Welcome to 2024: Exciting Business Changes and Wishes for the New Year

Welcome to 2024: Exciting Business Changes and Wishes for the New Year

Happy New Year! This first podcast episode of the year is like a preamble. I want to highlight what you can expect from this show and why you should tune in each week. I will cover some of the themes the podcast will address this year and which direction it’s going. It’s a great cornerstone for me to set up the year. 

I’m transitioning from selling a medium-sized group program to focusing more on my one-on-one work. I quiet quit social media this year and only engaged in local in-person networks. That’s been a highlight of 2023, and I’m looking forward to spending even less time on Zoom in 2024. 

These in-person conversations with my local network have reminded me why I love working with traditional businesses and less of the stereotypical online-only businesses. These are the businesses that are doing the best right now. 

I shifted my business and have gone from primarily working with women business owners struggling to hit $100,000 in revenue to having 83% of my client roster hit over $1,000,000 in revenue. It proves you can change target markets, but it requires patience.

What to Expect From This Podcast in 2024

The topics on the podcast will likely be similar to last year, but I will approach them with a little more thought around business maturity. There will be expert guests to talk about important things to business owners, including life insurance, estate planning, and a better picture of what it means to live a small business owner lifestyle. The topics will help you think differently about things like productivity, efficiency, process, and organizing your business.

The podcast will focus on business owners who are in the growth phase. I will still give you all the straight talk. I want to invite you into the conversations you didn’t know you needed to have because they don’t fit a sexy narrative in the online marketing space. 

Social media isn’t the great connector it once was. The social part just isn’t there like it used to be. There’s been a decrease in engagement on the social spaces but an increase in engagement in my inbox. So, I’m also really thinking about ways to bring this podcast community together. I want to have real conversations that are meaningful with listeners. If you have suggestions or things you want to talk about, send me an email.

My Final Thoughts on the New Year

Many small businesses have weathered the storm in 2023. It’s been a rough and exhausting couple of years. Some business owners dealt with slower sales or crushing interest rates on lines of credit. People struggled to find the right employees and to manage client expectations in an increasingly demanding environment. 

In 2024, I really hope we all find a soft landing. Let’s bring new energy into 2024 and find some peace, community, mentors, and friends that allow us to be safe and seen. I wish for all of us a joyous, fun, and prosperous year. I also want to remind you that I’m loudly, perhaps even obnoxiously, rooting for you.