments start at $1,500, and the price will depend on the size and scope of your business. The prices will go up in 2024. 

You’ll have access to a custom profit assessment based on your business’ revenue, current expenses, and tax liabilities. We will rerun this periodically to monitor the strategy. Then, we will create a profit plan for implementation with clear steps based on individual needs. 

You will receive one-on-one calls with me and private coaching over a 12-month period of time. These calls are used to reassess, recalibrate, and coach around the emotions and behaviors that impact your money. There are also monthly office hours where there’s additional support and opportunities to ask questions. There is also a support portal for questions. 

You’ll have access to the robust library of resources and training materials. It’s an implementation program, and we support you in taking clear and concise actions to gain momentum. 

It’s important to know that it’s not a done-for-you consulting service. You need to implement the plan in order for you to get the results. It’s also not a coaching practice that expects you to be perfect. You just need to be willing to make mistakes and make changes to improve. You will not be coddled or babysat. You have to come ready to do the work.

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