The Final Episode After Seven Years and What’s Coming Up Next

The Final Episode After Seven Years and What’s Coming Up Next

On today’s podcast, I’m sharing more insight and behind-the-scenes information about closing down The Bold Profit Academy about a year ago. Life has certainly been different and there are more changes coming. I want to talk about how life is going for me, a big decision about this podcast, and what’s coming next. So let’s dive in.

How Life Has Changed Since Closing The Bold Profit Academy

A lot has changed in life and business since choosing to close down the Bold Profit Academy, but it’s the gift that keeps giving. Having additional mental space has allowed me to recover from some of the creative burnout. 

I’ve decided to leave social media completely. Instead, I’m spending time engaged in interests that keep me mentally and physically challenged. That means more time in the kitchen, moving my body, and using my hands. My life is much less sedentary, and I’m more present for my family. 

I’m earning less money from my work, but my net worth and savings have increased as I’ve become more intentional about how I use the money I make. Before, I spent so much time and energy educating others about money but wasn’t hitting my goals. Now, I’m working on our goals. We’ve increased our cash savings by over 130%. I’ve focused on how dollars are allocated and ensuring every dollar has a job. 

What’s Happening With This Podcast

This past year, I felt like I was in limbo and wasn’t sure who I was. However, I also made one of the best decisions by closing the Bold Profit Academy. I’ve been allowing myself to feel more joy than ever before, which leads to whether I should just close the business and let my investments work for me. 

I know I’m not alone in asking these questions. Many people ask themselves daily: Why am I doing this, and what do I want? For me, going to graduate school for industrial organizational psychology was the right move. I love this field of work, and it has allowed me to have a career that ebbs and flows. I’ve worked in HR, as a business consultant, and as a leadership coach. 

In February, I started working with a business coach. In two months, I’ve almost paid off the $10,000 cost because I’m fired up, and I have a renewed sense of energy. I didn’t want just to be another business coach with a podcast. 

So, I wanted to share with you what I’ve been working on with the consultant. This podcast has been in production for almost seven years. It started as a mechanism to reduce my time and reliance on social media. It’s been way more productive for me than the free Facebook group we could shut down when we started here. The podcast has been a helpful part of the sales process. It’s been a medium that I’ve consistently enjoyed delivering on. 

After seven years, 294 episodes, this is the last episode. But I’m not done with podcasting. In the last year, I’ve exited parts of my business, and this podcast has now landed on the chopping block. It was created to serve a target market that I no longer serve. There is no longer a purpose. 

Exciting Things to Come with a New Podcast!!

In the summer, we will launch a brand-new show called Scale Dad’s Business Your Way. This will reach my new target market, which is the sons of business owners who have bought their father’s business. These new business owners are likely working to untangle decades of processes and methodologies and modernize the business. 

Many of my existing clients fit into this target audience. I can use my background in psychology and my operational skill set to be very useful to this group. This is close to home because my husband bought his father’s business in 2016, and we have a lot of experience getting creative and working through family relationships. There will be a co-host seat for my husband, John, in hopes he will become a regular on the new podcast. 

The new podcast will discuss how values like duty, loyalty, and pride actually prevent sons from making the business their own. Today’s environment is much different, with more supply chain challenges, regulations, and high rates of burnout. Some people feel trapped after making this huge financial decision and need guidance. 

I’m here for the anti-nepo babies who don’t have a silver spoon in their mouths. They are hard-working sons who felt it was their duty to step in and allow their fathers to retire. I want to help them turn a lemon into lemonade and create a business that doesn’t require them to sacrifice everything to run it successfully.

If you are interested in following along, I’ll use social media and my email list to announce the launch when we have a date. If you are a son who is either currently running your dad’s business or you plan to in the near future, drop me a note, and please share this with others who might find it helpful.

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