You want a business that provides financial freedom without the overwhelm and overwork.

Whether you’ve been in business for a decade or just getting started, your business feels like a roller coaster — high fiving your biz bestie one moment and panic selling the next.

You are ready for something that feels more stable and sustainable but there are so many strategies and tactics that you don’t know what to do next.

And while you know business is one big experiment…

…the uncertainty of not knowing how things will work out holds you back from taking the necessary leaps and the lack of predictable, steady growth has you feeling like any success you’ve had to this point is a fluke.

You feel like you should know all the ‘tactics’ by now (god knows you’ve bought enough courses!) but does your current business strategy include practical ways to help you:

  • Make more money to support your family, instead of feeling like your contribution doesn’t make a difference.
  • Keep more money so you can invest in building wealth and not worry about how you’re going to live out your years when you don’t want to be on social media anymore.
  • Have more than enough so you can support causes you care about without putting your own finances in jeopardy.
  • Give you the peace of mind to enjoy what you’re creating instead of chasing your tail each month to bring in more money and work harder than ever.

Everywhere you turn there is another shiny object that will help you get to 7 figures but you’re completely sick of all the hype.

You’re tired of the blueprints and one size fits all formulas.

You’re overwhelmed with having to be everywhere all the time, posting on social, FB ads, webinars, and another funnel.

You want the simplest path to the goal.

Instead, you seem to be spending more and more money which is taking your further and further away from the reason you started your business — financial freedom.

You often wonder what you’re doing wrong.

You worry that you’re not good enough.

You wonder how damn perfect you need to be to get all this freaking tech to work. 

All you ever wanted to do was do work that is meaningful and fulfilling to you.

You’re hungry to make a difference to your clients and everywhere you turn there is another sales hurdle to jump over.

And you’re frustrated.

You want what you want and you want it NOW!

Ready for a mentor who has built it up and burned it down (more than once!)?

Hi, I'm Tara Newman and I hear you.

I’ve been at this small business thing my whole life. Born and raised by an entrepreneur, married to an entrepreneur, with a handful of businesses under my belt, I understand the ups and downs of business ownership better than anyone.

I also know how to run a financially elite business.

More importantly, it means I know how to help YOU make, manage, keep and invest YOUR money – so that you can have a sustainable and stress-less (because there’s no such thing as stress-free!) business too.

And I’ve got some news for you…

You’re not doing anything wrong. The way you feel is a normal part of business and growth.

But just because this is a common feeling in entrepreneurs, it doesn’t mean that you have to stay in a place of not knowing what to do next, trying all the things, and still not getting to where you want to go.

I know you have big goals and I know committing to those goals can be scary.

But you certainly don’t have to do it on your own. 


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Where bold leaders (and sustainable profits) are created.

The Bold Profit Academy will revamp your business foundations and give you the bold leadership skills required to generate consistent revenue, enviable profits without all the bullshittery so you have the margin required to live your life (not live for your business.)

Fifteen years ago my husband and I started our first business with bucket loads of hope and faith but not a lot of sales skills. We were both credible experts in our fields and had always achieved success through hard work and determination. 

But there was no amount of hustle that was going to make up for our lack of sales training so we went out of business and ultimately had to declare bankruptcy.

Once we were on the path to recovery, we made a commitment to ALWAYS prioritize our own sales training, to hire the best coaches to learn from, to regularly upskill by reading books, and making sure we continuously debrief our own sales experiences so we can learn what to improve.

Over the years, I’ve become OBSESSED with reframing how women sell so they can transcend those outdated beliefs about what it looks like and what it means to make sales in your business.

I’ve even become a sought after sales coach who works in corporate environments to help improve the performance of sales teams. 

With the lessons I learned from that experience and my 20 years in high-performance coaching, I specialize in training business owners how to sell premium services without stressing about ads, webinars, or complex funnels.

Increasing your sales so you have more than enough to pay yourself well and profit wisely doesn’t have to be scary, complicated, or exhausting.

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This is why The Bold Profit Academy is designed for small business owners in a way that will take you from frustrated with your progress to unrelenting forward momentum by focusing on the following four key areas that drive results in any business:

The Bold Profit Academy helps you start where you’re at with your money (seriously, ZERO judgment!) and gradually (12-18 months) move to a place of stable profitability using the Profit First method (in which I’m a certified PF professional).Containing a 6 Week Profit First Self Implementation program, regular check ins, pre-programmed calculators and core trainings, we help you to increase sales, profit and organization so you can scale your business by doing LESS and making more.

  • Put a money system in place so that you can start having your money work for you (cash flow, eradicate debt, pay yourself and save for longer term investments).
  • Learn key revenue generating concepts like lifetime customer value and retention marketing so you can stop hustling for short term cash and create stable, long term revenue.
  • Identify what’s an expense vs. an investment so that you can determine the potential ROI on your dollars.
  • Business development support around offer creation so that you’re focused on what will really make you money,

The Bold Profit Academy will help you gain and maintain the consistent momentum required to run and grow your small business by holding you accountable through implementation cycles, tracking tools, and resources to assess what’s working so you can continually improve your bottom line with focus and clarity.

  • Build a stable foundation so that you can scale without stress – and inadvertently ‘breaking’ your business. Having a solid business foundation means that your business is built to weather any storm – and making sure that we bridge any gaps you might have to keep your business stable, scalable and successful.
  • Every training focuses on building resiliency so that you can keep going even when things are hard, complicated or the market is volatile. This is what creates true sustainability.
  • Access to resources that help you clarify and plan your direction so that you know exactly what to focus on in the short term and long term to sustain success.

Self-leadership and mastery refers to the soft skills and competencies you gain along the way. These are often overlooked components of running a business but actually help you to run a business with greater ease. The Bold Profit Academy fosters key leadership characteristics required for thriving in the new economy  like boldness, resiliency, abundance minded, values driven and empathetic.

  • Create practices to help you understand why you do what you do so that you can leverage your existing habits and strengths while taking consistent action that moves your business forward toward your future vision.
  • Increase your confidence so you can review, reflect and revise – which allows you to be agile and adaptable to market conditions, personal decisions / etc

Margin isn’t just about money margins. It’s about truly having enough across all areas of your life. More than enough  time, energy, and money to live your best life and truly reap the rewards of business ownership.

  • Develop a  team  that will expand your energetic capacity so you can receive MORE — more clients, more press, more money. Hire the right people so that you have more capacity, what to delegate vs. what to do yourself, how to manage the work you delegate
  • Create habits that allow you to put yourself first so you can ensure you’re able to show up for your most important work in the world.
  • Understand where you are overdelivering and under pricing so that you can stop operating your business from a cycle of burnout and instead, create a model that best serves your clients AND your bank balance.
jillian dudek headshot

“Since joining The Bold Profit Academy, I’ve never felt so much like myself and so inspired to expand far beyond what I once thought possible. I trust myself fully in this shared space with divinely curated leaders. I wholeheartedly feel I could never outgrow this group. When we all honor each others’ paths and continue to be brave and bold in our leadership and development, we walk shoulder to shoulder.”

Jillian Dudek

Short-term cash doesn't create sustainability; building skills and self-confidence with sales is what gives you the security you want.

The Bold Profit Academy has been created to help you develop the skills and critical competencies needed to run a sustainable business in an ever changing environment.

Now, I know that it can be scary to a) admit that your business has challenges and b) take action to change the things that aren’t working for you. After all, we’re often conditioned to go it alone or figure things out for ourselves.

Suffering in silence serves no one and it certainly won’t help you achieve your goals.

But as a leadership expert with over 20 years of experience, I’m sought after to help leaders and their businesses perform better by highlighting the things they can’t see or more often what they don’t want to see.

And based on that experience? 

The 8 behaviors women business owners need to overcome so they can create thriving businesses that don’t leave them broke and unfulfilled:  

  • When you’re being pulled in a million directions and you’re spread thin, it makes it hard to perform consistently. When you perform inconsistently, so do your sales. #feastorfamine
  • You’re overthinking, overplanning, and need to have all the information causes you to focus on the wrong things and take too long to act on problems in your business which has you missing opportunities and leaving money on the table.
  • You’re spending too much time in your feelings (don’t get me wrong, I love feelings but we need FACTS) and not enough time looking at actual data leaving you to make inaccurate assumptions about your business performance which is causing you to chase the wrong problems.
  • You’re swinging between your comfort zone and the panic zone which is causing you to contract instead of moving forward with consistent momentum.
  • You value the importance of critical thinking, you know that in order to get to the next level in your business following someone else’s blueprint won’t work. But it’s hard to think critically in isolation and you crave the opportunity to brainstorm with a community.
  • You’re more comfortable being tactical, spending most of your time in the day to day and not enough time thinking long term. You know you need the space for strategic thinking but then you get space and fill it with more busy work.
  • You’re unaware of the best way to spend your time and resources to leverage your business and position it for growth. 
  • You’re uncomfortable with acknowledging wins and progress. You might struggle to celebrate or feel like your success was a fluke because you aren’t tracking your progress or performance.

It doesn’t have to feel like this… you CAN move from feelings of doubt, #feastandfamine and scarcity to streamlined strategy, abundance and profit.

How do I know if The Bold Profit Academy is for me?

When people join The Bold Profit Academy they all have a similar story…

They’ve tried A LOT of tactics.

Some of the tactics have worked. Yay.

Some of the tactics have made them run and take a shower because they were so dreadfully icky and so far from their values that they  just needed to scrub those done for you sales scripts right out of their hair.

But, in actual fact, most of the formulas they have tried just haven’t worked leaving them feeling like they have wasted time, money and perhaps most importantly — they’ve wasted their energy. 

If you can relate to this, you’ve probably also thought…

“I must not have the right personality or be expert enough”

“I can’t possibly work any harder, I’m already so tired.”

“What am I missing?”

I’ve actually had someone on a recent sales call tell me she’s so tired that she feels like a bag of shit.

This is absolutely NOT the reason you started your business.

There is a tremendous amount of stigma around women and feeling tired. So it can be hard to admit that the business you created to set you free is actually not the dream you envisioned it would be.

When you’re tired, it makes everything feel much harder like:

It feels challenging to make decisions so you can get support and change your situation.

Trying to keep  your mind out of fear and scarcity so you can take the necessary action.

Trying to stay focused so you aren’t consumed with overthinking and overwhelm.

The internet is full of opportunities and it’s also full of marketers who prey on your desperation for a better, less exhausting life.

Let me tell you a bit about my story.

When I first started my business I felt like a square peg in a round hole.

In a sea of shiny objects, quick fixes, and free online communities I couldn’t find a place where I fit in.

Where were the women who wanted to transform lives not just have transactional relationships?

Where were the business owners who wanted to deliver high touch services and not automate the shit out of everything, info-producting themselves to death?

Where were the women like me who found webinars, FB Ads, posting to social media 3 times a day, and elaborate funnel schematics mentally draining and not accessible?

And when I mean not accessible, I mean like…

  • I have ADHD and my brain works differently. Using these online tools intentionally works but trying to build a business with too many online business tactics make my brain hurt.
  • I’m a mom and I don’t want to spend my time stressing about things I can’t control like likes, followers, and too much tech.
  • As a woman, I’m done jumping through all the hoops to make money, seize opportunities and achieve the level of success that I want.  Like SO FUCKING DONE.

When I started my business in 2014, I had 20 years of experience, credibility, and a proven track record. I was so expert that my credentials had credentials. And yet, the internet marketing messages made me feel like I had no idea what I was doing and that I had to start all over again.

I wasted A LOT of time listening to people who were less experienced than me, didn’t understand my strengths and wanted me to follow scripts that made me want to vomit in my mouth.

For a good 18 months, I felt like I was on the outside looking in and trying to figure out if taking a picture with Gary Vee would actually get me the clients I wanted so I could just do the work that mattered most to me.

It took me a LONG time to build my confidence back up after getting sucked into toxic marketing messages designed to confuse, overwhelm and manipulate my emotions.

The magnitude of propaganda we consume every day that tells us that we don’t know how to run our own businesses and that there is some secret that we don’t know can be destabilizing and debilitating.

The reality is we DO know what we’re doing and how to run a business up until we start pulling out our credit cards to buy the shiny objects and quick fixes that take us further and further away from what we really want.

The Bold Profit Academy is intentionally designed to put your learning back in your hands by honoring you as an expert in what you do while partnering with me as an expert in teaching women small business owners how to increase their sales and their business acumen so they improve their cash flow and profits.

The Bold Profit Academy is for YOU if you want to:

  • To gain real, actual, tangible sales skills so you can confidently make money no matter what the economy is doing.
  • Keep more of the money you make so you can start investing in personal wealth and claim the lifestyle you want.
  • Be more bold in your actions, decisions and communication so you make confident, competent decisions and stand out proudly in the marketplace.
  • Feel organized in your business so you finally feel like the business owner you are.
  • Scale your business in a simple way so you  don’t lose your sanity
  • Have systems and processes that align with how you like to work so you can easily hand things off to your team.
  • Sell with ease, joy, and confidence so you increase your sales activity which leads to more sales.
  • Leverage your business to create long term wealth for yourself and others.
  • See yourself as a vital part of the economy so you can stimulate economic growth.
  • Take an active role in making this world a more equitable place so that wealth is redistributed.
  • Fight scarcity and fear with abundance and courage so you can be a role model for the next generation of leaders.

The Bold Profit Academy is NOT for YOU if you:

  • Want a course. This is content PLUS live teaching/interaction and the experience is most effective when you actively participate.
  • Make excuses and blame others for your challenges.
  • Don’t want to put in the effort to grow and change.
  • You have a behavior pattern of tossing in the towel when things are challenging.
  • You can’t or won’t approach new opportunities with curiosity and a beginner’s mind.

If you’re looking for quick fixes or miracle cures? Then The Bold Profit Academy isn’t for you.

But if you want the genuine foundations to 10Xing your business over the next 3-5 years and want to celebrate the awesome wins along the way?

I’ve got you.

Why you belong here

I created The Bold Profit Academy to disrupt the way business education was being delivered in the small business space. To challenge what many of you are being taught about business from internet marketers, web celebs and entrepreneur influencers.

I’m tired of seeing worn out and weary business owners who are looking for better business performance fall prey to cheap tactics and complicated strategies that take you farther away from your vision and values than you even thought possible.

Inside The Bold Profit Academy we turn everything you know about internet marketing on its head and deliver you the most impactful  frameworks to help guide your own strategies so that you can create real revenue, enviable profits and a business that is built to last.

In The Bold Profit Academy, we use proven strategies to support you in managing your cashflow. That means you’re able to strategically plan for investments and maximise them, rather than always feeling on the razor’s edge of ‘having to make more money’ for that ‘quick win/fix’ course or program.

We will teach you how to anchor into core values so that you can  sell in a way that feels aligned for you.

And my favorite of all, we will give you REAL sales skills so you stop waiting around for someone to “click to buy.”

Because if 2020 taught business owners anything it’s that you need to have the endurance to make your income and your impact. It takes true resilience and perseverance and strategic guidance to leave that legacy you’ve been dreaming about.

I know because I’ve taken enough trips on the entrepreneurial rollercoaster to assure you that you need critical thinking and NOT another blueprint. There is no template for navigating uncertainty, sitting in the discomfort of the unknown, and feeling the agony of isolation that comes with running a small business.

michelle mazur headshot

“If you’re a business owner who doesn’t feel like you fit in anywhere, or that other communities are fluffy, then The Bold Profit Academy is the place for you. Here, you develop as a business leader and a leader in your life. The connections to other high-powered big-dreaming women are invaluable.

The Bold Profit Academy gives you the opportunity to create a bigger vision, and become the woman who can execute it. If that isn’t worth the money, I don’t know what is.”

Dr. Michelle Mazur

“One of the things I love about The Bold Profit Academy is the size of the community, it’s big enough to meet a wide variety of people and small enough to feel known. Of all the things I’ve appreciated about this group, I’d have to say, hands down are the shared values around how to be in business, be in integrity, and ultimately build a conscious business. If you want a group that is filled with marketing tactics and a fast path to cash, this isn’t the place for you. 

My favorite way to connect with other members is one on one virtual coffee chats. Spending time getting to know each other, talking both business and life is the best kind of networking for me. This group is filled with women who are open to sharing, connecting and helping each other out.

I’ve met members who’ve become clients in this group, launched new ideas, and I have been supported with a kind of true camaraderie that can be hard to find in the online world.”

Heidi Taylor

Heidi Taylor

Every feature of The Bold Profit Academy is highly intentional and designed to maximize your results through training, implementation, and accountability:

Daring to be different, The Bold Profit Academy is:

  • Led by Tara Newman, an expert business strategist with a Master’s Degree in Organizational Psychology, has created a number of frameworks that when implemented gives micro business owners simple ways to increase their business performance and leadership. These foundational pieces provide the back to basics strategy at the heart of any business.
  • Learn, show, do, reflect and repeat: The Bold Profit Academy learning strategy. We teach you how to gain the necessary knowledge, demonstrate what good looks like (with real case studies and success stories!) and consistently modelling the key behaviors, habits and candor that leaders use.
  • A place to be accountable for implementation of real strategies that ensure a continuous and harmonious flow of growth.
  • Your strategic container to learn how to succeed in the fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape by focusing on four key pillars to get you the best results. 
  • Filled with diverse, value-driven peers from a range of fields and countries. Every member runs an established micro business, and each possesses serious business acumen. The depth of knowledge and experience in The Bold Profit Academy leads to robust, real dialogue about managing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.

Let me show you EXACTLY how The Bold Profit Academy is designed to maximize your results through training, implementation, and accountability:

Marie Parks

“I think Tara has some kind of psychic ability to speak to exactly what’s coming up for me in business. As soon as I hit a huge transition, she offers a chance to do a retrospective and look to the future. The moment I run into a pricing issue, she addresses this during a CEO Debrief. When I’m putting together a new offer, suddenly there’s a workshop on this very topic. All of the resources and trainings are insightful, plus they offer continued value for me to return to, time and time again.

 love all of the opportunities for connection, and one of my favorites is the coffee chats, where we get to know each other better without learning objectives. The trainings by Tara and other community members are powerful, and it’s nice to get a chance to get to know all of the incredible women attending those calls.

This community is filled with deeply good people who really care about each other and are extremely invested in becoming the kind of leaders our world needs. Inspired by Tara’s whip-smart revelations and knowledge-bombs — plus her honesty, transparency, and candor about her own journey and learnings — those who invest in this community can see tremendous, positive change in their business and life.”

Marie Parks

Ready to increase your sales while reducing the amount of time you spend working?

The Bold Profit Academy is providing unique experiences for leaders to grow and develop – and during your enrolment, you’ll be encouraged to meet and network with your peers, take your place within the curriculum and fast track your way to financial success.

By joining The Bold Profit Academy, you make a commitment to join us for a minimum of six months, so you can truly leverage the frameworks and trainings.

Join the Bold Profit Academy
$350 per month

Your commitment is for a minimum of six months.

Join The Bold Profit Academy
$3,500 per year

Plus, save $700 from the price of paying monthly.

The Bold Profit Academy is for businesses who desire to:

  • Sell a premium product/service
  • Have a small to midsize team
  • Operate with organization and efficiency
  • Have cash flow for days
  • Create simple offers that sustain growth
  • Actually plan for growth instead of leaving it to happenstance

Have Questions? (We love those!)

The Bold Profit Academy is for founders, CEOs, and established leaders who are credible, high-achieving experts in their field. BRAVE members are bold, resilient, abundance-minded, and full of integrity.

You’ll get access to The Bold Profit Academy’s private online community as soon as you become a member. This is where you’ll connect with other women for advice, connection, inspiration, collaboration, and friendship. Calls take place via videoconference.

We offer a lot in The Bold Profit Academy – and each part of the curriculum is designed to help you get your best results. While it’s not necessary to attend EVERY training session live, it IS important to be fully engaged in the trainings and implementation cycles that you join to get your best results.

It’s counter to our values to see members as dollar signs. Rather, the goal of The Bold Profit Academy is to create a curated experience for carefully-selected leaders who embody a specific set of values. Our application process is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our purpose and community. Don’t let that stop you from requesting to join us. If you resonate with what’s on this page, most likely this group is for you.

Brandy Lawson

“Since joining The Bold Profit Academy, I’ve found the CEO Debrief to be an indispensable tool. Not only have I incorporated it into my weekly routine, I also do a “mini” debrief everyday when planning for the next day.

Having ways to come together and connect around specific topics and trainings, plus having the group allows for connecting to what’s happening for each of us as business owners is powerful. These two layers of connection empowers us to continue to grow.

It’s refreshing.”

Brandy Lawson

Pull up a chair. We’re excited to welcome you into The Bold Profit Academy.

If you’re ready to lean into the bold vision you hold for your business and yourself…

If you want to hold yourself accountable surrounded by the collective courage and energy of other high-performing leaders who will always have your back…

And if you’re nervous but willing to take this brave step anyway…

… Consider this your invitation to claim your seat at our table.

Join The Bold Profit Academy
$350 per month

Your commitment is for a minimum of six months.

Join The Bold Profit Academy
$3,500 per year

Plus, save $700 from the price of paying monthly.

Application for The Bold Profit Academy

Hi there and welcome to The Bold Profit Academy Application Form. I’m Tara Newman and I’m excited to learn more about you and your business.

I hear from a lot of women business owners that they feel at a disadvantage because they don’t have a formal business degree or they feel embarrassed that they don’t actually love running a business even though they LOVE doing what they do.

If this sounds like you, it’s no big deal. Seriously, this is a zero judgment zone.

Lucky for all of us, I love talking about money, business organization, and how to increase your sales so you can experience financial freedom without the complicated tactics you may have experienced in the past. 

The answers to these questions help us:

  • Get to know you better and guide your experience with us from the very start.
  • Ensure so you can get the best results out of The Bold Profit Academy and hit the goals that you want to achieve.

There are NO wrong answers.

After answering these questions:

  • You can proceed to the payment link that will appear in Step 2. 

If you don’t submit payment, a team member will reach out to you to see if you have any additional questions.

Step two is your payment option, payment must be submitted for your application to be considered. If you have any questions about if The Bold Profit Academy is a fit ahead of your application please reach out here.