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A virtual community where women business owners fiercely support one another as they step into bold leadership

It’s rare to find people you resonate deeply with.

In fact, nine times out of ten, you walk away from most networking events feeling like you’ve given way more than you’ve received. 

You’re tired of feeling like the smartest woman in the room.

Jim Rohn says you’re the average of the five people you spend the most time with. If that’s true, then those five people should be credible experts with skills that complement your own — not someone hot to take the next referral before riding off into the sunset.

Entrepreneurship is a marathon.

You’re running your own race, but support from others helps build resilience.

Imagine a community where you could:

  • Develop the mental strength and operational skills required to boost your endurance and make the impact of a lifetime.
  • Take courageous, aligned action that creates unrelenting forward momentum in your business.
  • Stand boldly in your truth so you can set yourself apart.
  • Navigate self-doubt and impostor syndrome with confidence.
  • Surround yourself with other growth-minded women who are committed to leading at their highest level with the utmost integrity.
  • Be heard, seen, and honored for who you are and what you contribute. 

The key to BRAVE leadership isn’t sitting in isolation and hiding behind your desk.

The secret is radical self-reflection, clarity on your next strategic steps, and a group of BOLD leaders who have your back.


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We are a virtual community for women entrepreneurs, CEOs, speakers, and authors who want to raise the bar on our performance as leaders. 

Together, we build the resilience needed to thrive through uncertainty, create critical habits, and execute consistently. We lift one another up through evidence-based practices and real conversations. And we can’t wait for you to join us at the table.

The BRAVE Society is a community like no other.

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“Since joining The BRAVE Society, I’ve never felt so much like myself and so inspired to expand far beyond what I once thought possible. I trust myself fully in this shared space with divinely curated leaders. I wholeheartedly feel I could never outgrow this group. When we all honor each others’ paths and continue to be BRAVE and bold in our leadership and development, we walk shoulder to shoulder.”

Jillian Dudek

The BRAVE Society is different from the multitude of low-touch, low-engagement groups out there.

Daring to be different, The BRAVE Society is:

  • Your strategic container to learn how to succeed in the fast-paced, ever-changing business landscape. Because it’s a safe environment filled with like-minded business owners, it’s also an emotional container to develop the emotional resiliency to navigate any challenge.
  • Filled with diverse, value-driven peers from a range of fields and countries. Every member runs an established business, and each possesses serious business acumen. The depth of knowledge and experience at the BRAVE table leads to robust, real dialogue about managing the ups and downs of entrepreneurship.
  • A testament to the power of genuine relationships. Inside, everyone both gives to, and receives from, the community with integrity and an abundance mindset. Everyone is there with purpose and honesty; no one is in this space by accident. 
  • An acknowledgement of your identity as a true expert in your area. If you enjoy opening the door for others, connecting them with exciting opportunities, and lifting them up to rise together, you’re a good fit for our values. And because you approach the community in integrity, you’ll have a built-in network of referrals who believe in the importance of your work and listen when you promote your own services and projects.

Led by Tara Newman, an expert business strategist and with-you-to-the-end coach, she shows up with intention, no matter what. Through her bi-monthly CEO Debriefs that take you behind the scenes, Tara models the behaviors, habits, and candor required to become a high-performing bold leader.

Meet Tara Newman, The BRAVE Society’s creator and lead facilitator

If you’re looking for a business and leadership coach who as fierce and experienced as she is empathetic, you’ve found her. With over 20 years of experience, Tara Newman is a business strategy and leadership coach with a graduate degree in industrial and organizational psychology.

Today’s leaders are on a collision course towards burnout and extinction, thanks to misinformation campaigns and mindless hustle culture. Tara upsets the status quo by showing visionary leaders how to win, consistently and sustainably, so they can make a deeper impact, create more wealth, and craft a lasting legacy.

Tara supports women as they transition from high achievers to high performers. Where high achievement is characterized by unhealthy striving, incessant outputting, and over-earning at the expense of physical and emotional health — Tara instead emphasizes the pursuit of personal and professional mastery. She empowers her clients to lead and thrive on their own terms, without sacrificing their health or relationships, or compromising their personal integrity in the process.

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“Inside The BRAVE Society, you are called to be open and expand and bring your willing compadres with you. #noleaderleftbehind. We support and share with one another so we can all be well-compensated for what we do. This isn’t fluff. We have high standards, and we all push each other to reach and go beyond them.”

Erica Courdae

Every feature of The BRAVE Society is highly intentional:

  • Access to a highly-curated, virtual community of founders, CEOs and established entrepreneurs for connection, inspiration, collaboration, and friendship. Mainline the collective courage and support of the group whenever you need it most. The community is deeply engaged and invested in each others’ success.
  • Bi-monthly CEO Debriefs that leverage evidence-based questions to help you identify your next best step. The CEO Debriefs are facilitated by Tara. During them, you get insights into her own leadership journey, and you are held accountable to radical self-reflection and bold actions.
  • Quarterly laser coaching sessions, where you receive actionable advice, integrity-filled guidance, and candid coaching on a variety of topics — from sales and marketing to abundance mindset and making difficult choices.
  • Monthly panel discussions on relevant and timely business topics, including the soft skill development missing from most leadership programs. You won’t find any buttoned-up stuffiness or personal development drivel here. We dive into real conversations, like diversity in modern businesses or navigating the challenges of parenthood and entrepreneurship
  • Monthly coffee chats hosted by The Bold Leadership Revolution team, where you get to know your fellow BRAVE Society members on a more intimate level. Leave small talk at the door; we go deep.
  • Expert trainings given by the brilliant minds within The BRAVE Society, so we can all learn from each others’ zone of genius.
  • High-quality referrals for credible, reliable, professional service providers who can help you grow your business and better serve your audience
  • Regular opportunities to share your projects and invite members of The BRAVE Society to work with you.

Ready to take your seat at the table?

The doors to BRAVE Society open several times throughout the year. We take these encouragement periods seriously. They’re our opportunity to get to know new faces, and to share how The Bold Leadership Revolution is providing unique experiences for leaders to grow and develop.

Join the BRAVE Society $250 per month

Receive all the same inclusions when you pay monthly as you receive when you pay annually.

Your commitment is for a minimum of six months.

Join The BRAVE Society $2,500 per year

Receive a $250 credit towards the next in-person retreat hosted by The Bold Leadership Revolution.

Plus, save $500 from the price of paying monthly.

If you’re afraid you don’t belong in The BRAVE Society, here’s some news for you​

Impostor syndrome gets to us all, no matter how much money we’ve made or how big our impact is. 

Inside The BRAVE Society, you will be challenged to strengthen your leadership skills and stand side-by-side with a community of powerhouse women.

That’s intimidating.

And… every single woman who joins BRAVE feels this way. Every single one of us has head trash.

If you’re having a crisis of confidence, and you’re wondering if you’re worthy of this curated space, know that’s not for you to decide. All you need to do is summon your courage, be vulnerable, and apply.

Inside The BRAVE Society, you will invest in yourself.

The ROI of having an outstanding mentor and community is not just what you’re paying them in this moment. It’s what comes back to you decades later.

All too often, women invest in their businesses at the expense of investing in themselves, the leader. And that stagnates their business’ growth more than anything.

The BRAVE Society is a strategic container that specifically addresses this concern, so if that sounds like you, read on.

michelle mazur headshot

“If you’re a business owner who doesn’t feel like you fit in anywhere, or that other communities are fluffy, then The BRAVE Society is the place for you. Here, you develop as a business leader and a leader in your life. The connections to other high-powered big-dreaming women are invaluable.

BRAVE gives you the opportunity to create a bigger vision, and become the woman who can execute it. If that isn’t worth the money, I don’t know what is.”

Dr. Michelle Mazur

“Over the years I’ve joined a lot of things, and truthfully, I’ve often ended up disappointed. But since I joined The BRAVE Society, the group alone is worth every penny. A single prompt last week led to a major breakthrough on something I’ve been grappling with for months.”

Maggie Patterson

maggie patterson headshot

If you’re afraid you don’t belong in The BRAVE Society, here’s some news for you.

Perhaps you resonate with Michelle and feel you don’t fit in anywhere. Maybe, like Maggie, you’ve been disappointed in past investments.

This is SO common. The process of navigating business can leave us feeling alone — especially when our values are contrary to popular beliefs. Everyone who is solely concerned with scoring vanity metrics and new clients has completely bypassed the core business principle: Success comes from genuine relationship building.

After all, you’re not a “digital entrepreneur” or a “digital CEO.” You’re a CEO, and the same rules apply online as they do in person.

And that’s why The Brave Society is completely divergent from other groups. It’s a community for the counterculture rebels and the strategic thinkers, the go-against-the-grain-ers and the misfits, and the zero-fluff, empowered women business women of the world.

In The BRAVE Society, we’re different, and we’re 100% OK with that. 

In fact, we’re counting on it.

We have a seat waiting for you. Apply today:

Step One:

Apply + Invest in Yourself

Fill out the application, then click the link that appears to choose your payment plan. Remember: this is an investment in your business and your personal leadership.

Step two:

Introduce yourself

Complete the new member form you’ll find in your inbox. Let us know what inspired you to join us, what you’d like us to know about you, and what makes you BRAVE.

Step Three

Meet Your People

Join The BRAVE Society private community, where you can make deep connections with fellow leaders. These relationships can lead to unrelenting forward motion.

Currently the doors to The BRAVE Society are closed. Join the waitlist to be the first to know about our next encouragement period.

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“I was so over investing in strategy and tactics. I’ve got them all. What I wanted was a space that allowed me to connect with other successful women biz owners and to work on my BEING and leadership. The BRAVE Society was a perfect opportunity. I knew that the next stage of growth in my business needed to be centered on my community/connections and mySELF and that’s what I’ve found.”

Catherine Middlebrooks

We are here to answer your questions in full transparency.

The BRAVE Society is for founders, CEOs, and established leaders who are credible, high-achieving experts in their field. BRAVE members are bold, resilient, abundance-minded, and full of integrity.

You’ll get access to The BRAVE Society’s private online community as soon as you become a member. This is where you’ll connect with other women for advice, connection, inspiration, collaboration, and friendship. Calls take place via videoconference.

All members are expected to listen, love, lead, and leverage. You’re encouraged to show up regularly and consistently in the group. When you’re there, offer support, feedback, and expertise. Once you’ve built solid relationships with your peers, you’ll be in a great position to leverage the group further by making invitations to work with you or create strategic partnerships. Just like anything, the more you give, the more you receive.

It’s counter to our values to see members as dollar signs. Rather, the goal of The BRAVE Society is to create a curated experience for carefully-selected leaders who embody a specific set of values. Our application process is crucial to maintaining the integrity of our purpose and community. Don’t let that stop you from requesting to join us. If you resonate with what’s on this page, most likely this group is for you.

erica courdae headshot

“Since joining, I have evolved as a human, not just as a business owner — which is pretty darn valuable. The BRAVE Society represents an investment in the woman I want to become. I invested in being in a room with women who will challenge me to expand. I invested in relinquishing the option to play small. I invested in the opportunity to see what the universe has in store for me when I open myself to possibility.”

Erica Courdae

We have a seat waiting for you. Apply today:

If you’re ready to lean into the bold vision you hold for your business and yourself…

If you want to hold yourself accountable surrounded by the collective courage and energy of other high-performing leaders who will always have your back…

And if you’re nervous but willing to take this BRAVE step anyway…

… Consider this your invitation to claim your seat at our table.

Join The BRAVE Society $250 per month

Receive all the same inclusions when you pay monthly as you receive when you pay annually.

Your commitment is for a minimum of six months.

Join The BRAVE Society $2,500 per year

Receive a $250 credit towards the next in-person retreat hosted by The Bold Leadership Revolution.

Plus, save $500 from the price of paying monthly.

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