Three Practical Ways You’re Leaving Money on The Table

Three Practical Ways You’re Leaving Money on The Table

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In business, people often have preconceived notions about what a business or industry can and can’t do. One of my clients, Sara Intonato took an industry that most people think has no upside and became a trailblazer. We worked together and set her sights on goals that she never thought were possible and yet she achieved them.

In this episode of the podcast, Sara shares the keys to her success in working together with me:  


>>>A crucial key to her success was when she learned to clearly focus on a what was and wasn’t revenue generating activity in her business. This is so important to all business owners and something many don’t even realize that they are doing incorrectly.

>>>3 ways Sara was leaving money on the table, and I bet you are too.

>>>How it’s possible to release certain ways of working that no longer feel productive or good and actually earn more money. 

>>>What does Bold Leadership even mean?

In this podcast case study with Sara Intonato we discuss how she has achieved some amazing results including doubling her income in her first year working with me. She increased her prices, tested new product offers and is in a continual state of realigning., growing over 25% in her second year together, increasing her prices, adding new product offers and has learned what is in alignment and what isn’t.

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