The Wheel of Life Exercise

The Wheel of Life Exercise

Hey, bold leaders. It is my absolute favorite week of the year, the week between Christmas and New Year’s where you have no idea what day it is or what planet you’re on. Right this very minute, as you’re listening to this, I’m curled up on my favorite chair with the softest coziest blanket and a London Fog, doing the most important work I do all year. I’m reflecting on 2020, all 1,011 days of 2020. This is important work as you prepare for any plans you put into place for 2021. Each year at this time, we roll out our five day journaling for vision, clarity, and abundance training, where you get to take stock of the key areas in your life. Each day this week, I’m going to walk you through each of the days in this training. The components in this assessment are more life oriented and the reason we do this is to ensure that we build a business around your life, and not the other way around.

Too often, I see business owners overworking and sacrificing what truly brings them fulfillment and joy. Setting some life goals like upgrades to your home, or vacations with friends go a long way in determining why you want to profit in your business this year. It gives you a purpose for your profit. The leaders who have gone through this training have received amazing results that they would have paid good money for, and we are giving it to you for free. One person even told me that this training was worth a million dollars. Katie, who has done this training, said “A huge thank you to Tara. This is the first five day challenge I have ever completed, and you’ve changed my mindset on journaling. It’s been invaluable to kickstart me back into connecting with my next chapter. I’m loving how I’ll be showing up in the world.”

Maybe you’re feeling like you’re faced with a million different decisions, or choices, or possibilities, and the decision fatigue is real. Second guessing yourself can really keep you frozen. Maybe you feel like you have so many goals with so little time to focus. This is how Patrick felt until he did our five day challenge.

I can’t thank Tara enough for setting me straight on what I should be focused on and more importantly, why I should be focused on it. Do yourself a solid and get over to her training and learn how to get focused, gain perspective on what it is you really want for your personal and business blueprint. I’ve already moved forward more than I have in a very long time.” Thank you, Patrick. Thank you. I appreciate that. And I’m so happy that you and Katie have had the results that you’ve had through this five day challenge. So many reluctant journalers have let me know this has helped them get the habits started. So grab a cup of coffee or your London Fog, and join me each day this week to journal for clarity, abundance, and vision.

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Hey, hey, there. This is Tara Newman, and I am so excited to be kicking off day one of this free training on “Journaling for Vision, Clarity, and Abundance.”

I can’t tell you how many successful people confessed to me that they don’t know what they want. They feel weird when they hear the word “desire,” or their vision feels murky, or they feel adrift in a sea of shoulds.

I can’t tell you how many people say to me, “Journal? I don’t know how to journal,” or “I can’t journal,” or “Journaling feels like a waste of my time,” but it’s not. It’s actually the one key success habit that you need to get to where you want to go, and in an accelerated fashion.

And so, the first thing I just want to jump in here and say is something about journaling. It is not necessarily a diary of your day or some kind of historical recount of what you have going on in your life. I used to think the same thing until I accidentally fell into journaling in the way that I know it today.

Really journaling can be anything you want it to be. It is a blank slate for you to have a bold and powerful conversation with yourself. I actually think that is the biggest struggle with journaling, is that there isn’t a structure unless you put a structure to it. So that is really what this training is about.

This training is about putting a daily structure in place for your journaling so you can get the result you’re looking to get, which is clarity and a clear vision and a pathway to abundance because when you are in alignment with vision and clarity, that is when you will experience abundance. I always say alignment equals abundance.

So let’s dive in. Today is all about establishing a baseline for where you are, which is the first step in achieving powerful results. We need to know where we are. So I’m going to take a few minutes to walk you through the exercise, and you can download the PDF that goes along with this training.

However, I want you to know that as leaders, I know exactly how busy you are. And if you’re anything like my clients or even myself, you just want to cut to the chase. So today is the only day that you are going to have to print something out and use it.

This training is about the quickest path to the goal, which is you gaining something that for leaders is priceless, and that is clarity and direction.

So today’s exercise is one of my favorites. It is the wheel of life exercise. It is a common exercise used by coaches. This is not something that I have created. However, I like to think that the way I utilize the wheel of life in my practice with myself and with my clients is a little different. And it is one of my favorite exercises because it’s, one, a visual tool. You will see when you print this out there is a wheel, and it is a good visual representation. That goes a long way for shifting one’s perspective.

The second thing I love about this exercise and why it’s one of my favorites is there’s no limit to how many times you can do this exercise twice a year. At least twice a year is ideal. So feel free to incorporate it into whatever your strategic review process looks like as a leader.

Three, the third reason why I love this exercise is no matter how badass of a leader you are, you will have valuable insights from this exercise. As a matter of fact, we used this exercise in “The Bold Leadership Mastermind Day” that we held in New York City where leaders of all walks of life come together to support each other in exponential growth. And every single leader that was in that room, very experienced, very high level, they all walked out with huge shifts in their perspective just from this one activity. So I’m going to make completing this as easy as one, two, three.

Step one, I want you to think about each wheel category, career, physical environment, personal growth, money, family, friends, et cetera. And ask yourself on a scale from one to 10, 10 being the most, how satisfied are you with this area of your life? How satisfied are you with this area of your life?

Step two, I want you to put down some details as to why you rated yourself the way you did. If you gave yourself a 10, why? What makes this category so amazing that it got a 10?

Same if you’ve rated it lower. What makes this category a five, a four, or a three? And I want you to save this because when you go back to look at it in another time, you’re going to understand why you rated these categories the way you did. You’re going to remember what was so great about it or what sucked so badly. And you will have a frame of reference to compare it to. So making these notes is critical.

Step three, I want to know what are one to three insights or key awarenesses that you took away from doing this exercise?

Now, I gave it to you in three simple steps. But the reality is you should probably sit with this for about 20 minutes to 30 minutes and really get present to each of these areas when you rate them. And be honest with yourself when you give them the ratings, and really go deep when you look for these details.

And then at this last step, so when you did that, what were the one to three key insights or pieces of awareness that you’re going to take away from this exercise? If you’re looking at your wheel of life and feeling discouraged by your ratings, I want to let you know how normal you really are.

I want to remind you that where you start is not where you finish. And if you’re chasing those level 10 goals, you have to be brutally honest with yourself so you know where you stand.

At the two previous mastermind events I hosted where over dozens of leaders came together, the most common areas of discussion were money, physical space, and personal growth. So if you have some areas in there that are rated low in terms of your physical space, money, personal growth, I want you to really know that this is something that is a big struggle for all leaders.

The other one that came up that I was not surprised about at all was romantic relationships. Marriage came up in these mastermind days just as much as business topics did because we have this joke in executive coaching. I’ve been an executive coach for 20 years, and over 20 years. And we have this running joke that says after the first three sessions of executive coaching, it’s all life coaching anyway. So it is a holistic. That’s the beauty of this wheel, is that it is a holistic look at your life and your business because both are critically important for your success.

So that’s all we have for today. As I mentioned, it’s as easy as one, two, three. It should take you 20 to 30 minutes to move through this. And I want to encourage you to hit reply on the email from today and share those one to three insights with me. I would love to hear them.

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