What Profit First Can Teach You About Putting Yourself First

Welcome to the Bold Money Revolution podcast, where I’m excited to talk to you each week about how to make money, how to keep more of the money you make, how to manage that money, and how you can put that money to the best use in your business and in your life.

Many of you are here because you want to do your most important work in the world AND make money so you can live better.

For some, that means providing for your families.

For most of you, that means having greater freedom, options, and independence, including being able to access a higher quality of life.

And if you’re anything like the women I work with, you want to have more than enough so you can go do good in the world.

This podcast episode that we’re sharing today is actually intended for The Bold Profit Academy as what we call an optimizer.

In The Bold Profit Academy, we follow a simple learning strategy called Learn, Show, Do, Reflect, Repeat.

‘Learn’ means there are a good amount of on-demand trainings in the vault.

‘Show’ is where we show you what good looks like so you can stop overthinking and move onto the DO part. We do this by highlighting what good looks like in the community when people post, I share what I’m working on, and our CEO Debriefs as well as building in examples through the trainings.

‘Do’ is where you go and do the thing.

‘Reflect’ are guided or self-guided opportunities for you to assess yourself using various tools we have created.

‘Repeat’ means we repeat skills throughout different trainings. For example, you might be working on sales skills and offer creation during our revenue acceleration cycle, but you’ll also work on these skills during our other training because we’re most concerned with helping you gain real-world skills that will create sustainability in your business.

Our optimizers are a way to do that. These are resources you can take with you into your day to help you apply what you have learned.

It’s complimentary, short, and meant to be consumed in your day-to-day environment.

So with that, I hope you enjoy this episode.

If you’re listening to this, I hope you’re enthusiastically working on your Daily Sales Activity Map.

However, what’s more likely is you’re avoiding it, overthinking it, and allowing distractions to get in your way.

Which is normal.

Most salespeople, even very good ones, tend to put off their sales tasks even though they logically know they are important.

I’m here to give you a little different perspective and tie it to Profit First which many of you have implemented or are starting to implement.

Either way, you’re here because you see the value in the system and have taken to heart the mission around ending entrepreneurial poverty.

Profit First on a very basic level means that you’re paying yourself first.

You’re taking a small portion of revenue and setting it aside first, and when you do that you prime your brain to take care of your needs before anything else.

The second allocation you make in the Profit First system is to your owner’s pay or what I call CEO pay. Again, priming your brain and your behavior to put you first.

The same is true when we put Energy and Mindset before our Strategic actions. We’re priming ourselves to make sure we’re energized, feeling good, and cared for before we launch into business tasks.

Also true when we prioritize our sales activity in our day, we’re making sure that we pay ourselves first. Yes, you have client work that needs to get done and that’s a big part of paying yourself first because when we serve our clients well, we solve their problems and deliver human-centered customer service. Our clients will be begging us to take their money.

I love paying business owners who solve my problems. I do it with joy and gratitude.

But make sure your daily sales activities are coming first. That’s what it means to make them a priority.

Before you check in with your team.
Before you serve existing clients.
Before you get sucked into the distractions of the day.

Work from your daily sales activity map; these are your highest priority tasks.

Thanks for taking the time to listen today. I hope this has been helpful.

Please know I believe that small business owners have the power to change the world. 

Take good care.