What To Consider Before Investing in Your Next Mastermind with Racheal Cook

The Truth About Scaling Your Business with Racheal Cook

Today I’m joined by Racheal Cook, a bold founding member inside The BRAVE Society and an extraordinary business strategist. Racheal is joining me so we can have a bold conversation around what scaling actually is.

Racheal brings growth and strategy to female entrepreneurs as they build and scale their businesses, I highly recommend connecting with Racheal and following her on Instagram she is one of my favorite people to watch on Stories.


During this conversation Racheal and I talk about…

  • Growth for your business, must also be good for you
  • What you actually need to grow your business online
  • The reality of what women owned businesses are generating
  • What scaling is and what scaling isn’t

This is a bold conversation around scaling, and I want to hear from you. Share your thoughts on Instagram and tag Racheal and me so we can see it.

Now, if you’re hearing all of this about The BRAVE Society and you’re like, Tara, I’m in, we would love to have you in BRAVE. It’s a place where all leaders are welcome and now is the very best time to be joining us because on March 29th our price goes up, which means you join now and you can get in for the $160 a month or the $1,600 annually, which means you get two free months and a ticket to the Bold Leadership Mastermind Day. It also means that you’re grandfathered into this pricing for as long as you retain your membership. I want to remind you that you get three hours of live training like I just mentioned and networking each month. Well, if you’re out leading and you’re like, Tara, I can’t make the live calls, we will drop the replays into your inbox every Sunday.

In addition, you have access this phenomenal private Facebook community of serious women business owners to continue these conversations that we are having. If this sounds interesting to you, I want you to go apply today or you can come find me on Instagram I’m @thetaranewman and ask me any questions you need to about joining The BRAVE Society If you found this podcast valuable, help us develop more bold leaders in the world by sharing this episode with your friends, colleagues, and other bold leaders. Also, if you haven’t done so already, please leave a review.

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