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The Difference Between Habits and Rituals

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When I coach my clients for high performance it’s very much about the art of becoming the best version of yourself. Leadership is about character development, and a critical piece of that is habits. I believe that EVERYTHING you do is a habit.

So what makes a habit that different from a routine? Charles Duhigg writes in The Power of Habit about “habit loops”. A habit loop is made up of a cue, routine, and a reward. So essentially a routine makes up a habit. It’s a response to the cue. 

There is extensive research on habits, I’ve traveled down this rabbit hole and it’s dizzying. That’s why today I’m not going to quote research and statistics. Instead, I’m going to take you behind the scenes to the habit conversations I have with my clients. These are leaders who range with goals for consistent $10K months, or their revenue is $60million per year. 

These are the five things that come up over and over again with them over the last month when it comes to this conversation of habits. 


  • Are there really good and bad habits?
  • Why changing a habit stems from changing the routine. Knowing the cue is key.
  • The reward isn’t always serving you, but it still feels like a reward. 
  • The role resistance 
  • The critical piece of Keystone Habits.
  • Getting clear on rituals, habits, and routines.

I love talking about habits with clients, and I encourage you to spend some time observing your habits and asking yourself if it is yielding the results you desire. And find your own ritual that allows you to sink into your sacred space. 

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