What Business Owners Can Do When Their Brains Can’t Stop Spinning

I’m popping in your ears today with a short audio to support you when you feel like you can’t stop spinning.

Yesterday I was in a complete spin-out around a few minor occurrences in my business.

Some people I really enjoyed working with decided they were complete and left The Bold Profit Academy.

I got into a conversation that rehashed an unpleasant experience in my business last year.

It was a little traumatic if I’m being honest, and I’m stretching myself outside my comfort zone, which is forcing me to look at my boundaries and really kind of question myself.

But it also really got me to think about what I really want and what I’m willing and unwilling to do to get what I want.

So those three things hit me all at once, making me feel insecure, unsafe, and questioning whether or not this particular stretch was worth the discomfort.

What that felt like to me was literal spinning.

My mind was overwhelmed, all over the place, in looping thoughts, and started pacing, which led me to physically start pacing, which is interesting because I actually had a nap planned for that afternoon, which I couldn’t take because I couldn’t settle the anxious, worried thoughts.

Now, my first reason for sharing this story with you is to normalize this experience.

Most business owners feel like this sometimes on a regular basis. It’s what happens when you set goals, confront your fears, and challenge your status quo. I wish we spent more time talking about this reality than focused on the lie that everyone has things figured out and put together.

I can be strong and unsure of myself.

I can be both bad-ass in business and feel insecure.

I can love setting goals and not love stretching myself outside of my comfort zone.

When I realized I was mentally and physically pacing and my thoughts were looping, I did three things.

I spent a good few moments panicking about what I should do. I was like, “Ugh, this feels awful. I want it to stop. I can’t nap. I can’t settle down,” blah, blah, blah, right? And I was all in it. That’s what I said, I was like spinning.

Then I messaged someone on my team and let them know how I was feeling. “I’m feeling weird and insecure.” That was the word I used: Weird. I also messaged my husband and was like, “Meh, I’ve got this weird energy today.”

Now, I think acknowledging how I felt was enough for me to get me to pause, right? Sometimes we have a hard time acknowledging ourselves, but when we share with somebody else and shine a spotlight on it, it’s acknowledging us, but we have to kind of do it out loud and maybe to somebody else.

So I really want to encourage everybody to find their person that they can do that with.

And so, acknowledging how I felt was enough to give me a moment of pause.

And in that pause, I thought about our EMS framework that we teach inside the Bold Profit Academy

It stands for Energy, Mindset, and Strategy, in that order.

Energy comes first. That’s how I knew what to work on in that moment and what wouldn’t work.

So I hopped on the Peloton, which is a go-to in my daily energy management routine. Now, for you, it might be something like a walk, yoga, meditation, throwing around some heavy weights, a hot bath, essential oils. It doesn’t matter. I don’t want you to think because I go on the Peloton that your thing has to be the Peloton. It can be whatever it is.

Its purpose is to shift that funky energy and get you into a space where you feel good. It moves the emotion. It calms the nervous system.

Until I did that, I wouldn’t have been able to change my mindset.

Ever try to force a positive or optimistic thought? Ugh, it’s so hard. But if you shift your energy, clear the emotion, calm the system, you have kind of plied the way for your thought to shift up.

That’s why that was also a terrible moment for me to be coached. I was shut down, closed off, and unwilling to see what was true or what was possible. So in that moment, neither mindset work nor coaching would have necessarily helped me. Neither would venting or bitching, right? That just would have continued that energy in an unhelpful way.

Acknowledging it is important, and okay, do a little vent session, right? Like maybe a little tantrum, but staying in that is what I’m saying is not helpful.

So it was a terrible moment for me to be coached, I was feeling shut down, closed off, unwilling to see what was true or possible. So next time you’re feeling yourself spinning, shift your energy first so you can clear the emotion before you try any kind of thought magic, right?

Or thought work around that, instead of forcing you to, “Oh, if I just thought differently, this wouldn’t happen.” No, it’s feel differently.

I first have to feel differently and then I can think differently.

Also, give yourself a break.

Spinning out, overwhelm, anxious thoughts, waking up in the middle of the night fretting over something that’s happening in your business is normal.

You’re not doing anything wrong.

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